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Reckless by Lizbeth Dusseau

Erotic D/s Romance. Reckless with his work and reckless with his women, he’s the kind of man no woman should fall for. Reporter Tad Stone is the last man straight-laced news director, Kelly London, wants on her staff. But he’s also the best investigative reporter around. When the two team up to crack a drug ring with connections to the porn business, the sparks are bound to fly – especially when the arrogant scoundrel Tad insists that Kelly inflitrate a topless nightclub as a waitress. Just to prove she can do it Kelly goes along with the scheme…only to find that her sexual juices are getting stirred up in ways she never imagined. The roguish Tad intends to take full advantage of the situation, and a nasty war between the two is bound to ignite! While Tad’s brand of sexual adventure shocks the naive Kelly, he leaves her body sexually sated. In back alleys, brothels and sleazy night clubs their passion rides high one minute and threaten to crash the next. Includes hot spanking, bondage, anal sex and semi-public sexual encounters.

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