Reformatory For Girls – ebook


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Reformatory For Girls by Justine Johns

Time: the mid 21st century. Place: the “Special Unit” for young woman offenders.  The discipline: corporal punishment. Jenny is a proud girl, no natural submissive, and she’s there for a crime she didn’t commit. Not a combination to keep her out of trouble in this place. The cane on the bare bottom is the standard punishment here, at best in semi-private, often as a public spectacle. Six of the best, twelve in the gym, a public flogging – Jenny is destined to suffer all the variations, and to watch it given to others too. And the main pas­time of the prisoners is the love of girl on girl. Jenny was straight before she got there, but how long will she resist the open culture of the inmates? We follow our heroine’s adventures through painful punishments and sensual encounters, a passionate affair, orgies, a too-enthusiastic prison officer, a volatile unit, and all the time canings, canings, canings, for a truly memorable six months. Corporal punishment and lesbianism, with vivid scenes of canings and of sex amongst girls.

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