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Leaves of Lust: Seven Explicit Tales of Adventurous Erotica by Dan Moran

Dan Moran has been publishing erotica since the 1990s, and in this latest work he brings to life an assortment of vibrant characters determined to follow their bliss and make fantasies real. From spontaneous encounters with strangers to mutually planned explorations of new sexual territory, these people are possessed by powerful desires and unafraid to indulge them.

An artist and his two live-in models enjoy much more than the music when they have a Night at the Opera. A woman indulges her exhibitionistic side when her husband arranges for their evening to include some Unseen Eyes. In The Great Outdoors, a man goes skinny-dipping only to find that his chosen spot is not as secluded as he imagined and discovers that it is not so easy to get dressed again. Two couples head to a ski vacation in Getting to Know Valerie, but one woman finds that the other woman is interested in far more than the slopes. A man discovers what interesting turns life can take when one stays past Closing Time at the Gym. A married couple unknowingly find themselves at a regular gathering for swingers, and begin to acquire some Different Friends as they explore new territory together.

In this steamy anthology, we follow the men, women, couples, and groups who dare to open new doors and freely explore fresh pleasures. The open-minded and respectful attitudes of all players are just as important as their willingness to share in the delights of the flesh; the reader will find not only carnal pleasures, but genuine affection in these pages. Whether indulging in threesomes, exploring voyeurism, trying a little BDSM, or stepping out side their usual sexual orientations, these characters give you intimate glimpses of expanding boundaries. A wealth of pleasures awaits… and if you haven’t already tried some of them, you just may find yourself inspired.

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