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Regrets, A Novel based on a True Story by Lee Dorsey

Erotic Romance. It’s November 1941 and Robert is a senior at a University in South Carolina. It’s a momentous month ” he meets Julia, the woman he will eventually marry, and her father who will direct his professional life. Then there’s of bombing of Pearl Harbor that sends him directly in the military, which will determine his life over the next few years.
While Julie teaches Robert about sex, he enjoys the company of other woman during the war as well. When the war is over and he returns home, there’s a surprise waiting for him. A French woman with whom he enjoyed a one night stand in Paris locates him, arriving with a young child in her arms. She informs him that the girl his, then leaves the child for him to raise and promptly disappears. After convincing his brother Adam and his wife to adopt little Maria, the girl becomes his deep, dark secret.
Although Robert goes on to marry Julia and become a wealthy member of her family, the secret of Maria continues to haunt him, eventually driving him to the brink of depression. Is there any resolution for the terrible regret he feels?
This true story of sex, war, deception and love includes graphic depictions of lovemaking including oral and anal sex.

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