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Fantasy Lover by Tina Gray

Erotic Romance. A highly successful cam girl Chelsea, screen name Charli, will be co-hosting the annual convention in Vegas. She’s a busy professional, but she’s still a single lady, dreaming of fantasy lovers she fears she’ll never meet. Her eye is on the handsome Harry, but he has his eyes a co-worker—until the two meet in Vegas and the sparks begin to fly.

The couple will soon be joined by other cam girls and eventually establish Cam Central at Harry’s place in Dallas, where they’ll have the technology for video recording and plenty of girls to film. However, when Harry brings his ex-fiancée home with him after a business trip, Chelsea takes off for home in Atlanta and cuts off all communication with Harry. The other girls in Cam Central want her back since. She’s their mentor and leader, and the business just isn’t the same without her. Can Harry realize the mistake he’s made before it’s too late? Chelsea’s the love of his life and he wants her back.

Includes romance, threesome, lesbian and group sex, cam girls, exhibitionism, sexy internet videotaping, reconciliation and fantasy.

We are saddened to learn that Tina Gray, author of the popular Catherine Series, has passed away. Fantasy Lover is her final novel. We will miss her contributions to the lighter side of Erotic writing.

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“Yes, I’m Charli,” was all I could think of to say to him.

“I hope I didn’t surprise you,” he said as I collected myself.

“You shouldn’t sneak up on people like that,” I jokingly admonished him. “I see you escaped Cat’s clutches.”

“Yes, for a while there I wasn’t sure I would get away.”

“She can be a lot of fun once you get to know her,” I observed.

“I can just imagine. Oh, I am sorry. I haven’t introduced myself. I am Harry.”

“I am so glad to meet you, Harry. Are you a Vegas native?”

“No, just here for a convention.”

“This one?”

He laughed, “No, mine is next door and when I saw all you beautiful girls coming in here, I skipped out of there to come see what you guys were up to.”

“I’m very glad you did.”

“I am too. Are you all models?”

“You might say that. We are all online performers, more specifically, cam girls. Have you seen us before?”

“No, I must admit that I only spend limited time online. I love your dress, Charli.”

I did a pirouette for him and gave him all the angles. “Thank you, Harry. I am hosting this year and the sponsors got it for me. It even fits!”

“And very well, I must say. It highlights your curves.”

“You’re sweet. I’m glad you like it.” I gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“You keep that up and I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask you out to dinner.”

That was all I needed. I gave him another kiss on his other cheek. “If you keep smiling that wonderful smile of yours, I’ll go with you.”

“Do you have plans tonight?”

“No. We have parties all the time and they get lively after dinner. Would you like to escort me to a few of them?”

“Charli, I would be delighted.”

“Harry, are you married?”

“No, I never took the plunge.”

“Are you gay?” He laughed out loud.

“No, Charli. I like girls. Can’t you tell?”

“You gave Cat a kiss. May I have one too?”

“Cat kissed me when I wasn’t looking.”

He had a sense of humor. I loved it.

“Come with me for a minute.” I led him back behind the curtain we used when we wanted to be discreet. “Are you looking now?”

“My eyes are wide open.”

I put my arms around his neck and pulled myself up to him since he was several inches taller than me. Our eyes locked on each other and I kissed him as an invitation. If he kissed me back, I knew we would be in for quite a ride together. He kissed me back passionately answering my question, and we stayed in our lip lock through several changes in head position and getting our bodies very close together. Despite his height, we fit together perfectly. I had to stop and catch my breath. He kept smiling at me. I took several deep breaths but didn’t let him go. I kissed him again and our tongues intertwined. If he was as good a lover as he was a kisser, I might not let him get out of bed for the entire week except when I took him to see me on stage, hosting the awards ceremony.

He pushed his hips forward and pressed against me. My eyes sprung open, and I pulled away from him, surprised at what I felt. He had a tremendous bulge in his pants and I almost fainted when he rubbed it against me.

I couldn’t think of anything to say so I just asked him, “My room or yours?”


“Take me there.”

“That’s exactly what I intend to do, Miss Charli Rose.”

He took me by the elbow as I picked up my purse and led me out of the room and over to the bank of elevators. He knew what he was doing. I was not so sure about me. He embraced me in the elevator as we rode up and gave me another sensuous kiss. I realized I would go with this man anywhere. The elevator stopped at one of the highest floors and he led me down the hall. His room, which turned out to be a suite, would be a wonderful place to start our journey together, assuming there would be one. He offered me a glass of champagne which I accepted and went into the restroom. He offered it to me first, but I didn’t need to go. I lay back on the king size bed fully clothed hoping he would undress me himself. He didn’t disappoint.

He had slipped off his jacket and removed his tie, unbuttoning the two top buttons on his shirt. I could see he was in great shape. He then turned his attention to me. With his awesome smile still shining, he removed my heels and turned me over playfully to unzip my dress. I wasn’t wearing anything under it. On my back again, he took it down gently and I raised my legs, so he could slip it all the way off. I shaved because I felt more comfortable that way and my breasts rose up from my chest. He liked me, I could tell. I felt no embarrassment being in my natural state under his gaze. Quite the opposite. This man appreciated the female body, and he loved mine. He kissed me as I put my arms around his neck again and he touched me all over, especially my breasts. As always, they were soft but firm and very sensitive. He licked my nipples and nibbled them gently. I responded to him at once. He stood up beside the bed and unbuttoned his shirt. It went on the chair beside the bed. He then loosened his belt, unzipped his pants, and pushed them to the floor. I finally saw what caused his immense bulge along with sharply chiseled muscles that tightened with his every move. He had a great body, no flab at all.

He moved over closer to me and I took his erection in my hand as I gazed into his eyes. Without hesitation, I slipped it into my mouth and gently sucked and licked his magnificent member. I wanted it deep inside me, pounding me vigorously and I lay back down on the bed and tugged on him letting him know what I wanted. I was already making a mess on the bed and he knew I was ready.

“Give it to me, Harry. I want to feel you deep inside me.” I knew I had lost my mind over this man. I had never done anything like this before, but I didn’t care. I was his, and he was mine and the rest of the world could just go to hell.

My new, and at that time, my only lover knew exactly what to do. With confidence and unusual self-assurance, he took his position over my widespread legs and rested on his elbows as he lowered his hips to mine. He slid his cock between my thighs and moved up and down, stimulating my clitoris without entering me. I closed my eyes and gave in to him and whatever he wanted. He placed the tip against my pussy lips and moved it up and down. With no warning, he buried himself deep inside me causing me to gasp and take a deep breath. He didn’t hurt me, but his size took me by surprise. I clenched him as tightly as I could, and we set up a mutual rhythm that suited us both. His motion took him deeply into me and he then pulled out some and repeated it. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled his hips into me as far as he could go. I declare, he tickled my throat he was in so deep.

I knew I couldn’t take much more and just let myself go. He brought me to my first climax with an especially deep and powerful thrust and I drenched him in my pussy juices as I overflowed. His own orgasm built, and he erupted inside me, adding to the wonderful mess we had created. I had no idea where I was and didn’t care how I got there. My wonderful lover made me forget everything but the fantastic feelings he was causing to run through my entire body.


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