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Total Chastity Toy – ebook


Total Chastity Toy by JG Leathers

“This is the story of a man’s deep fascination with medical body and limb braces and these used in combination with other frightening medical devices, but his fetish interests don’t stop there! Charley is also deeply interested in the wearing of formidable corsets, tight long-line bra’s, shoulder braces, heavily elasticised stockings, and of course, high boots.

While at home, Charley thoroughly enjoys his overwhelming desire to experience life dressed in all of his fetish clothing and to use his now custom-made medical restraints and corsets, then eventually, after he and his wife have made their fortunes, they decide to move far into the wilderness so that he will be able to pursue his interests in full measure. His wife has never had any issues with Charley’s interests, but when he reveals the full extent of his desires, she presents him with an exceedingly strict contract that he must agree to or their marriage will end immediately. Given this stark choice, he accepts and signs the “Agreement’, then Charley’s life becomes governed by severe rules and within months his existence has completely changed.

His dreams of feminization are quickly realized and his name is changed to ‘Charli’ as his feminine identity, but that isn’t the end ” only the beginning. As well as his dreams coming true so too are many of his wife’s! She becomes the cruellest of Mistresses he could have imagined and that has encouraged that until-now-concealed part of her personality. To Charli’s increasing horror, “she’ finds that what used to be her life, has spun violently out of her control, and there’s no going back.

Charli is soon multiply and permanently pierced then is subjected to irreversible body modifications, all the while kept constantly leashed and in strict bondage. Charli’s feelings and desires no longer matter and to her, formerly his, growing terror, the Mistress now constantly disciplines her/him with unbearable sensations until eventually, ‘Charli’ is entombed in a stainless steel statue that cannot be opened.

However, that isn’t the end! Charli is returned to the outer world and further adventures at home and abroad.”

Includes: corsets, limb braces, piercings, feminization, body modifications, bondage, leashes and everything else you expect from JG-Leathers!

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My enclosure is made of a two mm thick, stainless steel, moulded from a cast made of my head, limbs and body.

It is called an Immobilization, Discipline and Training Encasement and is impossible to cut off, even if my Owner wishes to free me. Of course, I am powerless to do anything myself to regain my freedom, although at first, I had no desire to be removed from my encasement, but it is the final step of a journey that began with my earliest memories. As long as I can recall, I was totally fascinated by anything that enclosed, or limited and controlled the human body, particularly my own.

I’d always dreamt of what it would feel like to wear a suit of armour, a space suit or a diving suit, and as well, I wondered what the sensations of limitation would be if I was required to wear leg, neck, and back braces. I suppose this too is part of the reason that corsets, girdles, and bras fascinated me, for they were all tight and restricting in some manner or another. As a child I had foolishly but fervently wished I would get Polio and would then have to be put in an Iron Lung, and as a necessity after the fact always have to use leg braces. At the age of nine part of my dream came true when I contracted Spinal Meningitis and at first they didn’t know if I had it or Polio when I heard the doctors discussing it with my parents. I just knew that I had Polio and every time I heard someone coming down the hall, I prayed they were bringing my Iron Lung. No one knew the real reason for the tears I shed when they announced I had Meningitis.

Later in my years of puberty, I used to sneak into my mother’s underwear drawers and put on her corsets, girdles and bras as a way of experimenting with the sensations they evoked and I was the only teenaged boy on the block who did a lot of babysitting, because then I got other chances to try on the underwear of most of the mothers in our neighbourhood. At the time I was growing up, firm and heavily-boned foundation garments were still very common and I loved the feeling of them holding and squeezing my body. I actually made leg braces from my Erector Set and curtain rods and devoured any pictures I could find of braces, armour, diving suits or pilot’s pressure suits. The Sears catalogue became my favourite reading material, thanks to the incredible array of foundation garments shown in it.

Of course, this meant that I had strong transvestite inclinations, although I didn’t have any idea what to call them, but I loved to dress in the restrictive underwear that women accepted as a normal part of their everyday lives, and that too meant that I could not help but imagine myself as a woman who ‘had’ to wear these garments whenever she dressed. The sight of even false breasts on my chest sent shivers up and down my body and I could only dream of the sensations that a woman felt when she moved, feeling her breasts also move as a part of her. I secretly and desperately wanted to have breasts and to feel a tight bra hold and confine me, but the idea of actually becoming a woman was an impossible dream back in the 50’s. That didn’t stop me from wishing though. My ultimate dream was to be a female Polio victim and be kept in an Iron Lung at night, while during the day, I’d have to wear leg and body braces. At the time, I’d never heard the word transvestite and thought I was the only person in the world who’d ever thought such things.

