Madam in Attendance IV: Ever Forward – ebook


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Madame in Attendance IV: Progression by S. M. Ackerman

“Mystic Mai, the house’s greeter looked over towards their birthday boy and nodded. He is sitting as he always had to be in his electric wheelchair talking to Madam and Ria, whilst admiring the caged artwork that Mai had provided for their and his entertainment. Mai knew that he would want to have a closer look at the bound naked woman locked in the stocks at the end of their garden lawn, but first she noted that Cindy his PA, friend and much cared for companion is looking across at Mai with a questioning look in her eyes. Mai knew that she wanted to talk to her and wondered what is passing through her warped thoughts.”

Enter again Madam’s world beyond the high brick walls, the electronic gates and surveillance cameras, where a highly exclusive sexual playground exists for the submissively inclined. There, Madam and her most able associates offer BDSM services for those willing to pay for the privilege of surrendering to the whip, the cane, to bondage and the humiliation that follows. Surrender is sweet but sizzling hot. Here inside these pages, readers will find more deviant adventures to enjoy in this extraordinary world.

 Features female domination, male and female submission, with punishment and pain of varying degree, slave kennels, gags, hoods, stocks, birches, collars & leashes, nettles, electric shock, and so much more! You won’t want to miss this fourth instalment of Madame in Attendance.


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