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Reign of the Demon Queen by Lance Edwards

Lance Edwards, famed Femdom author of Big Linda’s Midnight Visits, Slut Boy 1 & 2, and Dangerous Redemption is back again with Reign of the Demon Queen.

“Contemptuously dictatorial, Reyna was arrogant allure and unbridled sexual aggression personified. She was female superiority and omnipotent authority embodied before me. Everything about her ” appearance, outfit and attitude ” appealed compulsorily to some innately submissive predisposition heretofore only suspected in my timid psyche. It was like I’d been waiting for such a dominant creature to claim me my entire life.”

Reyna, a stunningly beautiful woman, takes Gerald by surprise while he’s trying to piss in a garage sink at a party they’re both attending. Admittedly, Gerald is stunned not only by her outlandish behavior of walking in on him, but by her devastating looks. Reyna ties Gerald down and explains she’s going to give him his first-ever blow job, but in return she gets to feed on him; his fear, excitement, pain and his long hoarded seed.

Gerald, numbed and debilitated by his first sexual experience gets the shock of his life when Reyna admits she is a true, living witch. She announces he will be her slave and she is going to take him home and consume him properly. Her arrogant allure brooks no argument. After what Reyna has just shown him, why would he argue? What more can this enchantress entice her naive but willing slave with?

In this new, paranormal Femdom masterpiece, Lance Edwards is at the top of his game. Reign of the Demon Queen includes everything you’d expect from gags and bondage to strap-on anal sex and humiliation.

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Mistress Reyna climbed off me. She turned her back and moved several paces out into the deepening gloom. Facing the halved moon just clearing the horizon she assumed a spread-legged stance and raised her arms high. Commandingly she spoke a few words in that harsh, guttural language that seemed full of hard consonants and glottal grunts. Then she lowered her arms, turned back to me and folded them under her breasts, watching me pant and squirm and clearly anticipating a much more satisfying show.

For a moment nothing happened. Then I spotted a scurrying movement by her feet and elsewhere. From the desert all around arthropods appeared hurrying directly toward me. Ants, beetles and other insects, plus spiders, centipedes and scorpions of all sizes and kinds answered her summons and swarmed towards me lying stretched out helpless on the ground. At the same time a buzzing whine grew in the air and wasps, bees and hordes of flies descended upon me.

I’m no entomophobe. I dealt with the black widow in my potion and even the guardians of Mistress’ lair without undo distress. But this surreal spectacle was terrifying in the extreme. Immediately I started screaming and thrashing fruitlessly. It was no use of course. They reached me in seconds, and soon bugs of all description were mounting or alighting upon my body and crawling all over me. They concentrated particularly on my groin, covering my genitals with a ceaselessly moving carpet of bodies. Then right away they began biting and stinging me all over.

From tarantulas and hairy scorpions the size of my hand down to the practically microscopic, thousands of insects and arachnids used mandibles and pincers and stingers to pierce, pinch, bite, inject and envenom every inch of my flesh in an excruciating attack made horribly worse by my revulsion and utter helplessness under their assault. From screaming myself hoarse and goggling bug-eyed with terror I was forced to clamp my lips and eyelids tightly closed as they soon swarmed toward those points of vulnerability. Though I managed to keep them out of me no amount of thrashing and writhing could prevent them from biting and stinging those lips and eyelids along with the rest of me and I could feel my mind teetering on the brink of madness at the horrific pain and disgust overwhelming me. And yet through it all that busy crawling on my erection and balls, and the continuous agony inflicted on that most sensitive bloated flesh both massaged and tortured me into exquisitely intense arousal. Mistress’ gloating laughter at the spectacle of my suffering spawned that keenly intense submissive thrill I was addicted to as well and together we wallowed outrageously in extremity of my upset.

Fortunately that draught from Mistress’ breasts must have fortified my system enough to withstand all the venom I was being injected with. Though my skin grew puffy and inflamed all over, and burned terribly under the onslaught of so much poison; though I flushed with an immediate fever, suffered wrenching muscle spasms and eventually felt paralysis working its way through me, my heart and lungs labored fitfully on. My awareness was altered as well. All that venom affected me like a hallucinogen, lending a phantasmagoric element to my increasing derangement. Yet consciousness failed to lapse altogether no matter how badly I craved oblivion. Itching and burning all over, shuddering and convulsing autonomically I struggled madly to hold onto some small scrap of sanity and not scream myself into an unauthorized orgasm. It was a close thing. How long this attack endured I couldn’t tell you. Though it felt like hours it couldn’t have been more than fifteen or twenty minutes. When the bugs suddenly left me and scattered back into the night, when I cautiously prized open my swollen eyelids to peer around, the moon was still only a few spans higher in the eastern sky and it was only now reaching full dark.

Mistress meanwhile was rummaging in her bag. When she rose up to confront me again she had a long leather razor strop dangling from one hand and a black plastic object gripped in the other. Two gleaming steel points protruded from the end of this and a bright arc of electricity suddenly crackled between those poles. It was a police-style taser for subduing suspects. Mistress remarked on this as she approached.

