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To The Manor Bound by Julian Winslow

The electric thrill that coursed through her shook her to the core; body quickening in involuntary spasm.   The first contact was the touch of wet, tickling lips that kissed her bottom, nibbling, grazing all over her naked behind, before kissing and licking those rounded curves with broad strokes of a flattened tongue.  The dreamy girl couldn’t help whimpering through tightly-pressed lips; wiggling her hips in the grip of excitement. The man was making love to her ass! 

The English Manor House has long been a world apart where landed gentry freely indulge in their passions, not only for outdoor sports, but the indoor variety as well. Lascivious activities are enthusiastically, pursued by lusty men and sensual women behind large and imposing stone walls, hidden from prying eyes. In that bygone era – the 1920s, relations between men and women were not as progressive as they are today.  Hopefully, modern readers won’t be too terribly offended by the less-than-sensitive treatment young Philippa Gresham-Cantwell is made to endure at the hands of her randy in-laws. MF/f. BDSM, discipline, punishment, humiliation, spanking, whipping, rod, whip and gag, straight and lesbian sex.

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