Prodigal Wives – ebook


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Prodigal Wives by Lizbeth Dusseau

Three bratty, cheating wives make for three hot and sassy Spanking Tales, as these misbehaving flirts get just what they deserve. Janice loves turning spanking ‘tricks’ in Dangerous Schemes, but when she submits to the wrong man, she can only pray that her detective husband will find her, even if it means she’ll be going over his knee! The hopelessly promiscuous, Lena suffers A Flirt’s Demise when the Sports Club manager forces her to bare her behind for ‘playing around’ with his clients. Even the sweet Heidi can’t help breaking her marriage vows to her ruthless, punishing husband, when the right man appears and he teaches her the joys and pain of Another Kind Of Submission. These three naughty women can’t escape the inevitable, as they get paddled, spanked and strapped by indignant husbands, and learn lessons in fidelity and love.

Sizzling Spanking at its best and sometimes anal sex.



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