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The Last Pony Girl by Chris Bellows

When Sir Reginald, England’s wealthiest bachelor marries, the sole heir to the Winthrop fortune knows his money and privilege can no longer protect him from a voracious press, who would be quick to condemn the family ‘fetish.’ Thus, he cleanses the Winthrop estate of all traces of their unique obsession, with the exception of one nostalgic plaything – ‘The Last Pony Girl.’ As a teenager, Sir Reggie learned the delights of being an equestrian, except his favorite beast had two legs, not four! He learned that human flesh is uniquely receptive to the whip, and holding reins secured to the naked female form gives one indescribable power. Now, he cannot bear to part with the pony whose buttocks he first cropped. The massive girl, well-muscled by way of Aunt Grace’s program of exercise and hormone therapy to enhance her sexual ‘equipment’, is still tucked away in his stables when Sir Reggie returns from his honeymoon. And he is determined to be both a good husband and enjoy his favorite pony. But how? He decides to introduce his bride, the prim Lady Laura, to the delights of the pony world, hoping she’ll develop a fondness for the Winthrop fetish.
Whips, canes and crops chastise naked, well bound women of servitude in this delightful tale of a man torn between love for his spouse and love of his favorite sport. In training young girls to become obedient ponies, readers should be aware that pony girl owners do not abide by the constraints imposed by the Humane Society. Various vaginal and anal insertions, piercings and other unique body modifications are required – as Sir Reggie uses his ponygirl for more than just cart rides. This alternative reality created by a master of erotic prose delves deep into the psychology of Dominance and submission, humiliation, sadism and the sexual gratification derived from this eccentric erotic pastime.

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