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The Private Life of Anne Boleyn by Fidelis Blue

Anne Boleyn is sent by her father to the French court to complete her education. She knows that the family fortunes depend on her making a successful marriage, and accordingly she sets out to learn how to use sex as a means of social advancement, while preserving her virginity until she is wed. Two older members of the court instruct her in such basic skills as fellatio, and anal sex. She also learns much from her maid, Camille, with whom she enjoys frequent bouts of lesbian sex.

When she moves to the court of Henry VIII in England, she embarks on a carefully managed campaign of seduction of the king, intending eventually to become his wife. Unfortunately, Henry is already married to Catherine, a Spanish princess, who has been unable to give him the male heir he craves. Anne is resolved to guard her virginity closely, intending to trade it for marriage to the king, once Catherine can be got rid of. She offers sexual favours to various courtiers and former mistresses of the king in exchange for knowledge of the king’s sexual preferences and, eventually, for an introduction. By feeding Henry with a succession of sexual pleasures, she works her way into his affections. By successively sucking the king’s cock, allowing him to fuck her ass, then pegging him in return and arranging a threesome, Anne soon has the king eating out of her hand, while taking many lovers for herself.

Anne’s adventures as Henry VIII’s wife will come to their inevitable end, meanwhile readers can enjoy this inventive new take on the story with a wide range of sexual delights including fellatio, anal sex, cunnilingus, rimming, pegging, whipping, gay and lesbian sex, threesomes, cum-swapping, cross dressing, CBT.

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Anne was excited. After all the talk, she was about to have a practical demonstration at last, of a thing which she knew to play a central role in sexual life, particularly the sexual life of those who are not married, or at least not to each other. It was true that she had already had some practical experience of pricks. The Comtesse had been eager to introduce her to some basic facts. She had explained to Anne what a prick looked like, and felt like. She explained the response of a prick to being handled, including the phenomenon of ejaculation, which up till then had been for Anne a mystery. She had heard of such a thing, but had little idea of what it was, why it occurred and how it might be induced.

“What you must always remember, Anne, is that for a man the discharge of his penis is the chief object of his life. The more frequently this can be achieved, and with the widest variety of company, the better he will be pleased.”

“It’s really that important?” Anne asked.

“Nothing more so,” said the Comtesse firmly. “And I think it about time you had some experience of what men set such value by.”

“Very well,” Anne said. “I shall be grateful if you can provide it.”

After a week, during which time Anne grew increasingly impatient, the Comtesse announced that she had found a suitable subject for the demonstration.

“It was essential that I did not select a man of quality,” she said, “for there might be a danger to your reputation if it were known that you were involved in such an act. In society secrets can never be kept for long.”

The Comtesse would no doubt have been put out to be told that it was women like herself, who spent much of their time in gossip, that endangered the reputation of young girls.

“And so I have procured a young man of the common people. I shall pay him for his participation and also for his silence.”

Anne was agog to know who the man was and when she would meet him. After several more days the Comtesse told Anne that the following afternoon they would go for a drive in the country. Anne pressed her for details, but for once the Comtesse said no more.

At 2pm. the next day the Comtesse arranged to meet Anne at the back of the palace. Standing in a courtyard was a coach and horses, and sitting up on top a single coachman. The Comtesse was already inside. Her arm appeared through the window of the coach, beckoning Anne. Once she was seated and the door closed, they set off.

“Where are we going?” Anne asked.

“Wait and see,” replied the Comtesse.

“And who is the gentleman we are going to meet?”

The Comtesse smiled but said nothing. The road entered a wood. After about ten minutes, the coach turned off down a track which eventually petered out. The coachdriver pulled up. The Comtesse got out, taking Anne with her.

“Where is the gentleman?” Anne asked, mystified.

“Come down, Jean,” said the Comtesse.

The coachdriver got down. He was a young fellow, well put together, with an intelligent face. He looked at Anne with an interest she thought verging on the impertinent.