“I know the taser is an anachronistic touch. Millennia ago we used to pile burning coals and hot boulders onto the sacrifice until he was cooked and suffocated, just as we used jaguars and before that, saber-toothed cats. But times change: those animals have gone extinct or changed their range, and mankind has developed newer technologies for inflicting pain. You can only experience those delights in the dreams I send, and accept in their stead what this current reality has to offer. At least the arthropods are still here and always will be. Though diminished in size and potency they are still quite effective, aren’t they slave?”

“Yes Mistress,” I managed to croak out, still quaking with fear and lust and aflame with agony all over. Erratic spasms still wrenched my muscles and my chest still labored as if I indeed had huge rocks piled atop it. My vision doubled and trebled, smeared by tears and venom, and for a moment I thought I saw ghostly presences hovering and flitting about us. Then Mistress crouched by my side, applied a taser-shock to the inflamed head of my cock and set about whipping my instantly bridging and convulsing body with her strop. Everything disappeared in a sheeting flare of agony, and for a while I was oblivious to all but an ongoing excruciation that seemed destined to never end.

Whenever my galloping heart and spasming muscles began to fight off the effects of electricity and venom my demonic lover would interrupt her savagely gleeful strapping to taser me again. And while I convulsed helplessly anew she would resume whipping my stung and bitten flesh with mineral-encrusted leather, gorging on my exudations of pain and terror and yes, uncontrollable lust. For the way Mistress’ bare breasts jiggled and danced to the rhythm of her whipping and even the radiant gleaming of her eyes in that haughtily beautiful face turned me on as much as the submissive frisson of bondage and pain. When she paused a moment to tuck a sheaf of hair behind her ear I saw for the first time that this was pointed on top, like Star Trek’s Mr. Spock or the elves – and goblins – of Tolkein’s Middle Earth. This further touch of the fantastic perversely spiked my arousal even more, and I wept and screamed as much with carnal need as everything else. Yet despite this frenzy I eventually perceived that I hadn’t been mistaken: spectral presences had indeed arrived to attend upon us.

Senses heightened by extremity, I saw stretched, distorted faces and elongated streaks of ectoplasm that might have been terribly mutilated bodies swooping and swirling about us. More with my mind than my ears I heard them howling with anguish at being called from their millennia of rest. Like veils of translucent gauze they flitted between my gaze and the stars that were coming out as the darkness deepened. Confirming this Mistress greeted their appearance with a cry of exaltation and increased zeal in the way she pitilessly tortured me.

“Yes! Come, my former victims! Come forth from the limbo where you await my eternal tortures once this corporeal body of mine is finally destroyed! Come and witness the approaching baptism of this most delectable new addition to your numbers! Taste the purity of his goodness, the innocence of his ambitions, and the depth of his mindless adoration! She how he revels in the rewards of his mortality! Witness this night the unholy sacrament that binds him yet more irrevocably to me! See how I maintain him at a screaming peak of agony and ecstasy few of you ever approached until the occasions of your deaths! We await now only the sign from the cosmos that is certain to come before consecrating this slave into my eternal worship!”

On and on for unspeakable hours more Mistress whipped and shocked my sting-swollen body. Despite the screams I continuously unleashed I gradually became aware that the dead weren’t the only beings attracted by the spectacle of my unending torment. As Mistress Reyna had predicted the predators of the night were also gathering.

Silhouetted by the stars and moon circled overhead birds of carrion and prey: gap-winged vultures, great horned owls, huge golden eagles and the smaller forms of hawks. Sitting, lying or standing in a wide semicircle stretching from the cliff face and back again a ring of restless canids lurked about. Coyotes were the most numerous of course but little desert foxes were distinguishable by their oversized ears and the bigger forms of rare Mexican gray wolves pushed prominently to the fore. Inside this ring of wild dogs coiled rattlers and sidewinders in the hundreds and prowling the darkness beyond were the inheritors of those big cats Mistress had mentioned: feral felines like bobcats and big, spitting and squalling mountain lions. Seeing this unnatural congregation of wildlife – not to mention actual ghosts – had of course finally cured me of my stubborn skepticism. I might have been out of my mind with tortured horror and unrelievable lust. But I no longer doubted that my lover was a supernatural being of some sort. True insanity is to not believe the evidence of your senses, and I was never that crazy. Even in my delirium this new belief accentuated my frenzy to an existential level, and I honestly didn’t know how long I could sustain it before my body, mind or both gave out. But after an eternity of writhing at this wildly screaming pitch Mistress finally received her signal from the cosmos, and my ordeal (by torture at least) came to a merciful end.

“Yes! Look slave, in the constellation of Hercules! It is the sign!”

