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The Gimp by Chris Bellows

The ketch of accomplished yachtsman Captain Cocoa Michelle sinks during a sailing competition and she becomes hopelessly stranded. Will this unnamed South Pacific island be her final resting place? Months of loneliness come to an abrupt end when, quite out of the blue, a naked male shows up on Cocoa’s beach. His body has been cruelly altered and he’s now sealed behind bars. The once sexually abused Captain Michelle has nothing to fear from this man. In fact, she’s in a unique position to govern the little ‘gimp’, even his phallus is hers to control.
Unbeknownst to them both, back at home, the ‘gimp’ has become a highly sought after man. Serious legal matters surface; the family estate has hired an investigator; even the party that condemned him to a grueling death is in search of the missing man. With so much hanging on this rescue, it won’t be long until he and Captain Michelle are found. As the truth unfolds, the shocking reasons why this naked male beast has been permanently caged, altered and marked will become graphically clear.
Rescue, however, brings no relief for the ‘gimp’. When an ambitious female investigator Nancy Drew discovers the facts of his forced servitude, it is decided that the caged subject is best kept under strict female governance – especially considering his extraordinary gift for oral servitude. Captain Michelle and Nancy conspire to take over his life, all for his own good of course, and the forced submission of this young male only intensifies with this controlling duo in charge.
The latest work of Chris Bellows unravels a tale of intrigue combined with bondage and profound sadomasochism. This well-conceived story is rich in suspense, its graphic content includes extreme bondage, permanent restraints, CBT, male milking, oral servitude, piss drinking, torture, humiliation and blackmail.

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