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The Lisa Series by Charles Arnold

Charles Arnold, author of The Sweet Wife 1 & 2, and The Penitent Series, now presents us with Lisa, Her Initiation & Lisa, Her Education in one massive volume.

Lisa, Her Initiation – Former detective, Frank, has been watching the sweet, innocent Lisa for months, scheming to take control of her. Plans in place, he shows Lisa and her husband, Billy, a tape that has damning evidence of her teenage son in a drug deal. In exchange for the tape, Frank proposes that Lisa submit to him completely for 30 days. She can only agree – finding herself flung into Frank’s raunchy world… exhibited in a rowdy bar, paired with men she abhors and begrudgingly placed into sex acts she despises but cannot resist. Husband Billy is made to hear about every detail, sometimes required to observe, but he’s powerless to help her.

Lisa, Her Education – The intimidated young wife has had her world turned asunder by a raunchy sexual initiation at the hands of the devious Frank. When she agrees to remain with Frank, her cuckolded husband, Billy, is shocked. Though he tries to wrench her from the surly man’s tight grasp, Lisa isn’t about to budge – especially when she’s finding a crude, but inescapable satisfaction in the vulgar acts Frank demands of her. Even when the sex gets ‘too dirty, too cruel, too gross’… Frank has his ways of winning Lisa’s submission, as he makes her put into words the things that excite her so much. Her debasement continues, and before long, Lisa realizes her essential nature as a submissive slut. As Lisa’s sexual education continues, she’s faced with every more obscene choices… choices that would end her marriage and send her off to foreigners whose only goal is to opress her.

