The Domme-Queen’s Ball


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The Domme Queen’s Ball by J. D. Laydon

Book Three in the Mistress Taz series provides a stunning finale to this Femdom saga. Mistress Taz is a harsh lifestyle domme, but has she met her match in Machin? He changed her life after a chance encounter, bringing occasional switch evenings into her routine, which she enjoys far more than she could have imagined. But her domination of Machin becomes more fractious as she deals with changing emotions. Meanwhile Freda, the sexually irrepressible maid, continues to submit to her mistress, although she uses Machin for her own pleasure whenever the chance arises.

The climax to this this trilogy focuses on an invite to the Domme-Queen’s Ball, an event Mistress Taz has been longing to attend. However, as the night grows near, her growing emotions toward Machin make her hesitate. And there are dangerous consequences as a male sub tries his luck with Mistress Taz when she lures him back to her dungeon.

Enjoy female domination mingled with unlikely romance, forced feminization, and harsh BDSM, including extreme physical and emotional restraint. Also, suspension bondage, group sex, nipple torture, breath play, and insult and humiliation

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Part of my tactic was to remove my neck from the firing line, but I also zoned in on her nipples. My chest was now doing more of the weight support. I could feel the PVC covered thighs of my mistress astride my waist. My rigid cock, was now in the air behind my Mistress’s buttocks completely.


“Permission Mistress?” I heard asked as a question above the noise of the grinding machinery and the ever-increasing groans and blasphemy, which had gone from mostly pain, to much more at the pleasure end of the spectrum.


“Granted Freda! As you see fit, I’m getting off on the vibrations transmitted back through and inside me.” She added but her voice was tense as if she was gritting her teeth.


I felt more weight on the bed and then a mouth enveloped my rigid cock. Freda!


I was trying to concentrate on the thimbles of Sophia’s nipples, but it was suddenly much harder to focus on stimulating them.


I suddenly wondered if Mistress was videoing this scene. If so, I would love to see it at some point, as I knew I was missing out on some of the visual aspects of the action with my view completely obliterated by Sophia’s torso and dangling breasts.


Her cries got louder and louder above and it wasn’t long before her whole body was shuddering. Unlike a normal orgasm it appeared to have no ending and no start before the next one took over.


Whatever the ‘rhino’ was doing to her, the result was that she had relaxed into the sensation, which was one of continuous and unadulterated pleasure.


As she did so, Freda took my cock deep into her throat and kept it there, dancing on it as if she was doing a salsa. It was a new move from her, and my cock couldn’t take anymore.


I could feel my heartbeat hammering in my head as the orgasm exploded from me, without me having any ability to control it, which since sessions with Mistress Scarlett, had been quite a developed skill.


I hope it was the effect of Viagra that made it uncontrollable as I had been stimulated much more and had managed to hold back, several times in the last three weeks.


At the end of my spasming, my cock, stayed highly sensitised but rigid.


Sophia was orgasming and screaming now without abate and her body was continuing to shudder uncontrollably.


“Permission to sit on him?”


“Denied! I want him in that sensitised state! Sophia is cooked anyway!” I only barely took it all in.


However, within seconds Mistress Taz had stopped the grinding vibrations and pulled out of Sophia, unbuckled the harness and thrown it to the floor, whilst Freda pulled away the bolster and then not needing to change position much, squatted backwards and landed on my still rigid, but post orgasm sensitised cock.


Sophia was still trapped between us, her legs akimbo over my shoulders and chest, where she landed lifeless after Freda pulled the support away


Even with a vagina, which had been stretched by a dildo and was dilated more than usual, the friction on my cock in that first descent was enough to trigger a groan from my throat.


Mistress Taz could only access one side of my face and for the first time, she slapped me squarely across it.


“Quiet you pathetic worm!” She said as she did.


I was hurt, not from the blow, but from the insult. She didn’t use degradation normally as part of her Mistress style and I didn’t like it.


To my surprise, however, the impact was to strengthen the solidity in my cock, my resolve to stay quiet and the desire to thrust back up and into her.


She rode me hard and fast for what seemed like an age. The pain sensation in my glans, gradually returned to pleasure.


Gradually Sophia returned to a functional conscious state and squirmed her way out. From between us. Freda must have released the shackles. Having done so she curled up into a foetal position at the head of the bed and started gently trembling.


With her out of the way, Mistress grabbed my throat and gripped tight.


“Come for me Machin, I want to feel you.”


I didn’t think it was possible. I had just had a massive and uncontrollable orgasm a few minutes before, but in response to her plea, I could feel the tell-tale spasm and tension at the base of my cock, building.


This time the rise to orgasm was slow. As the pleasure rose, it soared higher and higher, whilst Mistress kept her pressure on my throat.


I started to feel faint as the orgasm started to crash over me and whether in response to Mistress’s ministrations to my neck, or from my own ‘petit mort’, I lost consciousness, as Mistress herself spasmed and called out her own profanities.



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