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Prison Reform – ebook



Prison Reform by Daphne Chennault

Theresa Maryland is an FBI agent, and an ambitious one. She’s just completed a successful takedown of the KKK, and now the Deputy Director has offered her a new case. If she pulls it off, she’ll be two jumps away from her goal of Director of the Bureau. But she’ll have to go undercover, as an inmate at a prison.

She’s not afraid! After all, she’s taken credit for her boyfriend’s operation and dropped him cold, becoming Theresa Mayfield, a three-time loser who’s joined New Beginnings, an experimental rehabilitation program with an incredible 100% success rate. Female inmates enter one door of the prison, and a year later exit as happy, successful, sexy women who never re-offend. How do they do it? That’s what Theresa intends to find out!

Once inside the walls, Theresa finds herself in a tightly-disciplined work farm where women who talk back or don’t obey are spanked or whipped. They’re also subject to rigorous tests, exercises, and character-building, which makes them become their fantasy selves. Unbelievably, hard-core offenders are morphing into smooth, sexy ladies who grow flowers, cook like chefs, and do exotic dancing! What is going on?

Now, she’s starting to think about changing herself, too. Her secret fantasy of being a sultry sex-bomb is starting to take over her dreams. But in New Beginnings, dreams have a way of becoming reality.

Includes: MF/f BDSM, training, spanking, bondage, whipping, discipline, punishment, humiliation, graphic sex.

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When I got back to my apartment, the place was dark, and I felt a qualm of fear. Where was Kevin? Had my boyfriend and fellow agent already discovered my secret? Then he appeared in the doorway to our bedroom, shirtless, and offered his hand. Scented candles were already burning, filling the air with cinnamon and spiced apples. His strong arms enfolded me and I felt him pulling me after him. Swallowing my misgivings, I gave myself to the moment.

His kisses were long and deep and in seconds he had me out of my dress and was caressing my tiny breasts. We’d been separated for several days while he cleaned up the Iron Pipeline operation; I’d presented the reports. I hadn’t realized he missed me this much.

“Oh Kevin,” I whispered. He’d commenced running his hands up and down my skin like a skater on the ice. It was one of my favorite lovemaking tricks. It raised gooseflesh on me, and I closed my eyes in bliss. My hands reached for him, but he’d already dropped down to slide my panties off. I stepped out of them and then giggled. He was licking the edges of my pussy; then he recommenced skating on my skin—my thighs, tummy, and up my back.

“Theresa…” he whispered in my ear. I knew what he wanted.

I dropped to my knees and took his manhood in my mouth. It was a long sausage, swiftly thickening as my tongue worked its feminine magic on the length and began a slow rolling over the head. I gripped Kevin’s buttocks and began sliding it back and forth in my mouth. It was solid wood now, the head a chunk of marble which was beginning to quiver. With a deep chuckle I opened my throat completely, knowing the moment had come. An instant later he came, and I savored the sweet-salty flavor of my lover’s essence. Oh! I loved doing this to him. It was proof positive that I was the dominant in our relationship. That and the fact that he cooked for me.

As I licked him clean, I felt his hands in my armpits. Now he would lift me up, kiss me, and tell me how much he loved me. That’s what he always did.

In a single motion, Kevin scooped me up and deposited me on our bed without a sound. With a flip of his hand he undid my garters and yanked my stockings off, hurling them to the far side of the room. What was going on? This was new.

He spun me about, put me on my hands and knees, peeled apart my legs and took me from behind. His abdomen clapped against my buttocks and his jutting cock impaled me with all seven inches. I gasped at the sensation and then yipped in surprise as he withdrew and then rammed into me again in a frenetic pumping motion which left me gasping. The intensity of this fucking was unlike anything I’d ever experienced, and so soon after I’d just sucked him off. Usually it took him at least thirty minutes to get his second wind. But not now.


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