Man Management


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Man Management, Femdom by Taz Montoya

Caroline is an independent woman working in a high pressure role. She likes to flirt and have fun, but what she really likes is getting all dressed up and then teasing her shy husband Joe into loud and rowdy sex. Lately though, with her free spirit and creative sparkle dulled by domesticity, she hatches a plan to re-ignite their passion. In erotically charged fantasies to remind Joe of why they fell in love, she’ll act the part of a naughty cheerleader, a stern French governess, and a strict and kinky boss. Boundaries are crossed, a darker, ever more dominant side to her sexuality arises. However, a foolish infatuation with a handsome new colleague threatens to derail her scheme, when her would-be lover feels rejected and seeks revenge for her tantalising ways. Blackmail, trickery and deceit abound as Caroline tries to manage the men in her life. Fortunately, as well as her own firm determination and desire, she has female allies to rely on for help in getting what she wants. Will the seeds of her foolish flirtation bear bitter fruit? Or can husband and wife overcome the threat and rediscover their bonds of mutual pleasure? Sexy dressing, teasing, punishment, caning, anal, oral, dildos and more.

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“Hello gorgeous,” she purred.

“Hello beautiful Mrs Slater. How’s my bad girl today?”

He uncurled his arms from the covers and pulled her to him rolling her over into the bed, her weight taken easily as if she were nothing. Caroline laughed, soft and safe in his huge embrace. She loved the sensation of being wrapped up in Joe. She snuggled against him, relishing the feel of his hard body and breathed him in. Joe’s skin smelled like salted wood, unashamedly masculine. Her fingers walked up his chest.

“I take it last night met with your approval then Mr Slater?”

“Oh God yes! It was very clever how you’d marked the books, so you knew to pick up the Nice list first.”

“Well I’m glad to hear it. I’m impressed you spotted that by the way. Now, what was the best bit? What did you like the most?”

Joe shifted slightly. They both knew talking about sex in the cold light of day, so to speak, made him uneasy. However, Caroline had given this some thought and had an idea. She began to softly kiss his chest, her tongue flicking, tickling one nipple. She tugged up her t-shirt so she could rub her breasts against his stomach.

“Come on Joe. I really want to know, so I can make the next time even better.”

As she said this, she reached down to stroke his burgeoning Morning Glory. He grew hot and heavy under her touch. She pushed him round onto his back so she could work her way down his body and capture his growing, crowing cock in her mouth.

“Thwink aboub wad we didth,” she gurgled. Her tongue traced circles up and down the length of him. Then she sank into silence as she sucked him in deep and massaged his heavy balls, with cool deft fingers. Caroline lost herself in the pleasure of pleasuring her man, knowing that after last night’s performance it would be a while before there was any danger of him blowing his load. She savoured the meaty, solid-soft taste of his now fully inflated dick, but she needed him inside of her. She needed to satisfy her body’s empty ache. She needed to be filled.

“Gob, ah buv thudding dor gok,” she said, still holding him in her mouth.

“What was that?”

Turning nimbly she straddled him, laying the soft creamy lips of her pussy on his belly.

“God I love sucking your cock!” she said earnestly.

Joe grinned like the Cheshire Cat. She eased back so her already gaping cunt placed a wet kiss on the head of Joe’s erection. Bracing her hands against his shoulders she arched downwards, her face looming over his.

She had decided he would be less self-conscious talking about last night if she distracted him first and then interrogated him with a few yes / no questions.

“So, did you like the Santa story line?”

Joe nodded vigorously. Caroline slid her hips back, forcing an inch or so of fat cock inside her.

“Did you like my outfit, the whole dressing up thing?”

He nodded some more. She bore down again another couple of inches, gritting her teeth to resist the temptation to ram him all the way home.

“I seem to recall you enjoying my stories. How about the accent and my frankly rather disturbing need, to talk dirty every second?”

This time Joe rolled his eyes and nodded. Caroline shifted position, allowing herself to slide fully down, feeling her pussy easing open and spread wide. She began to ride his hard pole, finding a rhythm by rocking her weight forward onto her hands, which were still pressed into his shoulders and then backwards, to drive him deep inside.

“Were there. Any bits. You didn’t. Like so much. Or other stuff. You’d like. To try?”

Her were sentences were punctuated by her movements and the sound of skin meeting skin.

Joe shrugged as best he could with her pinning him at the shoulders and crotch. “It was all fantastic.”

“You’re not helping, you know,” she panted.

She wagged a finger at him, enjoying the friction between their bodies this action caused, yet exasperated by his inadequate response. Her pace and breath quickened as she struggled to focus on quizzing Joe, while shamelessly, gloriously, greedily, fucking herself on his big dick.

She had hoped by getting Joe horny she might make it easier for him to talk. Now she realised, she had become distracted. Angry with herself, she closed her eyes better to concentrate, but all she could think about was the slip-slide of her wet pussy round his juicy cock and the picture in her head of Santa slapping her reddened arse while fucking her greedy mouth.

“Maybe I should spank you instead,” she muttered in frustration, only half joking.

She felt a massive pulse inside her, like a jolt of electricity. Her eyes flew open and found Joe staring at her, the way a man dying of thirst stares at a glass of water. She stopped mid-stroke and allowed a sly smile to curl slowly around her lips.

“Ah, there’s something new to try then. Looks like my next scene might need a naughty boy in it as a well as a naughty girl, eh?”

Joe blushed and she felt his cock swell once more. She ground down, circling her hips, mashing her clit against his pubic bone. She closed her eyes and began to work back and forth savouring the tingling heat of her body as her need grew urgent and powerful. Fucking him in earnest now, faster and harder, harder and faster. Building and building until suddenly her muscles tensed, she stopped breathing, stopped moving. Her orgasm flared through her body. She stayed still for a long moment, holding on, relishing the sensation until suddenly letting out a gasping breath. She collapsed like a rag doll, slowly rolling her hips to savour the aftershocks that made her shudder.

Caroline sat up slowly, meeting Joe’s dazed but delighted eyes

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