Three Spanking Novellas – ebook


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Three Spanking Novellas by Lizbeth Dusseau

JOANNA’S ESCAPADES – Caught drunk at a party in her Boss’s home, Joanna pays for her mistake over her boss’s lap—before an audience no less. The two begin a wild sparring relationship that’s filled with spanking and hot sex. When a major catastrophe at work threatens everything, she’s given a royal dressing down and one week to clean up her department. But even Joanna’s 11th hour solution can’t avert the most humiliating not-so-private punishment. MIRANDA’S LESSONS – Mario finds that punishing the bottoms of his headstrong dancers keeps them on their toes. But Miranda poses a special challenge because he’s falling in love with her when the exacting spankings turn erotic! Mixed feeling, a passionate longing and a bratty streak keep this relationship on the rocks and Miranda’s bottom burning hot! TO PASSIONATE ENDS – Holly Pritchart lands on her guardian’s doorstep, an ill-mannered young ruffian. It’s Trevor’s job to turn the brat into a lady… a task he can’t accomplish without the help of a hefty razor strap and an old woodshed. When Holly’s unlawful behavior soon lands her in jail, she’s sentenced to be paddled by a handsome young peace officer. Later, Officer Jessup becomes her boyfriend and she has another man to keep her in line. Even at the strict Girl’s College where Trevor sends her, she’s made to behave or face swats with the school’s dreadful punishment paddle. Holly can only hope that her trials will lead to the passionate end she dreams of. A spanker’s delight of hot bottomed fun. OTK, paddles canes and a whole lot more!

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