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Renee’s Rediscovery by Imelda Stark

Renee is a brilliant and talented professional woman in her forties whose predictable world is shattered by her handsome husband’s revelation on their only daughter’s departure to college of his homosexuality.  Her shock gives way to rage as much of what was confusing in her life becomes ruefully clear.  After she recovers she vows to forge the body she always wanted and to shift her focus from good works to having a good time.  A maturely attractive man in her yoga class flirts shamelessly, and soon she discovers her new and improved body to be a vehicle for sexual pleasure far beyond her previous imagination.  The smitten couple find themselves enjoying some spanking games that open up a whole new world of intense pleasure she never knew existed.  The increased vulnerability she felt on falling further in love scares her, and she responds to an opportunity to undergo rigorous training in the art of submission.  Her Trainers introduce her to a whole new world of erotic pain and pleasure, after which she becomes a player in a clandestine world of sexual politics and over-the-top experiences with the cream of San Francisco society.

Contains much femsub, a lot of maledom, some femdom, lots of spanking and anal play, and breast and pussy torture, all willingly endured and enjoyed by all participants.

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Then he surprised me again with another question: ‘So, lovely Renee, is there anything else that spectacular ass of yours would like in the way of worshipful attention?’ Now, you have to understand that literally none of what he had done to me down there so far had even crossed my mind before in my entire life as something I would have wished to happen to my rear end. However, there was my lifelong masturbatory fantasy about being spanked. Over the years the basic script had acquired by virtue of reading erotic literature a corollary fantasy regarding taking a big cock up my rear orifice. I thought a moment, and decided that if I was going to be breaking all conceivable sexual barriers in this wonderful afternoon, I might as well go ahead and run the table if I could.

So I heard myself say in a funny, small voice: ‘Well, Jim, now that you mention it, I have always wondered what it would feel like to be spanked…’ I felt him stir from his post resting his head on my splayed cheeks as he sat up. Then his own voice took on a different, sort of aroused tone as he almost whispered: ‘I must admit I was hoping you would say that. But Renee, I could only do that if I knew you were a naughty girl who was in need of proper discipline.’ He had resumed stroking my cheeks, though now the contact felt quite different with the knowledge that his gentle touch might well be the prelude to something a lot more challenging. I also felt my pussy absolutely flood at his response. So I guess my inner bad girl was declaring herself in no uncertain terms.

I responded in an even more regressed tone, one I had never heard from myself before. ‘I have been very bad for a long time and have known I needed a good spanking for many years. So you might have to do it real hard and for a long time in order to punish me properly.’ He sighed and dropped further into character, declaring: ‘Well, if I am to take on this onerous task, I will need to be compensated in kind…Which will mean that after your spanking is over, I will have to fuck the same place I have been chastising…’ My pussy gushed even more enthusiastically at this rejoinder. In my little-girl voice I echoed his earlier response: ‘I was hoping you would say that, too.’

Jim sat cross-legged between my spread thighs and continued stroking my buttocks with gentle fingers. He said: ‘So, naughty Renee, I am going to spank your poor innocent bottom cheeks with my hand, very hard, and for a very long time, until I turn them from their lovely ivory color to a nice bright pink. While I am spanking you with one hand, I will be playing with your pussy with the other. You are going to have to come at least once before your punishment is over. I may require you to orgasm more than once if you climax before I think your buns are properly warmed. This is since I can see and smell from the state of your pussy that you find the prospect of being spanked quite arousing. Do you understand?’

This whole exchange was turning me on more by the second. I could hardly wait for him to get on with it, especially with the added fillip of being forced to come to earn my reprieve from punishment. I had read about this a few times in my collection of spanking erotica. That thought had always served to be the ultimate fodder for masturbatory release, and now it was about to happen to my very own rear end! I managed to mutter wryly: ‘I’m sure you know best about these things, Jim. So do what you have to do, and I will try to keep my end, so to speak, of the bargain.’ He cracked up and replied: ‘You are too fucking much, woman! Very well, since such impudence can only serve to fortify my resolve to deliver a strong message to this lovely ass I get to play with for as long as I could possibly desire!’

