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Secrets of Cheatem Manor by Don Julian Winslow

The world doesn’t know her secret; the Lady of Cheatem Manor, the beautiful Lady Amanda Longleigh, is driven by an insatiable lust for sex ” her kind of sex. She rules in Baronial splendor, and to all the world appears to be the model of a respectable aristocrat. Little do they know of her closely guarded private life, where behind the walls of the manor, she allows herself to indulge in the most unspeakable perversions. Her rather peculiar views on the place of men dominate life at the remote estate, allowing her to indulge quite freely in the most unspeakable behavior, that is until the day her wild excesses are reined in and she’s forced to come to heel under the firm hand of an ex-army major ” a proud man who arrives to claim his rightful inheritance. From renowned erotica author, Don Julian Winslow. This sensuously provocative story includes Dominance & submissive, M/f, F/fm, bondage, gags, spanking, punishment and exhibitionism.

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Overnight, young Edward found himself reduced from family member to servant, a virtual slave forced to serve as at the whim of the two impetuous sisters, and always of course under the domination of the imperious Matriarch.  On the heels of his initial humiliation, Mistress Amanda announced she thought  it proper to have the lad “takin in hand.”


Edward stood before the seated Catherine. He had been summond and made to strip; now stood naked beside the chair, with legs widely parted; hands placed flat upon the top of his head. He looked down on the slender blonde who sat back in the deep chair, dressed in stockings, shiny white heels, a gabardine skirt and a creamy, silk blouse.  She didn’t meet his gaze for her eyes were centered lower, directly on his crotch which resided at eye-level. She sat unashamedly examining his young manhood — a limp penis sprouting from its tangle of springy pubic hair. Hers was a leisurely inspection, letting the silence drag on;. She hadn’t touched him as yet. He waited, keyed up. In time, she casually uncrossed her legs, and stood up to face the lad. In her heels, she was almost as tall as Edward. One step forward brought her to within inches of the rigid boy, who watched her come closer with wide-eyed wonder.


Catherine stood before him, looking deeply into his eyes. She reached out and smiled to see him wince when her cool fingers made first contact with his flaccid penis.  His stomach fluttered at that first touch, and he drew in a sharp intake of air, as the feminine hand lingered there, lightl fingering his cock. He felt the first stirring in his loins even before sending her delving hand between his legs there to find and cup his hairy scrotum in her curved palm.  Edward opened his mouth to suck in air, but she looked up at him and just shook her head. As she held the boy’s questioning gaze she hefted his testicles, feeling the plump orbs move liquidly within their scrotal sac.  For a long moment, she simply stood there, looking into the naked boy’s eyes, as she let one hand casually play with his furry balls.

She watched his mouth fall open, his breathing deepen, as she continued to fondle his testicles. She sent her fingers to explore beyond the scrotum to his perineum. She scored her fingernails along the ridge of engorged flesh, and heard him bite off a moan through pressed lips as he fought to endure the teasing sensation.

She let her fingers play around the sensitive wrinkled flesh before enclosing his testicles fully in her delicate hand. Quite deliberately, she gave the package a firm squeeze, before letting him go. His shoulders heaved with relief. She could see he was fighting for control, battling to hold on. What an impossible task it must be for a healthy young boy like Edward, she thought — to have to keep your hands upon the top of the head while your balls were being shamelessly manipulated.

She moved to his side; pressed her body against young Edward’s thigh. Catherine was thrilled as she felt his body shiver. In response to the delicious feel of his masculine physique, she rubbed her pubis harder against his hipbone, getting a moan of pleasure from the rigid boy. She was aware that her nipples were hard and aroused as she moved her breasts tantalizingly against his bare skin.

Catherine felt the boy shiver uncontrollably as she placed the flattened palm of her left hand against his belly, while her right hand went to the small of his back.  She let both hands slowly slide down to their intimate destination.   The poor boy was in turmoil. He tried to stand perfectly still, helpless, as Catherine held his testicles, rolling his balls in the palm of her hand, weighing them in her hand while her pliant body pressed into his. He rose up at the powerful stirring in his loins.

She felt the young man shudder. Catherine was well aware of her captive’s growing arousal, the increasing effect her delicate ministrations had on the poor tormented lad, who struggled to stand still.


She felt a thrill run through her body as she deftly slipped her right hand between the cheeks of his bottom, impudently forcing apart parting the mounds of flesh until her fingertips were pressed firmly against his sphincter.
Now, she could feel the delicate tissue of his sphincter contracting violently against her fingertips as she delved between his buttocks. With a wicked thrill of audacity, she pushed hard against the tender opening to his bottom.

Her forehead was pressed against his warm moist cheek; she looked down at his trembling body. With an evil grin, she curled the slender fingers of her left hand around the awakening flesh of his swelling penis.  She felt his prick surge in her hand, pulse violently; his buttocks tighten reflexively against her hand. She could imagine the turmoil the young man was in as she gave him no respite, impudently probing his sensitive sphincter with her fingertips.

With her fingers still between the cheeks of his bottom, she tightened the fingers of her left hand around the shaft of his stiffening penis. Simultaneously, she pressed the fingers of her right hand against the sensitive membranes of his sphincter. He gasped and she felt his healthy young body shudder with the sensation of her audacious probing.

He arched back and let out a deep-throated groan as she increased the pressure. His shifted his weight, but he didn’t try to evade the sexual torture she was inflicting on him. She felt his buttocks involuntarily contracting onto her hand. She deliberately squeezed his penis with an even greater pressure, watching him wince.

Now Catherine flattened the palm of her hand, held it against the tip of his penis, and pressed it into his belly while firmly rotating it. She was delighted when she saw the boy’s shoulders begin to heave; soon she had him openly panting.  A tiny whimper escaped his tight lips. Still holding onto his prick, she leaned up against him and licked his lightly-furred chest.

Edward was squirming helplessly, wriggling his hips. His moan deepened into a helpless groan at the exquisite feelings of the girl’s merciless manipulation of his manhood.  Edward was a prisoner to the firm grip of those fingers closing on the shaft of his penis, unable to escape the exquisite agony of sexual torment and forced arousal, as she casually stimulated him to a full solid, throbbing erection.

“Keep still,” she hissed, her lips close to his ear. Her hand tightened on him, moved steadily now, pumping up and down with grim determination in slow even strokes. Her captive whimpered, wiggled, unable to keep still. He shifted from side to side, danced in place; his body teetering on the edge of a massive orgasm as mighty throbs of lust surged up from his captive penis. Suddenly, his rigid body arched back, his stiff cock thrusting into the girl’s clenched hand as though it were seeking even more of that delicious tormenting pleasure.  She felt his hardened prick pulsating in her hand, knowing he was about to cum. She chose that moment to squeeze. His eyes were clamped shut, his jaw clenched as the unstoppable rise of cum.  The boy’s slim body shook with sexual arousal as, with a final hard yank of that determined hand, he came. His captive prick exploded in that tightened fist, erupting, firing streams of ropy cum into the air to splatter down the clenching hand.


He moaned. His knees weakened; he fell forward, flinging out his hands to clasp the arms of the chair as he leaned over it, panting mightily.  She studied his flushed face. His eyes were closed, his heaving chest gradually evening out. She opened her hand to inspect the sticky sperm that coated it and dripped between her fingers like a sticky spider web.


Then, as he opened his eyes to find her, she met his gaze and let him watch as she extended her tongue to lick the puddle of cum in the palm of her hand. Then she smiled up at h


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