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Ir-re-me-di-a-ble: Unable To Be Changed – ebook


Ir-re-me-di-a-ble by Mamie Anne Adams

After meeting several months earlier, Lu and Leo celebrate with a night of fucking. Clad only in a thong, high heels, and tit jewelry, Lu is on her knees before him. She’s a young woman who is living her life exactly as she wants. Her partner is a famous face around Greece and an infamous cocksman. They have recently joined, but their pairing is only fleeting, since they prefer pursuing one fuck after another in their attempt to live their sexual lives to the fullest. The next morning, the former Greek politician and the great-niece of bordello owners jet off to Paris. When they part, Lu is summoned to Cartier where she’s involved in their Back Room intimates line. Leo? He is off to sniff for pussy. Both know the other cannot possibly be faithful, and will always remain free to blatantly pursue screwing. This feast of hot fucking continues with characters taking their sexuality to a whole new level. Every story rings true, every page provocative. It’s one hell of a wild ride! Includes lots of fucking, high heels, tit jewelry, a sex spree with models and much more.

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Not giving her a chance to change her mind he tore up the stairs. His speed was a surprise. Or was it greed? He actually beat her to her own room. When she entered, he sat there on her bed, naked. And twirled a lacy thong on his finger. “From Paris?” a gleam in his eyes. 

She stuffed it in his open mouth. And that is all it took to get them started.

Lord Sil. Her friend. Frequent fuck partner. And, when in town, her house-mate. As always, drawn to bad boys, he had taught Lu a lot. YOLO was one. Regrets suck. Another? His thoughts and intentions? They were always in the gutter. “Never turn down sex,” his motto.

A bittersweet sensation surfaced in her. She had missed him. 

It had been a while. A lot had happened since they had last gone at it up in her suite on the third floor of the old mansion. Ghosts from the past applauded from the walls. She hesitated. Now feeling shy, of all things. An uncharacteristic faint pink of blush bloomed across her cheeks. She needed time to exhale and catch her breath. 

“I rang for bubbly,” he assured her. She turned and settled into his lap for a naked cuddle. He leaned in for a kiss. Her nipples pricked up. He was only inches away. She could feel him grow below her. She was full of longing. He was full of cum. “You’ve missed me, haven’t you?” his question.

Dying. Dying for you. That would have been the most honest answer. She could not say it. 

“How have you really been, Lu?” he pressured her.

“Shitty.” There it was. She had told the truth.

These things, he pondered as he looked down at her. He felt her with one long finger. There was dampness between her legs. Her center was hot. She was extraordinarily slippery down there. It told him what she had been up to while in Paris. Nothing. Not a thing. He wiggled a finger into her. It lit up another flush of excitement on her cheeks. This time from the anticipation of sex. She brought her legs up. Knees out. Her legs opened, she spread her lips to show him her jewel. His thumb began to stroke it. This stirred her up. He began to poke into her. A finger fuck. A day of more of the same loomed ahead. His plans to return to the Caymans began to recede in his mind.

Once her legs were up and open wide, he tipped his tongue down to give her a tickle. Then his lips closed around her pink bud in a suck. He pumped her silky clit with his tickly tongue. She felt dizzy. Lu lost her bearings as she held his head right there. Between her legs. She did not care if he could breathe or not. “Keep him there,” was her only thought. His face now sticky with her juices. 

He came up slowly. And spent time at her breasts. Her many nipple jewels asleep bedside in a special drawer. He bit each tiny round nipple. This sent her soaring. He continued on up to her mouth. When he kissed her, he tasted of her. “I missed you,” she told him the truth.

Now she straddled him. His cock stood straight up. Pointing to the heavens between them. She forgot how hung he was and rubbed her wet cunt up and down it. And left a smear of glitter as she went. His cock was hot and began to thump. A shiny slick of his own oozed at the end. 

Now, his turn. He pushed her face down. She leaned in to swirl his cock with her tongue. And sucked out a mouthful of pre-juice. She pumped with her tongue and swallowed as much of his length as she could. 

He held out for what seemed like forever. Then it became instinctive and his hips began to pump and jerk while she sang her arias of orgasm. He joined in with, “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.” As he pumped. When he came, it literally took his breath away. And rocked the bed. His face turned ruddy. He swallowed hard and gasped for air. And then? Together they cascaded down in a free fall on the other side of cuming. 

Lu let out a laugh. It was spontaneous. She had missed their fun. He prompted her, “Go on. Tell a man what he wants to know. Do you love me?”

She nodded slowly, “Yes. I tell you that all the time.” This was the truth. She did.


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