Tabitha’s Tickle: The Expanded Edition


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Tabitha’s Tickle: The Expanded Edition by Robin Wilde

Robin’s back at the wicked Tau Zeta sorority! This time, he’s joined by Bobby, the ill-fated boyfriend of Sharon, who’s been invited to join the Tau Zeta Rho sorority as a new Valentine cheerleader. While Sharon and Bobby unpack her things, they stop to enjoy a sexy interlude, until three sexy cheerleaders interrupt ” just as Bobby is on the brink of orgasm. His orgasm has to wait. It’s time for Sharon to meet Tabitha! While she’s escorted away, the cheerleaders take charge of Bobby, leaving him helplessly aroused, utterly humiliated and unfulfilled. And why not? Sharon has given Bobby to the Tau Zetas as part of her initiation. When later, Bobby sneaks away to jack off on the sly, he’s caught, blackmailed, cruelly teased, then shackled to a bench for two more Valentine cheerleaders to torture.

Meanwhile, Tabitha turns the tables on Count Felipe de la Roche, a student of sex magick, who plans to use her as his experimental sex toy. However, it’s soon the Count in shackles, not Tabitha. Sharon’s Femdom education begins with the Count and continues with the other shackled males in Tau Zetas dungeons.

As the power hungry Tabitha dabbles in the occult, she unleashes terrifying new miseries for her captive victims, culminating in a night of exotic costumes, black magic, strange sex and bizarre rituals at a kinky costume party. Sexy sadistic cheerleaders, tease, torture and manipulate male victims. Also includes, electroshock, orgasm denial, CBT, public humiliation, anal, orgies and more.

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Sharon’s fingers crawled slowly up Bobby’s leg. “What are you thinking about?” she teased.

Even with his eyes closed, he began to blush.

“Was it being in Orlando with a thousand cheerleaders? Did you like that?” She giggled as she watched his erection lurch in his pants. Bobby went wild for cheerleading outfits and Orlando was the site for the National Cheerleading and Dance Team Competitions. They were returning from a long week there in which Sharon’s team had been second runner up.

Furtively, Bobby opened his eyes and glanced around the train compartment. There were few people in the car. “Shh,” he complained. “You’re embarrassing me.”

Sharon laughed again, throatily. “It’s not me that gets hard every time a cheerleader walks by. Some of the girls in my squad nicknamed you ‘Woody.’” His blush grew deeper but his erection continued to swell under her teasing fingers. She shifted her position to face her boyfriend as he slipped down in his seat, legs falling open. She smiled with smug superiority. He was so predictable and helpless when she teased him. She pressed the palm of her hand against his shaft through his pants and rubbed in a slow circle.

“Mmm, that’s nice,” Bobby said. “I wish we were alone in a hotel room right now.”

“Me, too,” Sharon replied, “but we’re on a rocking train instead. Like the movement? Like how the car sways?” Her hand continued its slow rotation. Bobby’s lips parted as he gave himself to her touch.

“Don’t tease me, Sharon,” he said, rocking his hips to press harder against her hand. “I thought I’d die from not getting you alone last week.”

She pouted prettily. “It wasn’t my idea. All the girls had to room together. Besides, you wouldn’t be so nuts if you didn’t have a raging cheerleader fetish. Sometimes I think if it wasn’t for my costume, you wouldn’t want me at all.”

“That’s not true,” he replied hastily, distracted by the continuing motion of her hand. “You’re the sexiest girl in the world. I love you. I love everything about you.”

“Yeah, especially my costume,” she said sarcastically. It was a cute costume. A very short pleated skirt with two-color contrasting pleats —purple and white, the school colors —a tight high-necked sleeveless sweater with “Kittens,” the team name, in bold letters, also purple and white. Tennis shoes, anklet socks and matching purple panties that flashed with nearly every move. It showed off her athletic, trim dancer’s body very well.

Sharon had long, wavy brown hair, now tied up with a red scrunchie. Currently, she looked great in a short red skirt, open-toed white sandals, and a midriff-length white T-shirt that hugged her shapely breasts. Bobby wore madras shorts, tented out with his hardon, an oversize T-shirt, and tennis shoes without socks. He was tall, with light blond hair and a good runner’s body.

They had been dating for about six months. Their sex was good, but restricted by college life’s lack of opportunities, especially with the various cheerleader road trips. Sharon made up for it by teasing Bobby at every opportunity, which she enjoyed a lot. She assumed he did too —at least given the lack of other options most of the time.

Bobby’s cock was giving him fits. It was true that being around so many costumed cheerleaders had driven him crazy. Worse, he also had a roommate situation so he hadn’t even been able to jerk off. And he needed to. He could already feel the first ooze of pre-come fluid. Just her hand could make him spurt buckets, and soon. “Let me get some tissue,” he whispered, “and then you can finish me. I really need it badly.”

“Finish you?” she said with mock anger. “Who said anything about finishing you? I’m pretty horny myself, and I don’t know why I should do you when I’m going to have to wait too.”

“I’ll do you next,” he whispered. “It’ll be great. Or I’ll even do you first. Right here. Okay?”

“I don’t think so,” she smiled, but not releasing the pressure on his cock. “It’s too public and too messy. You’ll just have to take what you can get.”

He moaned as the rotating motion of her hand drove him slowly to the brink of much-needed orgasm. “Please…” he moaned, “Please…”

She regarded him with careful scrutiny, watching his muscles tense with his approaching climax. “I don’t think so,” she repeated firmly. “You’ll just have to wait until tonight.”

“Please!” he begged again, opening his eyes to plead for his orgasm. He looked into her lovely blue eyes, sparkling with cynical amusement. She enjoyed her sense of control, her sense of what she was doing to him. The brief smile playing about the corners of her red lips was nearly enough to trigger him right there.

Slowly, slowly she continued the circular motion of her hand grinding against his cock. She could see a slight wet spot where his pre-come had leaked through his shorts. “Almost time to stop,” she teased.

“No…please…just a little more…I’m almost there…I need it so badly…yes…yes…yes…” He gasped as the inevitable moment arrived; he was so close…and then she stopped.

He moaned with sensual agony; his balls were sucked up and taut with need; his cock twitched and pulsed in desperate rhythm. “Please…please…” his voice croaked dryly. Her hand was still resting on his cock, so he squirmed up against it. She pulled away. Her skirt had ridden up to the tops of her thighs so he could get a brief glimpse of white panties; then she shifted position, pulling her skirt down.

Before he could continue his desperate plea for an orgasm, the train’s PA system announced, “Next stop, Valentine College Station! Valentine College Station!”

Sharon giggled. “Sorry, Bobby baby. We’re almost here. Maybe later.”

He groaned with frustration and some embarrassment as he began to shift his cock around in his shorts so he could stand up without advertising his horniness to the world. Sharon was no help, standing on her seat to reach the overhead racks with their backpacks, showing off her long legs in her miniskirt. She looked down at him, catching him staring at her. She smiled wickedly. “Time to get ready. Just wait; you’ll meet even more cute cheerleaders!”


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