The Ladies’ Man


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The Ladies Man: A Novel of Erotic Worship by Imelda Stark
Femdom. David Randolph was brought up by his beautiful but troubled Mother to be a dream partner for all women: handsome, sensitive, programmed to put female pleasure ahead of his own. Crushed by her unexpected death when just ten years old, he misses the daily spankings. However, being a very good boy, he makes no complaints and does his best to please everyone, including the high school girls who find him so attractive, and even more so as he blossoms into full gorgeous manhood as an undergrad at Stanford.
While a long string of women fall for him, David’s own feelings remain friendly but guarded, leaving them disappointed. He soon realizes that he can forego sex and please women by becoming a massage therapist. Working at a local high-end day spa, he rapidly develops a devoted clientele. But when a gorgeous client becomes aroused and seduces him into giving her his first “happy ending’ massage, her boss, a beautiful imperious Frenchwoman, catches wind of this sin, and shows up demanding the same treatment.
David soon finds himself receiving a severe spanking after having greatly pleased Madame. Subsequently, he accepts a position as live-in masseur for her stable of supermodels and female staff. Includes: Female Domination, F/m, F/f, BDSM, femme worship, multiple partners, anal and oral eroticism and pain.

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