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I started to rise. Silk motioned for me to stay seated and brought his fingers to his chapped lips as he pointed at the stranger. ?Ah, Billy, I?m glad you could come,? he said. ?I bet your wife here was happy to see you.? He laughed, showing his yellow broken teeth. ?That is, if she could see you. But she will, Billy boy, she will. All in good time. A little reunion: Lisa, her husband, and me, her new lover. Right, Lisa???Yes, that?s right honey.?Silk laughed again. ?You hear that, Billy? Calls me ?honey? all the time, and I only had to tell her once.? He brought the disgusting little man forward. ?This here?s Mr. Leavy, Billy. Frank found him and sent him with me as a kind of present for little Lisa.??No!? I began to protest.?Sit the fuck down, Billy!? Silk shouted. He lurched over to Lisa. I noticed he had on worn sneakers that were soaked from the rain. He wore no socks. His bony bare ankles were streaked with dirt. His trousers were also wet and dirty, the cuffs frayed. ?She ain?t your woman no more,? he sneered. ?The sooner you get that through your fuckin head the better.? Standing next to her he said, ?Now, let?s just ask my hot little woman what she would like to do for Mr. Leavy.??I?ll do whatever you say, honey.? I could see Lisa felt his presence. Instinctively, she drew back slightly.Silk put his hand on her knee. She flinched. ?Well, Lisa, suppose you tell Mr. Leavy what?s available, you know, tell him what you have to offer. Then, he can tell you what he?d like you to do. Speak up cause he don?t hear so good.??Mr. Leavy,? she began in the flat, rehearsed tone, ?you can undress me. When I?m naked you can touch me, feel me. I…I…like to be touched. If you wish to kiss me, you can. If you want me to kiss you, to…to…put my tongue in your mouth, I?ll do it.?The deformed little man limped forward to stand beside Silk. He unbuckled his pants and pushed them down over his short, muscular legs.?What else, Bitch?? Silk asked.She responded in the same monotone, ?I…I?ll suck your…your cock. Or you can fuck me, Mr. Leavy. I need to be fucked.? Leavy had stepped out of his pants. His thick cock was dark red, and hard, and surprisingly long. He pulled at it and grunted something.Silk squeezed Lisa?s knee. ?Leavy can?t talk good,? he said. ?But I think he wants to fuck you. Where?s your goddamn leash??Lisa grew tense, ?I…I?m sorry, honey.? The fear in her voice was obvious. ?I forgot.??Yeah, well, that?s gonna cost you.? Silk crossed the room and took from a hook on the wall a long leather leash, which he angrily snapped to a ring on Lisa?s collar. ?You?re nothin but a fuckin bitch in heat so let?s see you act like one.? He pulled on the leash. Lisa, still blindfolded, quickly got down on the floor and lowered her head as she raised her ass. She reached back and slid her skirt up. Silk nudged the man, ?Is that what you want, Mr. Leavy?? Leavy grunted.He moved behind Lisa, his cock level with her pussy. Silk smiled. ?I think Billy ought to tell Mr. Leavy to fuck you.??No,? I said.?Lisa,? Silk asked, ?are you my woman, my hot little whore???Yes…yes…that?s what I am. Please, Billy,? Lisa said, ?tell him.??Lisa, I can?t.??Please tell him, Billy,? she repeated.?Fuck her, Mr. Leavy,? I said.?Yeah!? Silk shouted, ?Fuck Billy boy?s wife! Fuck her good. That hot little cunt?s been waitin all day. Right Lisa???Yes, honey. My…my…cunt?s been waiting all day.?With one grimy hand, Leavy held the base of his cock as he shoved it in. Lisa gasped. He then grabbed Lisa?s ass and pulled her tight against him. He thrust quickly back and forth just as a dog might. Spittle flew from his mouth and he kept grunting. In less than a minute, he came.?Lick him clean,? Silk ordered.Still on her knees, Lisa turned around blindly reaching for Leavy?s cock. He straddled her face. She opened her mouth to take the last drops of his cum. Silk stood behind her and, while Levey?s cock was still in her mouth, Silk removed the blindfold. Lisa?s eyes widened and she jerked her head back and cried out in fear and loathing. She started to rise and push Leavy away. Silk quickly yanked on the leash pulling her forward on her hands and knees. Leavy?s cock was going limp. He stood there looking bewildered. Lisa began to cry.?Goddamn you!? Silk hissed. ?You ain?t learned nothin. Wait till Frank sees this.? He smacked her hard across the face. I stood up and grabbed his arm.Lisa twisted around to face me. ?Sit down, Billy,? she said. She quickly reached for Silk?s hand, the one he had struck her with. Trembling, she put it to her mouth kissed it, telling him how sorry she was and begging him to forgive her.I sat down. Silk grinned at me. He looked down at Lisa. ?You want to make things right???Yes, please. I want to make things right.??Tell Leavy you?re sorry. Get him over to the couch. Tease him, you know, get him hard again. And do it good, you understand.??Yes,? Lisa said looking up at Silk, tears forming in her eyes, ?yes, I?ll try.? She stood, unsteady on the spike heels. Taking Leavy by the hand she led him to the leather couch which was against the far wall. As the other spotlights dimmed out, one in the ceiling over the couch came on. Leavy sat while Lisa kneeled at his feet and removed his shoes and socks. He looked across at us and smiled. He had no teeth. All I saw were his purple gums.Silk nudged me, ?Beauty and the beast,? he