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Between Two Masters – ebook



Between Two Masters by Steve Maser
Author of 2012 NLA Award Nominee EVE: Portrait of a Submissive
Julie’s Master, Alex, is in trouble”his small ecommerce business is failing. In desperation, he turns to wealthy investor and fellow kinkster Thomas Blaine, who agrees to extend a lifesaving loan on condition Alex puts up his slave as collateral. Out of loyalty to her Master, Julie agrees to live with Blaine as his slave for six months until the loan is repaid. The change proves a difficult one for Julie. In contrast to the easygoing Alex, Blaine is a harsh and demanding Master with an elaborate set of rules, which he doesn’t hesitate to enforce by means of his favorite instrument, the cane. Humiliating rituals and rough anal sex add to her travails. But gradually she adjusts to his ways and through his extreme dominance comes to experience a deeper, more profound level of submission than she had ever known before. Yet she also misses the intimacy and easy give-and-take of her relationship with Alex.
Julie’s horizons are further expanded when she is introduced to Blaine’s sculptor friend Slater and his beautiful slave Nicole, a self-styled bondage and pain slut who is also bisexual. Nicole is a fascinating young woman who grew up in Europe and is a talented painter. The two become fast friends, later participating together with another girl in an extreme BDSM/sex orgy.
But as the end of Julie’s six-month term approaches, she finds herself in a quandary. Blaine’s charisma and glamorous lifestyle have come to exercise a powerful hold over her, yet she wonders if she can accept living permanently in a relationship of such radical inequality and extreme submission. Nor can she forget the old ties of affection and loyalty binding her to Alex. Looming above everything is the question of the loan”will Alex be able to repay it and how that will impact her decision? Indeed, will the decision even be hers to make? Or will it be the two Masters together who ultimately decide her fate?
Features male domination, spanking, caning, figging, bondage, humiliation, anal, oral and vaginal sex, m/f and f/f.

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Not long after he informed her of something far less routine. “We’ve been invited to a dinner party along with Gary and Nicole. Our hosts are Arthur and Dolores Fletcher. They’re rich art collectors and friends of Slater. I’ve run into  them here and there but I’ve never been to their house. They’re both dominant and have a slave named Alisha. They’re also real gourmets. They built a professional kitchen in their home and hired a professional chef. He’s training Alisha to be a cook. I hear he’s a very strict instructor.” He laughed. “You and Nicole will be serving as waitresses. You’ll also be, so the speak, the dessert. Do you have any questions?”

“I assume, Master, that I’ll be naked.”

“You assume correctly. Anything else?”

“How old are the Fletchers, Master?”

“Mrs. Fletcher is forty-five, Mr. Fletcher is seventy. He was quite a womanizer in his time, but if he does any fucking now it’s with the aid of Viagra. They met when she was in her early twenties. She was working in a gallery. She was considered quite a beauty in those days and she’s still a handsome woman. Arthur debauched her, to use an old-fashioned term. It took only too well—she’s more sadistic than he is. These days she seems to prefer girls. She especially likes to humiliate female slaves.

Well, I’ve been humiliated by experts. One more won’t make a difference.

“I’ve been to ‘parties’ of this kind, which are better described as orgies, before. The Masters and Mistresses tend to be a sadistic lot. To them the slaves are there for their own pleasure only. You can’t expect a lot of consideration from them. It’s all right for masochists like Nicole. It might be too much for you. So I won’t force you to go if you don’t want to.”

Alex had a small library of pornographic novels, by authors like Pauline Reage, Molly Weatherfield and Steve Maser, of which she had read a few. They contained descriptions of extreme orgies which she had regarded as mere fantasy. Now she wondered if she was wrong. But she didn’t want to disappoint Blaine. She had set out on this journey and wasn’t about to turn back now.

“Thank you, Master. If my going will please you then I will be pleased to go.”

“That’s my girl. And very elegantly put, Julie. You have a gift for words.”

This was one of those nights she would have been due for a spanking as the last one had been four nights before. But he refrained, perhaps to save her for the ordeal to come. But her asshole was not spared. It never was.


A few days later, around six in the evening, she climbed into the passenger seat of Blaine’s BMW wearing her winter coat, a pair of four-inch heels and nothing else. As they were leaving he gave her a parting word of advice.  “Remember to be humble and respectful. They place great stock in that.”

“I’ll try not to be insolent, Master.”

They drove to Slater’s apartment to pick up him and Nicole. She too was dressed in a long coat and heels and was no doubt also naked underneath. She wore the gold choker Julie had last seen at their first meeting. The two climbed into the back seat and they took off. Julie hadn’t seen Nicole since the day of their argument. She badly wanted to talk to her, yet tonight talking between the slaves was forbidden.

The Fletchers lived in a veritable mansion that made Blaine’s house look almost shabby by comparison. They were greeted at the door by a somber looking forty-something maid who took their coats. Blaine had on a double-breasted dark gray suit while Slater had so far condescended as to wear a sports jacket though he remained tieless. No expression registered on the face of the maid at the sight of the two naked girls. Probably she was used to it. Julie tried hard not to blush while Nicole was as nonchalant as ever. The maid led them into a large oak-paneled living room. Two sofas were set at right angles to the stone fireplace in which three wooden logs were ablaze. In between the sofas stood a large black ottoman that doubled as a coffee table. The Fletchers were seated on the sofas. They stood up to greet their guests. They were both tall, Mrs. Fletcher being nearly six feet and Mr. Fletcher a few inches taller. He was dressed in black tie, the lady in a long black sequin dress adorned with diamond jewelry.

“Gary, you look almost presentable today,” she said to Slater. “But genius has its privileges. Nice to see you again, Mr. Blaine. Welcome to our humble abode.”