Suddenly, his stroking hands were withdrawn, and my buttocks waited. They were totally sensitized by their treatment for the past hour. The rest of me was awash in excitement with a healthy mix of dread at what was about to transpire. Jim kept me waiting for a minute or two, until I could hardly bear the suspense, and suddenly his right hand came down smartly in the center of my right ass cheek with a loud crack.

The sting surprised me, as did the noise, which was much louder than I would have expected in the still afternoon air of my bedroom. The pain was quite bearable, and instantaneously sent a jolt of excitement to my pussy. That organ heartily approved of the proceedings without any of the ambivalence its neighbor, my smarting ass, felt. A second blow by his left hand fell on my opposite buttock. It stung slightly more as he got the feel for how hard to swing to deliver the effect he intended.

Then he stopped and sighed: ‘Oh, Renee, you should see how lovely your white moons look with two symmetrical pink handprints right in the center of each. It reminds me of those aboriginal cave paintings where the artists outline their hands. I always thought it was done as though to proclaim over thousands of years: ‘I was here!’ I guess that’s what I’ve just done on the perfect canvas of your lovely rear end. Now I am almost sad to obliterate my little works of art. But I guess all such things of beauty are transient, so let’s get on with your well-deserved spanking.’

This cheerful patter accompanied by his fingertips stroking the outline of his painful handprints on my trembling nether moons served its purpose, stoking my erotic anticipation. Jim then began to spank me in earnest, developing a pattern of one hand delivering ten slaps to each cheek while the other fondled my pussy. His thumb massaged my G spot and his fore and middle fingers gently encircled my clit. Only four cycles of this routine served to have me once again shouting and writhing through my god-knows-how-many-th climax of the afternoon. He paused then, and queried: ‘So, beautiful Renee, has that been enough to chasten your naughty rear end? Or are you bad enough that should I spank you to another orgasm to properly punish such a wicked girl?’

Now this left me in a bit of a quandary, as I had found that first spanking unbearably sexy. I had just climaxed with unimaginable intensity during it, so a repeat seemed rather tempting. On the other hand, my ass was already feeling a bit sore, as I could detect a throb with each beat of my slowing heart. But the theme for that afternoon seemed to be: ‘In for a penny, in for a pound!’ So I found myself saying in that unfamiliar little-girl voice: ‘I think my heinie needs a lot more spanks before it will have had what it deserves…’

Jim said energetically: ‘Very well, then, I will pick up the pace and see if I can be more vigorous to give this bottom what it truly needs. I want you to just relax and focus on your breathing, like in yoga class. You can think of it as a meditation on Heaven and Hell, represented by the interconnection of pleasure and pain happening to your very own rear end. Just breathe with it and see what happens without you doing anything at all. Other than offering yourself up and receiving what you have coming to you until it is over.’ This sounded like a fascinating practice to me. And since everything else this magical afternoon had worked out so amazingly well, I followed his instructions quite willingly.

My second spanking ever was a much more serious affair than my first. Jim was true to his word, swinging much harder and producing a steadily building heat in my poor inflamed bottom cheeks. He changed his pattern, giving me forty slaps with each hand before switching with the one making love to my pussy. As well, the spanks were delivered much more briskly. I found the building rear end pain to be more and more intense. I found myself crying out with each smack, at first a gentle moan, and later a more full-throated ‘Aaahh!’

After three or four rounds I also surprised myself by bursting into tears. This is the reaction I suppose spankings are designed to produce, but which came as a total shock to me. Soon I was sobbing out my contrition, for what I have no idea. But I felt an enormous release as I wept for the first time in many months and found myself saying how sorry I was. I could feel my burning bottom cheeks clenching and quivering of their own accord in reaction to their plight. Then suddenly their movements and my vocalizations changed as I vaulted into yet another killer orgasm. I yelled like a crazy woman as I thrashed on the pillows while Jim spanked away until my last frisson of pleasure had subsided.

