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Into The Dark Wilds by Lizbeth Dusseau

“In another lifetime I’ll return,” the bawdy blonde wrote at the close of her blasphemous journal. In that other time, Chloe Duchet pulls that banned volume from the archives of an antique shop and begins to read about Rowena, whose life as a submissive and prophetess changed the world for a hundred years. Choosing sexual submissiveness, Chloe follows in her mentor’s footsteps, seeking the same satisfaction in submission that Rowena knew. Lizbeth writes of taboos and forbidden lust, of sex subs and government sanctioned punishment, of a society that lives in its extremes, the dark and light designed never to meet. She details the pleasure and pain of these incomparable lives, and the remarkable connection the two women share in their rebellious choices.

In this novel, Lizbeth writes of taboos and forbidden lust, of government sanctioned punishment, and of a society that lives in its extremes. With strong themes, heavy-handed discipline, bondage, anal sex and female bisexuality. Those who like taking their fantasy to the edge will surely enjoy this provocative journey.

Review: On the one hand this is a lively, fast-paced adventure story; on the other, it is a thoughtful dissertation on the varieties and experiences of eroticism especially female eroticism. Dusseau, who has explored many genres in her writings, has outdone herself here, with a richly-textured look into the future. Lancelot Knight

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