“Yes, be it ever so humble,” he said, looking around. He shook hands with Mr. Fletcher as did Slater. Then the two men stepped aside to present the girls. “Ah, the lovely Nicole,” said Mrs. Fletcher. “And this must be Julie.” The woman took a few steps towards her. Julie’s head was bowed, her eyes trained on the woman’s neck with its beautiful diamond necklace. The odor of her perfume was very strong. Julie could sense the woman scanning her. She took her hands and placed them on Julie’s breasts, giving them a gentle squeeze, then put them down again.

“Very nice,” she said. “Would you permit me to conduct an examination of your slave, Mr. Blaine?”


She invited Blaine and Slater to sit down. Nicole knelt on the floor by Slater’s feet. Julie was directed to kneel on the ottoman facing away from the fireplace. She did so, spreading her legs wide as a matter of course. She was then ordered to lean over and touch the floor with her hands. This was like Blaine’s “Submission Position” only more uncomfortable and leaving her feeling even more exposed. She was forced to hold this awkward position for several seconds before the lady spoke again. “She does have a lovely ass. I congratulate you, Mr. Blaine. Your ass’s reputation precedes you, Julie. You also have a very pretty pussy.”

Julie wondered if she was supposed to thank her for the compliment, but she was too frightened to speak. Mrs. Fletcher ran her fingers over her vulva. Then with one finger she began tapping her clitoris, which made Julie very uncomfortable. She felt her legs trembling. Finally the woman said, “Have you ever eaten pussy, Julie?”

“No, Ma’am”

“Have you ever have had your pussy eaten?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“By a woman?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Really! You let some girl eat your pussy but you wouldn’t eat hers? What a selfish little bitch you are. You are a selfish little bitch, aren’t you, Julie?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Would you suck my pussy, Julie?”

She hesitated and for too long, for Mrs. Fletcher stopped tapping her clit and using thumb and forefinger, grabbed the two lips of her labia and squeezed them painfully, causing Julie to scream.

“When I ask a slave a question, Julie, I expect an answer.”

“No, Ma’am.”

“You mean you wouldn’t suck my pussy even if your Master ordered you to?”

“No, Ma’am.”

Mrs. Fletcher let go her grip. “Your slave isn’t very obedient, Mr. Blaine.”

“She has her limitations,” he said drily.

“I feel almost insulted. My friend Mr. Slater thinks you have bad manners, Julie. I’m beginning to see his point. In this house we don’t tolerate insolence from slaves. Do you understand, Julie?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Do you like being spanked, Julie?”

“Sometimes, Ma’am.”

“Sometimes. Well, after dinner I’m going to spank you. And do you know what, Julie?”

“No, Ma’am.”

“I don’t care whether you like it or not.”

Just at that moment the maid came in. “Ma’am, the cook says dinner is almost ready.”

“Okay, Ethel.”

Julie saw the maid’s feet turn around and depart from the room. Mrs. Fletcher said, “You can get up now, Julie.” Awkwardly she pulled herself up to a sitting position. Mrs. Fletcher now stood in front of her. She grabbed Julie’s face in her hands and forced her to look into her own. Julie looked at the woman with eyes moist with tears. Her face was burning. The woman said, “I think you’re afraid of me, Julie. That’s good, you should be. Remember, after dinner I’m going to spank you, and it might not be the kind you like.”

She let go Julie’s face and turned back to her guests. “Have you heard about our new chef, Mr. Blaine? His name is Richard Bowen. He was sous-chef at a three star restaurant in Los Angeles. He wants to open his own restaurant here. I’m giving him an opportunity to experiment, plus he gets other benefits, if you know what I mean.

“Yes, I think I do.”

“Arthur, I think it’s time we all headed for the dining room.”

“I agree,” her husband replied.

“I’m certainly hungry,” Blaine said.

“Me too,” added Slater.

“Meanwhile I’ll take the slaves into the kitchen,” she said.

Julie was relieved her “examination” was over. She had survived the latest rung on her ladder of humiliation. But the after dinner party still loomed. Julie and Nicole followed Mrs. Slater out of the living room, through the dining room and into the kitchen. It was large and looked like a restaurant kitchen. A man in a white chef’s hat and apron was standing over a stove. He was a thirty-something man, quite handsome, with brown hair and a mustache. She reminded him a lot of Alex. Working behind him at a table was a short buxom red-headed girl wearing an apron with nothing underneath. This must be Alisha.

Mrs. Fletcher said, “Richard, here are your waitresses for the evening. You already know Nicole. One of my guests, Mr. Blaine, has brought a new slave. Her name is Julie.”

“She’s very pretty,” the chef said. He stepped closer to her. He was slightly under medium height and in her high heels she was slighter taller than him, so even while bowing her head submissively she was able to admire his handsome features.

“She has lovely breasts,” he said as he gently fondled them. “A pretty face, too.”

That pretty face grew hot under his scrutiny. She felt her lovely breasts heaving. Her embarrassment was intense, yet pleasurably so. How much she loved to be admired by handsome men!

“Of course she’s fully at your disposal,” Mrs. Fletcher said. “In any way you like.”

Julie could hardly be in any doubt as to what she meant. She thought how in an earlier life, before she met Alex, she would have been delighted to be approached at a party by such an attractive man. Later if they hit it off she might end up going to his place for a night of lovemaking. It had happened to her a couple of times and they were among the memorable romantic episodes of her young life. But this man didn’t have to make conversation with her. Under the rules of this little society, rules she had agreed to accept, he could just take her whenever he wanted and she would have no right to refuse him. Yet she found herself hoping he would take Mrs. Fletcher at her word.


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