He then planted a single sweet kiss in the middle of each of my burning buttocks. Then he said: ‘I need to visit the kitchen for a moment for some equipment, and I’ll be right back.’ I was in such a dither, my body coursing with the neurochemicals of extreme pleasure and pain. So I just floated there on my sensory cloud until he returned a minute or two later. My next sensation was of an ice cube being applied to each inflamed ass cheek. I moaned in relief as his gentle stroking rapidly cooled the fires down below. Within minutes, the throbbing was gone, and the pain was diminished to an almost pleasant afterglow as he gently patted my buttocks dry with a towel he had brought from my bathroom.

Jim proclaimed: ‘Well, dear naughty Renee, the time has come for your lovely bottom to pay me back in kind for my labors on behalf of its proper discipline. I have taken the liberty of borrowing your butter plate from your refrigerator, since that should provide a perfect lubricant for your ass fucking. I think you are old enough that you may recall an art film in which Marlon Brando uses just that substance to sodomize Maria Schneider (whose ass, may I opine, compares unfavorably with your own spectacular rear end), am I right?’ Indeed I did recall that movie and that scene quite well. In fact, I had beat off to it in my head many times down the years, imagining myself getting pushed to the kitchen floor and forcibly sodomized as she was. I actually came right out and said to him in just those words.

He laughed uproariously and exclaimed: ‘I swear to God, Renee, you never cease to amaze me! Well, get ready to reprise Maria, except I have a hunch I may be a bit better hung that Marlon was. So your poor back passage may be in for a bit of a challenge. While I have my way with your ass, I want to concentrate on my own pleasure entirely. So your job is to reach between your legs and play with yourself to get yourself off as many times as you can until I manage to reach my own pinnacle. That could take awhile for this old man given that I have already had two delightful orgasms thanks to you. But on the other hand I have had an ultimately erotic last two hours playing with your backside with no relief for my aching cock and balls, so who knows?’

Then my fascinating new lover proceeded to tease me a bit. He came around in front of me where I could see him and flaunted his massively erect phallus at me. Jim suggesting: ‘You might want to lubricate this very thoroughly since that will ease the challenge that your tight little virginal anus is going to face in just a few moments.’ He had thoughtfully provided a napkin so I could clean my hands after attending to this chore. My exciting new boyfriend knelt grinning on my bed, his jaunty cock bouncing slightly in its lustily turgid state as it happily anticipated plumbing my lower depths. I grinned at him as I took a hefty dab of butter from the dish and made him groan as I worked it onto his cock. I must admit it was an arousing sight all glistening and veiny once I had it thoroughly buttered up. After I wiped my hand, he gave me a kiss and said: ‘Ta ta for now, my dear Renee, since for the next good while you will be feeling more than seeing me…’

Once he disappeared behind me, it was only a few seconds before I felt his slippery index finger encircling my back passage as he distributed the butter carefully around its delicate tissues. Once again, I was shocked at how much of a turn-on it was to be touched there. Even more so when he began finger-fucking it to ensure that it was as slickened inside as out. I could feel his carefulness to ensure he wouldn’t injure me down there. It was reassuring even as I quailed at the thought of the gigantic phallus I had hand-lubricated barging its way inside whether I liked it or not. I moaned at the unfamiliar sensation of his large finger gently probing my previously unviolated nether orifice. I found myself savoring the sexiness of the penetration even as I squirmed with discomfort at it strangeness.

