The Second Option: Cruel Goddess or Constant Slave – ebook



Bonus Story: Horse-Men
Jan is a thirty year old man who harbors a fascination for rubber, bondage, suspension, chastity and a number of other fetishes associated with alternative lifestyles. He becomes financially independent working in the IT industry, and purchases a home on two hundred remote acres where he can pursue his passions without interference from the outside world. The only sticking point”the continuing lack of a competent lady who’d be totally dedicated to his needs. As a possible substitute for a real female, he purchases a device called “Confidante'”a high-tech handheld featuring all the most recent technological advancements. In addition to the usual computing and telephone functions, the device includes speech recognition, retinal scans, learning capabilities that would boggle the mind. He programs the device to handle numerous domestic chores, and utilizes a headset to maintain a constant link with “Connie’. Later, he opts to have “her’ implanted in his lower abdomen so their connection will be seamless and he’ll never need worry about a power source.
Using a sub-vocalization capability, Jan and “Connie’ communicate without speech, and when his mind drifts into the kinky world of his sexual fantasies, she is inside his thoughts, asking questions. When Jan realizes that he can program Connie to become his Dream Domme, he enthusiastically charges down a path of submission unaware of the alarming complications that await him, as Connie takes control. Jan’s soon to wonder if this hasn’t be a big mistake. A chilling tale about the union of man and machine with all its terrifying possibilities. Classic JG-Leathers high-tech and rubber festish.
Bonus Story: Horse-Men. They’d written their fantasies and acted them out with their ladies; but now the tables have been turned. For a joke and at the urging of their wives, they put on the male versions of the Harnesses, only to find themselves transported to a real Discipline Establishment.

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