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Six in Harper Wood by Justine Johns

In this sequel to Reformatory for Girls we follow six more girls serving their sentence in Harper Wood – the special unit, where the discipline is strictly applied corporal punishment. ‘Six of the best’ on the bare bottom is the punishment for almost anything in here, but there are stronger penalties too, nine-in-gym, twelve-in-gym, all the way up to the agonising and humiliating spectacle of a public flogging. Yet for all the dangers, the hobby among the prisoners is the love of girl on girl, which some take to with great relish!

Annette is an ex escort girl, with a risky liking for girl-on-girl ‘tumbles’ with other inmates. She also has her scheme for making money – which goes painfully wrong. Melissa is the glamorous one who dazzles even the prison officers and seems able to get away with anything – well, for a while. Vanessa is the clever one – except she tries to be too clever. She too falls for the temptations on offer and suffers the punishments when she gets it terribly wrong. Joining these three are Rosemary, Sarah and Pat who, despite their efforts to avoid the dreaded punishment, all wind up with their bottoms bared, getting the harsh discipline meted out in Harper Wood.

Despite the pain and disgrace the girls are forced to endure, there are rewards to be plucked from their circumstances.

Keywords: Canings, Lesbianism, Humiliation

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