The Bad Wife: At Work – ebook


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The Bad Wife at Work by Taz Montoya

On a work trip to America with his wife Laura, things get off to a rocky start for Ian. He finds his spouse getting intimately acquainted with her new boss, and Ian is abused, confused and robbed by a series of demanding females. In less than twenty-four hours, he’s lost his money, all of his clothes, and perhaps worst of all, his dignity. Like any generous-minded wife, Laura tries to help by letting him share her wardrobe, right down to her underwear. She even allows Ian to watch her intense liaisons with a series of other men.

At work, Laura soon realises that while the men hold the top jobs in the head office, she knows it’s the women who have all the power. It is her plan to show them who’s boss, and she means business!

Meanwhile, Ian is humiliated and sexually exploited by almost everyone he encounters, including his own dear wife. He nearly drowns during a naughty game run by the competitive Dawn and her outraged but well-trained husband. Catalina and her submissive girlfriend trick him into an appointment at a piercing salon and he barely escapes intact from the clutches of the female run medical facility.

Eventually, Laura succeeds in turning the tables on the men-only ranks, after which she holds a decadent costume party to celebrate with her friends, old and new. It is here where Ian is forced to face the true extent of his wife’s deceptions.

A BDSM story with Female domination, and male and female submission. Graphic scenes include cuckolding, lesbianism, sexual humiliation, forced exhibitionism, feminization, foot fetish, spanking, CBT and anal abuse.

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