I also found myself fascinated by another sensation I didn’t have a name for. I liked to have my genitals trapped and inaccessible, usually under a tight panty girdle, and so over the years, bought several and would wear two or three at a time to get the tightness and security I desired. To enhance this sensation of entrapment and inaccessibility, I bought a small protective athletic cup and wore it under the layered girdles, effectively denying any touching. There wasn’t room for an erection once all the garments were fitted and I was encased, and the feeling was very exciting, even though I was not locked in. Any sort of access for bathroom needs was time consuming and required privacy.

At about 16, I got up the nerve to go into a shop that sold corsets and told them that my mother had insisted I pick one up for her, as she was unable to get out. You can imagine my nervousness, but I’d done my homework and had a note, supposedly from her, giving the style and size ’she’ wanted. I purchased a heavily-boned, front-lacing garment, then once I got it home, found that it fitted me well and so wore it over the panty girdles and underlying cup, adding tautly-gartered stockings as well. I loved the tightness and rigidity of the corset and the way it made my genitals even less accessible, but I wasn’t able to wear it as often as I desired. It was wonderful when I could, as my male parts were completely invisible under it and even though I was not locked into a chastity belt, it was a start. One day, I found references to these arcane devices, but they were always for females and, apparently, a medieval garment that no longer existed, if they ever had. The idea of a male chastity device was, initially, something I never found any mention of, but I’m sure that most readers of this story share the joy I knew when I eventually found ALTAIRBOY’s site in late 1996, then discovered that there really were male chastity devices. I’m getting ahead of myself here and a little later I’ll get back to the role this site played in the ultimate realization of my dream.

Over the next couple of years, I indulged myself as much as possible, and without getting caught, although my mother certainly noticed that things in her drawers were mussed several times and questioned me, suspecting I’m sure that I had been into her things. When I went away to college, dorm life made any use of corsets or female under garments impossible and what with my younger sister moving into my old bedroom at home, I had no place to store the things I’d collected, so, everything went into the trash. During my freshman year, I fractured two vertebrae in a fall while rock climbing and the doctors prescribed a rigid back brace, then to my joy, an orthopaedic corset. It was a long-held dream come true and the garments felt as wonderful as I had imagined they would. I was never without a brace and corset of some type, ever again.

I completed college with a degree in structural engineering and married Mariana, a girl I’d met while studying, for we were both engineers. We soon had good jobs and were on the way to what most consider the good life, having decided that we enjoyed the things an excellent, combined income could buy, and so children were not a part of our future. We were both very conscious of our respective figures and I retained a slender body, while others around me slowly grew thicker and heavier.

We had a great deal of success early on and I collected quite a number of different braces and corsets, using the excuse of looking for one that would be more comfortable than what I currently wore. Actually, they were all uncomfortable, but the thrill never went away when I put a new brace on, or went back to one I hadn’t worn for a while. I didn’t wear them all of the time, but my back was always “acting up again” and I would wear a brace or corset until I got tired of the tightness and chaffing, and so would put them away until the urge hit again. I also acquired a single leg brace, then a pair of matching, bilateral, long leg braces known as KAFO’s. These I wore in secret at first, revelling in the feeling of them gripping my legs and limiting my mobility, and up to that point at least, the sight of my torso and legs encased in braces was the ultimate turn-on.

As mentioned previously Marianna and I achieved financial independence very early in life and so played around with bondage quite a lot. Too, I very often dressed in a corset, even for our love making, and it seemed to be alright with her, but it wasn’t nearly the turn-on that it was for me. I had by this point obtained many women’s corsets, using the excuse that they were more comfortable than the ones made for men, and of course, I had to wear stockings to keep them from riding up. I found some all-in-one corsets and tried water balloons to fill out the cups, telling my wife that the shift in balance from the weight of the balloons seemed to help my back and she, knowing my true motives, went along with the fiction. My next logical step was to obtain a pair of silicone breast forms and these I wore as often as possible with one of my all-in-ones, or with a long-line bra and corset combination. I not only wanted my body confined and restricted, but also wanted it to be reshaped into a decidedly female form while that way, and again, it was a long-suppressed dream, but I wanted to look at myself and see a woman; something I hadn’t admitted to myself yet.

