The Persian Princess


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The Persian Princess: Obsession Series, Book Three by Paul Preston

Brittany Milani is 27, an Iranian-American CIA Operative. Hot and sexually uninhibited, Brittany has gone undercover, using her body to convict drug dealers and sex traffickers. When her shadowy CIA handler assigns her to work a covert sting operation, she doesn’t hesitate to accept the dangerous mission. She meets the major players at Obsessions, a Gentlemen’s Club catering to Dominants and their submissives. A Saudi Prince on the Terrorist Watch List, Khaled Al Khatani, has rented a private room in Obsessions.

Going undercover as Obsessions’ waitress, “Aisha”, Brittany serves drinks to the Prince. The attraction between them is instantaneous! When the Prince offers to become her guardian and protect her chastity, Brittany takes off with the Prince’s entourage, against her handler’s advice. However, when Khatani realizes that she’s no longer a virgin and worthy of marrying, he turns her into his captured slave, keeping her chained in his home as a sexual servant to the household. With each sexual encounter demanded of her, she falls deeper into her role of the Prince’s slave.

The CIA already considers her a lost asset. Will Brittany hang on long enough to prevent a catastrophic terrorist attack on American soil? And will her friend in the CIA be able to rescue her before she’s lost to the world of sexual slavery forever? Includes male domination, and numerous sexual scenes.

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