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Tales From The Estate – ebook


Tales From The Estate by Chris Bellows

Females rein supreme at the secluded farm of the wealthy widow known in the D/s world as ‘Mistress’. Chris Bellows describes the characters and events of life at a large farm known simply as ‘The Estate’ after its conversion to a haven for Female Dominance. There, males who have been altered in appearance for the amusement of Mistress serve as means of conveyance. When not performing, the males receive the best of exercise, training and medical care. But when in harness, these beasts of burden are worked under bit, bridle and riding crop. Mistress demands expedient deportment and performance when pulling her pony cart. To ensure such expedience, she has installed a program of forced chastity, restraint, and weekly psychological counseling that insures complete obedience and devotion to the Dominant female in general and Mistress in particular. Can the long-term duress experienced thorough chastity and denial transform the lives of subservient males to ones of unquestioning devotion and an insatiable desire to please? It has at The Estate.
Includes caning, whipping, stringent discipline, CBT, medical procedures and a detailed course in all the fine points of male restrainment as human ponies.

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