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The Penitent IV: Inner Circle by Charles Arnold

Kathy Ryan learns that the gross and ugly Simon Ruben has purchased six months of her contract from the mysterious Mr. Satomi. Just when Kathy thought she was free of the villains who have so cruelly used her, she must now serve a man she has every reason to despise. When her husband Jeff was still alive, Simon attempted to ruin his reputation with scandalous lies. Kathy and Jeff fought back and had the man banned from the country club for his lecherous and immoral behavior. But now the tables are turned and Simon wants revenge, as well as the luscious Mrs. Ryan.
The stunned Kathy is powerless to resist these new demands; she knows that Satomi still holds her sister-in-law Mary-Margaret, and the woman’s fate hinges on her compliance. She’s forced to tell damming lies about her husband, and humiliate herself in front of her country club friends by lavishing her affection on a man everyone detests. But what shocks Kathy even more is an absurd but powerful attraction to Simon that has her willingly submitting to his crude sexual demands.

That is…until Simon breaks Satomi’s rules for Kathy’s contract.

While Kathy thinks she’s now free from men like Simon, she finds herself inexplicably haunted by powerful dreams and a mystical melody that draws her back to the peculiar Dr. Gruber and his son Frederick. She willingly seeks him out, realizing only later that the Doctor has tricked her with hypnosis. He intends to make Kathy part of his Inner Circle, an organization of men who train women through coercion, bribes and other extreme measures to serve their canine pets. Is Kathy strong enough to thwart the powerful tools Gruber uses to enslave her to his dog Negra and the Inner Circle? Will her fierce resolve triumph? Or will her insatiable needs find her groveling at the feet of her masters, a slave to her own lust?

A novel for those who enjoy shocking scenes of female degradation and humiliation. Readers of Romantic erotica will want to pass on this one. Graphic scenes also include bondage, punishment, exhibitionism, orgasm denial, anal and oral sex and anilingus. Note: While no bestiality is depicted, the canine fantasy is a major part of the story, in the conversations and threats used to win Kathy’s submission.

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“Now, to other matters. In private you are to refer to me as Master Ruben. In public among others you will call me Simon and add endearments such as “dear,” “my love,” “darling,” and whatever terms of affection seem appropriate.” She nodded. “I expect, Mrs. Ryan,” he continued, “that you are now anxious to strip for me? You want to tease me with your lovely young body?”

She’d known she would be required to take off her clothes before this vicious old lecher but to actually do it, to expose herself to him made her blush with shame and seethe with anger. “Yes, Master Ruben, I would like to undress…would like to be…to be naked for you.” She stood up and began to unbutton her blouse. Her fingers trembled, and she could feel the color once more rise to her face.

Ruben fondled his cock. “Ah, Mrs. Ryan, do you know how often I’ve imagined this scene? How often I’ve thought about the beautiful but haughty Mrs. Ryan standing before me slowly removing her garments, gradually revealing to me her splendid body and then, naked, asking me to feel her.” Her cheeks burned. She shrugged off her blouse, then pushed down her skirt and stepped out of it. She stood before him bare except for the collar and heels. She lowered her head. “Come closer and ask,” Ruben ordered. “You may call me ‘Simon’ and add a term of affection.”

She moved up to stand between his legs. “Please, Master Ruben, I mean please…dear Simon touch me,” she said. He placed his large hands on her hips and felt along her body until he cupped her breasts and pinched her long nipples between this thumb and index fingers. Kathy gasped and looked away. Her nipples were swollen and hard.

He chuckled, “I knew back then, on the night you humiliated me, that you were not what you seemed. I knew that the aristocratic Mrs. Ryan wanted me to grab her precious tit, wanted me to whisper obscenities in her pretty pink ear, wanted to feel my cock through her thin gown. Am I right? Isn’t that what you really wanted?” He rolled her nipples between his fingers.

