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The Saga of a Naughty Lady by Lizbeth Dusseau

Jolie, an accused young wife, faces public humiliation and punishment at the whipping post for the crime of adultery. To work off her remaining sentence, she’s given to the ruthless Sir Roger as an indentured servant, only to discover the many horrors she must endure at the hands of this savage master.
Divorced by her husband, sold for profit by her masters, she is finally kidnapped by a dark-skinned pirate. Though he says he wants her for his lover, he seems only interested in her complete submission. To encourage her surrender, she is stripped and flogged while tied to a ship’s mast, then locked in a tower for the ultimate in sexual punishment.
A novel for both the BDSM and Spanking Fiction reader, the narrative includes many spankings and punishment scenes, as well as discipline, public floggings, anal, enemas and lots of sensuous sex. Though Jolie’s spirit and her desire for freedom do not die, she learns the secrets of surviving her wicked life as she gives in to the extraordinary pleasure her body craves and learns to enjoy.

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Revised Edition 2013

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