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Of Male Chastity – ebook



Of Male Chastity by Chris Bellows
In this industrious tale of revenge, women of latent power rebel, turn the tides and end their frustration. A frustrated Millicent Hayward decides to end husband Harold’s annoying attempts to please himself with his inadequate equipment, locking away an organ which the women of the world will never miss. In doing so she finds a level of arousal not before achieved and a Harold who begins to better perform orally. Curious body modifications assist in Harold’s new role and Millicent enters a new world of feminine authority.
After training her husband to offer pleasure but never to receive, she next turns the tables on her once wealthy libertine boss, and Millie learns that she is not alone in her quest to transform male desire into meaningful and ardent feminine ecstasy. The boss has secret penchants that led to an expensive divorce and enables his proficient assistant, the experienced Penepole Teasdale, to take control a very lucrative enterprise. Readers will thrill in learning of Miss Teasdale’s background. Just where does a prim and well educated woman learn to so thoroughly control the male organ? Millie is also joined by her jaded neighbor and nurse Julie Danforth who will finally take control of her philandering husband.
In the author’s world of feminine dominion, the phallus is deemed superfluous to sexual gratification. Oral pleasure rules. Therefore the penis is best locked away and relegated to being a source of control and torment rather than enjoyment. Instead it is the tongue which best satisfies. And what better way to ensure fervent oral servitude than to demand thorough chastity and thus assure that the male desire for ecstasy be experienced only vicariously, felt through she holding the key to an ineluctable chastity device.
Psychological control, intense humiliation, bondage, moderate corporal punishment, unending CBT, body modification, forced bisexual encounters, all combine to entertain the reader in transforming male hubris to behavior that bests pleases the governing female. Keyholders of the chastity/denial genre will revel in this latest effort by Chris Bellows.

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