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The Cuckold & The Cuckoldress – ebook


The Cuckold and the Cuckoldress by Chris Bellows

The financially successful wife of salesman Andy Peters considers him to be inadequate…in business and in the bedroom. Using her economic leverage, wife Linda proposes a more open marriage…she is free to date as is he. But husband Andy soon finds the arrangement to be one sided. He has trouble establishing any new relationship while hot wife Linda finds a bevy of bull studs available for her pleasure. The solution…employment curtailed and trained to serve by the formidable professional dominatrix, Miss Marsha, with the help of her naked and fully feminized assistant, Johnny. Read of the travails as Andy Peters is slowly immersed into the role that wife Linda believes best suits him…to please others…only. Once again, author Chris Bellows has penned an erotic gem of Female Domination and total male surrender.
Includes a wide array of BDSM delights, including chastity, bondage, humiliation, corporal correction, anal sex, CBT, feminization and more. Female Dominance runs supreme in this latest from one of the masters of the Femdom genre.

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