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The AV Guy by Paul Moore

Darren is in trouble. He made the mistake of borrowing money from the mob and now he can’t pay it back. He is, however, given a way out ” an offer he can’t refuse. All he needs to do is make a movie for Mob Boss, Mr. Blake and his debt will be forgiven. Not only that, he’ll be paid extra for doing the job.

The offer seems like the perfect solution, but there are sobering complications. He’s told to film the actual abduction of a mobster’s girlfriend, all of which is part of an insane extortion plot that seems doomed to failure from the start. Darren doesn’t trust the men he will be forced to work for, and what is worse, their intended prey, Gina, is smart, strong, and beautiful. Like Darren, she’s the victim of bad circumstances. He knows that if things go wrong, he and the girl could end up sharing a shallow grave.

With his choices limited, Darren films the scene as planned, watching as the lovely Gina is roughed up and taken in every orifice while being bound to a horrific bed. To complicate matters even more, as the filming continues he comes to care for the helpless Gina, a fact that has dangerous implications for him, dangerous complications for them both.

Contains scenes of male and female domination, ass play, corporeal punishment, anal plugs, ropes, chains, caning, humiliation, exhibitionism, oral sex, anal sex, forced female bisexuality, paddling, bondage, enemas, and cuffs.

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