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Painful Pleasure by Patrick Richard

Remember the song Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics?  It went…  “Some of them want to use you, Some of them want to be used by you, Some of them want to abuse you, Some of them want to be abused….”

Well, Dylan MacGregor fit right into the lines of that song.  He wanted to be “used and abused” but not just by anyone.  He wanted a sadistic Mistress, dressed in sexy, black leather, carrying a big whip who would give him the discipline, pain and humiliation he desired.

He wasn’t born that way, but something triggered those thoughts and needs.  As far back as he could remember, he was intrigued with ropes and chains, especially if they were wrapped around him and secured extra tight.

Dylan spent hours and days during his youth, tying himself up and enjoying his self-inflicted bondage and pain.  He was a true masochist.  As the years went by, and he went through puberty, it became a total, sexual thing.  He didn’t want to hurt others.  It was the exact opposite.  He quickly found that his self-abuse and intense pain made his ejaculations far better than normal.

He explored numerous fetishes and constantly searched for a way to fulfil his dreams and desires.  Then the internet changed everything.  He was able to live his life vicariously through the bondage, discipline and pain of others.  He found story sites that fed his needs both physically and sexually, but they excited him far more than satisfying him.  He needed far more.  Deep inside, Dylan wished he could change places with the victims in those stories who were brutally tortured and abused for the pleasure of others.

Then one day his life changed dramatically.  Entirely by accident a woman came into his life who gave him everything he wanted.  They were so much alike except he wanted pain, and she liked to dish it out, making her victims scream.  It was an aphrodisiac for his new-found Mistress.  And that was just the beginning.

When his Mistress asked him what he wanted, he simply replied, “I want it all!”

Dylan found several people who would use him, and the rest is history.  Dylan got everything he ever wanted and far, far more.  Remember that line, “Be careful what you wish for, because you may get it all.”  There’s no doubt about it – he did.

Femdom, consensual, nonconsensual, blackmail, bondage, discipline, torture, pain, humiliation, chastity, crossdressing, feminization, cuckold, lesbian love, oral, anal and more.

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