Kathy avoided looking at him by concentrating on a painting behind him. She had to say what she knew he wanted to hear, “Yes, what you say is true. That night I was excited when you asked me to dance. The memories of seeing you at the pool came flooding back. The things you said to me were exactly what I imagined you would say. I hoped you would touch my breast just as you are doing now. I wanted to feel you…to feel your cock against me.” For a terrible moment she wasn’t sure if she was telling him what she knew he wanted to hear or if her words held some truth.

Ruben twisted her nipples, “I knew then what you would become. What have you become, Mrs. Ryan?”

“I…I’ve become the possession of any man Mr. Satomi gives me to.”

“He’s given you to me.”

“Then I belong to you.”

“Tell me and show me you mean it.” He slid his hands down to her hips.

His thick fingers dug into her skin. Only last year she had slapped him in public for presuming to place his hand near her breast. Now, she stood, naked and submissive before this disgusting old man. His sweaty hands were hot. They kneaded and caressed her bare ass. His ugly face leered up at her. “Whose woman are you?” he asked.

“I belong to you…to Simon Ruben.” She took his hands and moved them along her sides until they once more cupped her breasts. He lifted his head toward her and licked his pendulous lips.

“I don’t need to order you, do I? It’s what you’ve been thinking about since you entered the room. It’s what you’ve always imagined, always wanted.” He licked his lips again. “Say it. Ask me.”

“You’re right, Simon, you needn’t order me.” She looked down at his thick lips that were wet with spittle. “It’s what I’ve wanted, what I’ve wanted since…since before my marriage.” She leaned forward. “Please let me kiss you.” Her parted lips touched his. His thick tongue slid into her mouth. She felt nauseous but at the same time a wave of heat flushed her cheeks and spread downward. The kiss lasted a long while. Kathy groaned inwardly. When he released her, she staggered back unsteady in the heels.

Ruben looked at her for several moments before speaking, “I think you’re easily aroused, Mrs. Ryan. Is that true? Are you easily aroused?”

She glanced at him, then looked away, “Yes…since my…my training I seem to…to…,” she didn’t finish.

He nodded, smiling, “I see you wear a metal cap over your clitoris. I’ve been told about it. I’ve also been informed that you are not to be fucked in the cunt, you are not to be permitted to cum. Is that true?”

“Yes,” Kathy bowed her head, “Mr. Satomi has given strict orders that…that…my pussy is not to be penetrated. The brushes have been taken out of the clitoral cap. Without them I’m unable to cum.”

“Good,” Ruben nodded, “if you’re not thinking about your own pleasure, you can concentrate on giving pleasure to others. Since your cunt is not available, how do you propose to be of service?”

Her head still bowed she answered quietly, “My mouth…I can serve with my mouth.” She paused. “And…and my anus, my anal opening.”

“You mean you want to suck cock and have your ass fucked?”

Kathy looked up, the anger flashing in her eyes, “No!” she said firmly, “No I don’t want to do either of those things. I…I…hate…” She caught herself and fell silent.

“I expect you didn’t look closely at the rat cage,” Ruben said evenly. “The top of the wire cage has openings that will accommodate your lovely breasts. Of course, the openings are out of reach of the rats. The cage is also equipped with wrist and leg restraints. Imagine yourself, Mrs. Ryan tied face down over the cage, your tits hanging through the openings just a few inches beyond the reach of the hungry rats.”

“Please, no!” Kathy cried.

“I’m not finished, Mrs. Ryan,” he leaned forward. “You should know that with a touch of a button, the floor of the cage can be raised. You will be staring down watching the squeaking red eyed rats come closer and closer to your tender nipples.” He sat back smiling, “Ah, that’s a sight I’d like to see.”

Kathy dropped to her knees and looking up at him begged, “Please, dear Master Ruben, forgive me. I want to suck…to suck your cock, to make love to it with my mouth. I…I…I’m very good. They taught me well at the Facility. My lips are soft and warm. My tongue is loving. Sucking…sucking a man’s cock excites me. I want to feel your great cock in my ass. They taught me, also, how to give a man intense pleasure when he fucks my ass. Please, Master Ruben, let me suck you now!” She inched closer to him and reached for his flaccid cock.


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