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The Suitcase by Chris Bellows

Rising mid-level sales executive, Ryan Thomson, seeks the company of ravishing colleague Becky O’Brien, although she’s standoffish. When Ryan finally entices her into having a drink, he begins to learn more of her quirky upbringing and lifestyle. Then comes their first date. The lovely Becky urges Ryan to more fully participate in her penchants if there is to be a second date, as she coerces him into purchasing a suitcase filled with kinky sex toys.
But then there’s more! Ryan learns that the female owned organization for whom he and Becky labor has a strong culture. It’s owned by women, run by women”with female managers that thrive on male subjugation. Ryan finds that utilizing the contents of the suitcase is just a beginning step. After being filmed and photographed delving into such, he is forced to join in the subjugation. But is he?
Exhibitionism, objectification, chastity, corporal correction, behavior modification, bondage, unending humiliation, and ” homophobic male readers be forewarned ” extensive forced male on male coupling. Author Chris Bellows entwines many paraphilias in this story of female dominance.

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