whispered.Lisa knelt there for several minutes rubbing the little man?s ugly feet. She looked up, ?Your feet are cold,? she said. Leavy reached down and unbuttoned her blouse. Roughly, he pushed it off her shoulders and it dropped to the floor. I noticed how the clamps bit into the pale skin of her breasts so that her nipples stood out, dark and hard.Her small breasts were high and firm. The chain that connected the nipple clips drooped down between them. Levy took each swollen nipple between his thumb and forefinger and suddenly twisted them. Lisa screamed.?Goddamn, stop it!? I yelled. ?Leave her alone!?? I started to rise again, but Silk quickly moved in front of me. With one punch I could have smashed his face.?Billy,? he said evenly, ?if you don?t fuckin stay in that chair and keep your fuckin mouth shut, I?m gonna put your wife through stuff that will make this look like a church supper.? I remembered Dooley was downstairs in the deli. I sat down.Silk turned around and leaned toward Lisa, ?Tell him you want more,? he said.Lisa, still on her knees between Levy?s legs, arched her back and thrust her breasts up toward him. She placed her hands behind her neck. ?Please,? she said, ?more.? He twisted her nipples a second time. She sucked in her breath and made a small sound. She glanced at Silk, who nodded. She repeated, ?More.? She offered him her breasts again. Leavy viciously pinched and rolled her nipples between his fingers. Lisa shut her eyes and bit her lip but did not pull back.?You like it don?t you?? Silk asked. ?It makes you hot? A little pain makes you hot???Yes…it…it makes me hot.??Touch yourself,? Silk ordered. ?Is the cum dripping out of your cunt??Lisa put her hand between her legs. ?Yes, honey. I?m wet. I?m very wet.??Well, now that you got no blindfold on you can see what a handsome lover I brought you. You?re probably wanting to get him hard again so that this time you can watch him fuck you??She turned toward us, ?I…I…don?t….?Silk shook his head in disgust, ?Jesus, Billy, I think this wife of yours is the dumbest fuckin bitch I ever seen!? He pointed a finger at her, ?Do what the fuck you?re supposed to do!? he shouted.She inched forward to kneel between Leavy?s legs and reached up to unbutton his shirt. He shrugged it off. The hump on his back was grotesque. It rose like a bony ridge from between his shoulders. It was milk white, but on it were patches of dark crusted skin and several tufts of wiry black hairs. ?Tease him,? Silk said. ?He?s your latest lover, ain?t he?? Silk chuckled.Lisa bowed her head. ?Yes,? she said softly, ?he?s my latest lover.? She lifted his stubby legs up and swung them over so that he was lying stretched out on the couch. She propped a pillow behind his head. Then, she stood beside him and slowly pushed her skirt down and stepped out of it. She moved close to his massive head and spread her pussy and began to move her hips.Silk looked at me, ? The little bitch still don?t like to say the words.? He turned back to Lisa, ?Talk to him,? Silk directed.Lisa continued to move her hips. She leaned over slightly and held her breasts out to him. The silver clips reflected the light, and the chain swayed back and forth. The toothless bum grinned up at her. She closed her eyes again. ?My…my pussy…it?s wet…I?m excited. Please, I…I…want you. I want you to…to fuck me again.? Leavy grunted. She opened her eyes forcing herself to look at him. He lay motionless, waiting. Tentatively, she reached out and touched his cheek, ?I…I want…I want to feel you inside me.?Leavy grabbed her leash and pulled her down on top of him. She took his head between her hands and shutting her eyes again, pressed her lips against the black hole that was his mouth.?French him,? Silk commanded, ?tongue the dirty old bastard?s gums.? She parted her lips and did as Silk had ordered. After a moment, she lifted up and, pushing aside his long greasy hair, she licked his ear. She kissed his neck. I noticed her hesitate, then she placed her tiny hands on his ugly hump and caressed it. She worked her way down his body and soon was kneeling between his spread legs. There, she stroked his cock and teased its tip with her tongue. She leaned forward and softly kissed his stomach. He moaned with pleasure. As she slid her naked body along his, he put a hand on the chain and pulled it. Lisa winced and caught her breath. He pulled again. The clips bit into her swollen nipples. This time she cried out.Quickly she moved up to straddle him. Parting the lips of her pussy, she slowly lowered herself onto his cock. She began to rock back and forth. In the strong light they cast a distorted shadow on the wall. When she felt he was about to cum, she stopped and bent down to kiss him. He once more grabbed her nipples and twisted them until she screamed and drew back. He yanked on the leash drawing her face down to his. She parted her lips to accept his thick tongue. She positioned herself so that his cock rubbed against her clit. Rising up, and undulating her hips, she rode his cock furiously as she dug her fingers into his shoulders.Then, she was cumming, crying out, her eyes squeezed shut, her face contorted. Leavy grunted and pushed up as he came with her. She continued to grind herself into him, moving her ass backward and forward, pressing down, her head flung back, until she came a second time.


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