“So, Anne,” said the Comtesse. “You have never seen a penis up close. But now that is to be rectified. Jean, as I have already ascertained, has an excellent one, and he has volunteered to show it to you. Jean, lower your breeches.”

Boldly, with not a sign of shame, the coachman pulled down his breeches, revealing his prick. Not being quite sure what to expect, Anne regarded it with great interest. It was not quite as large as she expected, but as she watched it the thing appeared to grow in size. It also became stiff, sticking out at ninety degrees.

The Comtesse put out her hand and grasped it, holding it firmly. “We shall not attempt any refinements this afternoon,” she said. “There will be no use of the mouth, nor rubbing the prick against other parts of your anatomy, no smacking nor pinching or other forms of rough play. All these things have their place, but that is for another time. So, watch.”

The Comtesse held the prick with her fingers wrapped round it, then pulled them back. A flap of skin at the front of the prick slid back, revealing a head that was, in contrast to the whiteness of the shaft, a dark pink. Anne observed that there was a hole at the end. She remembered having heard that a man pissed from his prick, as well as using it for sex. Doubtless that hole was where the stream emerged.

“Hold it,” the Comtesse said to Anne. Nervously she put out her hand and the Comtesse placed the prick in it. She found the thing pleasantly warm to hold, and also an interesting combination of hardness and smooth softness. Gingerly she began to rub it. Jean moaned softy.

“Could she not apply her lips to it for a little while?” he said.

“No,” said the Comtesse. “That was not what was agreed.”

Anne continued to rub it while examining it closely. She noted the thick veins just beneath the skin. At the base was a little circle of hair, and also what she knew were his balls, enclosed in a bag of wrinkled skin. She left off holding his prick for a moment to touch them, gathering his balls in the palm of her hand and gently squeezing. Jean gasped; was it with pleasure? Anne began to stroke the shaft again.

“What shall I do now, Comtesse?” she asked.

“Keep rubbing and watch what happens,” was the reply.

The prick was now of a considerable size. From close examination of herself, Anne had a sense of the dimensions of her cunny, having pushed a finger or two inside it. It did not seem to her that this thing, this penis, would fit. Surely it was too big, both too long and too thick. And yet was that not what was supposed to happen when a man fucked you?

Suddenly, without warning, the penis jerked in her hand. Jean made a groan and several ribbons of thick, creamy liquid shot from the end, falling onto the ground.

“You see?” exclaimed the Comtesse. “You made him cum. Well done!”

The Comtesse put her finger to the penis and scooped up some drops of the white stuff that was running down the shaft. She held her finger up to Anne’s nose. Anne made a face.

“Sniff and then taste,” the Comtesse ordered.

The odour was not particularly pleasant, Anne thought; both acrid and earthy. Tentatively she stuck out her tongue and tasted. The flavour was not strong; she wasn’t sure she could ever acquire a taste for it. But then, she saw no reason why the thing should spurt forth anywhere close to her face.

“Thank you, Jean. You may put it away now.”

Anne saw that the penis had quickly began to shrivel. So that was it? The whole event had lasted only a couple of minutes. This was the chief object of a man’s life, to perform this brief act?

“I see from your face you are a little disappointed, my dear. But you must understand that I have shown you only the mere basics of the act. The refinements one may engage in are limitless, as you will eventually find out.”

“I hope so, Comtesse,” said Anne. “When will you show me some?”

“Do not be impatient, child. All in good time.”

Jean drove them back to the stables. Despite the perfunctory nature of what had happened, Anne was aroused. Her first proper sight of a prick had left her wanting more. When they got back to the stables Anne and the Comtesse dismounted from the coach and the Comtesse hurried away, muttering about an appointment with her doctor. Anne watched Jean unhitch the horse and take off its harness, then back it into its stall. On an impulse she entered the stables and approached Jean. He turned to look at her.

“You have a nice prick,” she said. “I should like to see it again.”


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