Then Jim gently withdrew his finger. I felt the mattress sag slightly as he positioned himself on his knees behind my flagrantly displayed ass he had just finished tongue-fucking and spanking. My next sensation was of the terrifyingly large mass of his cock head nosing against its target. He murmured: ‘Try to relax, lovely Renee, and I promise to take this very slowly, so you have plenty of opportunity to accommodate to me.’ Then he took hold of my still-inflamed hips with the large, strong hands that had been the instruments of their discomfort As well as much of the unprecedented sexual pleasure of that amazing afternoon. He held my ass still and slowly pushed his way inside as I at first gasped rhythmically. Then I started making little shouts at the terrifying stretch his enormous cock forced upon my poor anal ring. Once its head was entirely inside me I found myself slightly thrashing my arms and legs on my dais of pillows at the strain. Jim held still and waited for me to relax as my rectal sphincter muscles adapted to this unprecedented stretch.

So there we were in our kinky little tableaux. Jim was on his knees holding my inflamed butt cheeks firmly in his powerful grip as he groaned in pleasure. He murmured: ‘Oh, God, Renee, your ass contracting around my dick head has to be the sexiest thing it has ever felt! I’ll just wait here until you relax enough to tell me to go on, so take your time.’ Like I had any choice in the matter… But in fact, I did gradually relax and the stretch on my virginal nether orifice became less frightening and more sexy by the moment. At last I found myself saying raggedly: ‘Fuck me now, Jim, fuck my ass until you come in it… Fuck me hard!’ He pushed the rest of the way inside me and it felt wonderfully, terrifyingly good to be totally filled back there for the first time.

Jim paused once he was fully inside me and groaned in pleasure, saying: ‘Your ass cheeks are still burning against my thighs. It feels so sexy to know that I spanked them to be that way… And now I want you to play with your pussy and make yourself come as many times as you can while I plow this perfect rear furrow until I plant my seed in it!’ I had drifted further and further into a submissive reverie throughout this whole scene with my ass displayed on my pillows. So I followed his instructions at that point without a second thought.

I had never masturbated in front of anyone but my schoolgirl friend Janine, so reaching between my legs above the pillow pile felt embarrassing. Then I thought: ‘Jesus Christ, Renee, this man’s tongue, fingers, eyes, and dick have been everywhere possible on your body for a whole afternoon. And you’re worried about diddling your clitty while his whole focus is on his dick up your ass?’

So I complied like the good submissive girl I was beginning to discover I was. Within seconds I began coming like I never had before, screaming like an animal as waves of pleasure radiated out from my core to the rest of my body. It was as though surges of electrical current were jolting through me, a different sort of orgasm entirely than ever before. Even more amazing was that it didn’t seem to stop. It just abated and then crescendoed in long, slow waves as Jim plowed his amazing cock steadily in and out of my ass like some sort of wonderful, infernal butt-fucking machine.

I have no idea how long this went on, though I suspect it was less than an hour since the sun was still up when we stopped. But I was converted into some sort of senseless sexual being whose entire existence revolved around waves of pleasure absorbing her whole consciousness as her receptive ass was ruthlessly plundered. Finally, I heard him start to shout rhythmically and could feel his hips pressing hard against my bottom. Then I could actually feel him spurting inside me over and over again. His bellows of pleasure mingled with mine until he collapsed in a sweaty heap on top of me.

Our hearts were going like triphammers, and our breath was rapid as I felt deliciously crushed under his weight with his hairy front draped over my entire back. He murmured: ‘My God, Renee, that has to be the best sex I’ve ever had in my life! You are incredible!’ I summoned the energy to respond: ‘Right back at you, sweet man! Nothing has come within an order of magnitude of this for me until this day… Thank you so much for guiding me into an amazing new world!’ His shrinking cock slipped from my back passage, which actually felt bereft of its occupant. Then he rolled off of me and pulled me into a delicious cuddle as we both drifted off to sleep for a time. I was awakened by the vivid rays of the sunset streaming over our naked bodies. Mine cuddled insistently into him as I marveled at what I had been missing, and what I suspected remained to be explored between me and this marvelous new man in my life.


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