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A Journey to Disgrace By Kurt Steiner

“I was a wealthy man with a broken marriage behind me and an intention to never place myself in such a vulnerable emotional and financial position with a woman again.”
And yet, so he does. Ready to remake his life, the unsuspecting Englishman Denton Burnside, falls under the influence of the widow, Mrs. Choudhary and her adopted daughter, Padma, while on a cruise to the East. The hypnotic influence the two Indian females will employ to make of him a servant in their own land is beyond what he could ever have envisioned. Far more than a servant, he becomes their sexual toy, with his cock utterly enslaved by their cruelly vicious control. The year is 1899, with Burnside traveling aboard the SS Horatio on the English Channel. This shocking tale of Female Domination and forced male submission is told in the style of mystery writer Sir Author Conan Doyle, a style that adds to the graphic horror he faces and must endure. Includes punishment, training, humiliation, exhibitionism, bondage, slapping CBT and a good deal more!

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