Steel Shackles



Steel Shackles by Patrick Richards
Another dark tale of male submission and Female Domination from Patrick Richards”
“We never know where life’s journey will lead us. Who would know that flunking out of college and trying to start a landscaping business would change my life forever? I could have followed the road to success. I had the brains, the aptitude and the opportunity. But I fucked it up. Instead of studying, I spent every night on the internet or in adult book stores addicted to porn.
“I had the world by the tail. Nothing could slow me down except for an unstoppable interest in Femdom porn. I was totally addicted. And like an alcoholic, I couldn’t stop. I wanted more. School didn’t matter. Instead, it was on the back streets in darkened doorways that stirred my soul. For me it was the sex and bondage, the pain and servitude and the need to be dominated by a Mistress in black leather underwear.”
That was all that mattered for Tyler Jackson and that was what he got!
Includes F/m chastity, cuckold, slavery, extreme, bondage, pain, torture, oral, anal, consensual, non-consensual, cross-dressing, feminization, and much, much more.

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Cover Art Patrick Richards

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