My astronomy is sketchy. My addled head was swimming and my puffy eyes were bleared with tears. Now looming high overhead the moon had the aspect of a gibbering silver face cleaved by an axe and a mad profusion stars blazed across the midnight sky. Still I was able to recognize what Mistress Reyna called my attention to.

A spectacular meteor shower was cutting parallel lines of fire across the celestial dome.

Superstitious enough by now to wish upon any falling star I had over a dozen to choose from. I was not so arrogant as to entertain any wishes for myself though. Permanently branded property that I was, such was not my prerogative. Mistress would determine what happened to me down to the least detail from here on out. And clearly she had purposes to enact that exalted her like nothing I’d yet seen. She dropped her strop and taser next to me and leaped to her feet.

Stepping astride my body Mistress Reyna straddled my chest, adopting a tall, spread-legged stance like before. Again she raised her arms to the night. Rather than issue commands though she began chanting.

The desert air grew fraught with power. The spirits swirled more aggressively about and the animals became agitated. Rattles buzzed, the canids growled and snapped at each other and the cats hissed and spat. At last Mistress lowered her arms and gaze. Fiery eyes blazing this latter bored into me with unsettling force as her hands partially lifted and moved inside her miniskirt. Unfortunately shadowed it remained as black as Hades between her legs – I wasn’t yet to be blessed with the sight of her pussy. But of course Mistress had an unholy sacrament of a far more momentous kind in mind. Dropping her chant even as the audience of predators and dead grew more restless still she intoned solemnly down at me in English.

“Now slave, in the name of the nameless ones I mark my territory in time-honored fashion and simultaneously baptize you into the eternal worship and servitude of your freely chosen owner. Open your mouth to accept this blessing!”

Seemingly against my will my jaws yawned wide. As the animals snarled and howled, as eagles screamed and spirits moaned all around a stream of steaming urine arced down from my lover’s hidden genitals to spatter against my face. Naturally I screamed with revulsion and pain: Mistress’ pee was boiling hot, and so strongly acidic it seemed to be eating right in to my puffed-up, badly bitten features. Not even bothering to squat she seemed able to direct that scouring spray exactly as she chose. After liberally soaking me from chin to brow she blinded each eye and then directed the rest straight into my gaping mouth.

Scalding my tongue and pallet worse than her potion and the serum from her breasts had, this vile draught when swallowed likewise proved more compelling and aphrodisiac than either. Still of its own accord my mouth stretched open wider as I greedily imbibed her blessing and my horribly inflamed genitalia became further painfully engorged. Bloating balls churning, my intensely rigid erection pounding and straining more fiercely upright than ever before, I choked and gargled and screamed with pathological need. Fortunately for the sake of my residual sanity Mistress didn’t make me wait any longer than was necessary. Consummation followed consecration immediately upon that caustic stream petering out.

Though I remained blinded utterly by the agony searing my eyes I felt my infernal lover shift back and drop atop my hips. Without any prefatory gripping and pointing I was instantly encased to the base in the undulating grip of her vagina. As Mistress seized my shoulders (talons sharper and more pointed than any cougar or eagle could boast sinking deep into me) she straightaway began riding me with the same possessed fervor as before.

Instantly our observers went wild. The buzzing of tail rattles, screaming of eagles and wailing of ghosts scaled madly upwards. Bobcats screeched and lions roared, and the canids ringing us round fell upon each other snarling, yipping, yowling, fighting and rutting under the leering moon. Yet as Mistress had promised, our own rutting far outstripped any other in bestial frenzy and sheer maddened abandon.

Truly we fucked like no other couple had for thousands of years – here or anywhere else. Again scalding slaver spattered me from that surely lolling tongue and the claws buried in me dug agonizingly deeper as Mistress used them to anchor her ferocious rhythm. Again I was grateful for my blindness – I didn’t want to see what manner of horned, fanged, dragon-winged beast was so savagely shrieking and copulating with me. And again I ejaculated almost in self-defense, before unmitigated terror, excruciation and infinite carnal depravity could deprive me of rationality forever.

As before my orgasm was impossibly prolonged. And as before that scalding, suctioning cunt drained me of far more than just seed for the relative eternity that I pumped the product of my grossly swollen gonads into her. When at last it was finished I lay as limp, deflated and unmoving as road-kill while Mistress reapplied the ball-gag and climbed off of me.

My burning eyes still blind I heard the animals retreating into the night, and no I longer sensed the houseless spirits swooping and flitting about. When my lover snuggled up to my bound and abused body I felt only silken skin, that leather skirt and delectably ripe female curves pressing against me. The hand that stroked my brow sported only normal if lengthy and sharp human fingernails and her voice was a soothing contralto as her hot breath tickled my ear.

“Sleep now, my worshipful subject. You have a long day of suffering and satisfying me tomorrow before I return you to civilization. Your owner is very pleased with you. Rest in her arms now while you can: my warm regard will protect you from the chill of the desert night.”

These words and the well-being they conveyed were irresistibly soporific. I dropped into a profoundly welcome sleep.


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