Sometime around the age of 28, Marianna and I discussed my feminine inclinations and the fact that I was definitely the submissive, but sadly, at that point, she didn’t seem to be interested in being the dominant part of our marriage. That being said, she had never been one to do anything in half measures and soon I was sure that was the problem: she would have to be totally the Domme, or not at all. I finally got up the courage to tell her that I would be willing for that to happen and the response amazed me. She said that of course she knew, and that was fine with her. She loved who I was inside and my feminine part was one that she had always loved. Shortly thereafter we joined a cross-dresser’s club for heterosexual couples and became very active in the organization. We met once a month, and other times many of the couples also went out together, fully-dressed, on most weekend evenings. My passion soon reached the point that I only wore men’s clothing to work, but even then, I was always in a corset with stockings underneath, or a back brace.

At home, I also began wearing my leg braces all the time and had a new set custom-made so that they fit properly. By this point, I had gotten out of the aero-space industry and was teaching at a private college where everyone knew about my supposed bad back, so I took the next step, saying that it was beginning to affect my legs. Soon, I began wearing my leg braces and using crutches, then a wheelchair followed pretty quickly and so I had almost everything I wanted. I now dressed completely as a woman when at home and for most of our social life, which by now had come to involve our cross-dressing group almost exclusively. By this point, I owned only a single pair of men’s under shorts for visits to the doctor, while the rest of the time I always wore panties and girdles, or corsets of some kind.

I’d never lost the desire to have my genitals confined and so always wore at least one pair of firm control briefs under everything else, complete with a rigid cup that contained my genitals. Marianna had agreed to take control of that portion of my anatomy, and to enhance her control, I added a web of leather belts to most of my corsets and back braces. These were secured with small padlocks, with her being the holder of the keys and so this meant, of course, that the briefs and cup underneath were effectively locked on until she decided to release me. The next step came when I started using in-dwelling Foley catheters, and so could remain sexually confined all day and night, being released only for one hour in the morning for bathing and toilet needs. Marianna would also release me, very occasionally, for sex, but as time passed, more often than not, that involved me pleasuring her while I remained fully locked up. It was a strange development, but I found that I derived tremendous satisfaction from this type of activity and it grew until I was achieving a form of orgasm I had never dreamed was possible, one without ejaculation or even an erection! The sensations were much more mental and emotional than physical and it was the most fantastic thing I had ever felt to that point.

Everything changed when I turned 32, when I had a heart attack and suffered total cardiac arrest eight times. The doctors didn’t think I’d survive, but I did, and surprisingly, was left with only minor heart damage, but continued to have arrhythmia problems. The doctors tried all the medications, but eventually had to implant an Automatic Implanted Cardiac Defibrillator (AICD) to ensure that my heart would continue its normal rhythm. It worked and still works well, but the doctors strongly recommended that I not return to work.

Marianna and I discussed this advice and the situation in general and decided that not only would I retire, but she would also, then we’d sell our home and move to the house on the 200 acres we’d purchased in the mountains, a couple of hundred miles north east of Los Angeles. We had enough saved and invested that neither of us would ever have to work again and we could begin working on what would make us truly happy, so we put our home on the market and soon were in escrow, preparing to move.

During my convalescence, I spent a lot of time surfing the internet and that was when I found ALTAIRBOY’s site. The steel chastity belts then available were a considerable revelation for me and one in particular became a ‘must have’… a Latowski. It was an incredible piece of German engineering excellence and would completely enclose me and be utterly inescapable. Of course, I showed Marianna the web site and pictures of it and she spent a lot of time studying them, then said that it certainly was a formidable control and security device and the implications of allowing it to be locked on one’s self were even more interesting. She asked if I was really sure that was what I wanted and I told her I was definitely intent on obtaining and wearing one, with her holding the keys. I thought I knew what I wanted and I know now, that she definitely wanted that to happen also. She had just been waiting for me to broach the subject.


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