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Women on Top by by Imelda Stark

Heidi is a petite blonde Nurse Practitioner with a strong libido. Her husband James is a charming handsome ne’er-do-well lawyer whose many flaws are barely outweighed by his enormous cock and sexual skill. One morning, as the fuming Heidi washes dishes James failed to notice the night before, she looks out the kitchen window at an intriguing tableau.  Their next-door neighbors, a striking Latino couple with whom they have been distantly friendly, have left the blinds open in their bedroom, just 20 feet away.  Heidi witnesses the husband Ramiro’s muscularly naked body with a very large erection. Even more intriguing, he’s bent over a bolster on their bed with his gorgeous wife, the black-haired, black-eyed beauty Esmeralda, in the process of wielding a fierce-looking razor strop aimed directly at Ramiro’s taut buttocks.

Heidi experiences an unexpected jolt of erotic electricity as she watches the shocking scene. In fact, she’s so aroused that her hands find her clitoris and nipples, producing a powerful orgasm just as the spanking is wrapping up. Once Heidi recovers from the most powerful climax she has ever experienced, she realizes that Esmeralda is looking right at her. She’s observed both her peeping and its volcanic outcome. The Latina smiles broadly and mimes the universal gesture for ‘we must talk’.

What ensues is an eye-opening conversation about frustrated wives taking control of their immature husbands using corporal punishment. This forms the foundation for a gynocracy that the miscreant men must accept on threat of being ejected from their homes and marriages.  James is soon taken under strict control by Heidi, who’s now under Esmerelda’s tutelage. Esmeralda, meanwhile, has cultivated a side-hustle as a dominatrix to augment her personal trainer gig. The women soon realize that James’ lovely Chinese immigrant paralegal and the gorgeous Jamaican proprietress of his tavern hangout are ripe to be recruited. The four will form a sort of village, as they properly indoctrinate their recalcitrant pupils. Expect wild erotic scenes as the two submissive men and five dominant women engage in a complex Dom/sub community of the sexual adventurous, enjoyed by each of its participants.

You’ll find in this novel lots of femdom and malesub with a bit of femsub, copious spanking utilizing all manner of implements, lots of anal play, testicular and nipple punishment, with a dollop of breast and pussy spanking.

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James was actually sweating as he hurried to make the several mile drive from his favorite watering hole to the neatly remodeled small house. Heidi had owned it outright since her parents had died a few years before their meeting and eventual marriage.  He had always admired her work ethic (something he had never possessed and marveled at in others during his rare moments of self-reflection).  The lawyer had only groused mildly when she insisted on an iron clad prenup that exempted her from all responsibility for his many debts (which she correctly suspected but had no evidence for). It also sequestered her house and her parental inheritance from his clutches should they divorce.

He scrambled to pay his share of utilities and groceries, the bulk of his meager profits from his law practice going to service piles of credit card and educational debts. As well as gambling debts and bar tabs incurred at his watering hole.  The owner of that rather seedy establishment, Lucrece, was an attractive single Jamaican-born woman with lovely ebony skin, and spectacular short corn rows showing off her shapely skull. She had an unfortunate soft spot for charming rakes like our hero.  James always took pains to flirt with her in a friendly complimentary manner that she clearly drank in. Such tactics more or less succeeded in keeping her from harrying him for the several thousand dollars he owed her.

This was something of a pattern in James’ rather marginal existence.  A lifelong history of untreated ADHD had dogged him during his schooling and went undiagnosed and treated. His superficial and narcissistic parents simply could not even imagine that their handsome only child did not share their perfection.  On his own he figured out that exercise helped his attention span and that the more meditative martial art of aikido also seemed to calm him down substantially.  Both of his parents were among the best athletes at their country club, so golf and tennis lessons began when James was a toddler and continued into his teen years.  This tutelage combined with his natural athletic inheritance to make him an excellent performer in all the sports he turned his hand to.  A golf scholarship was the only way he gained admission to even a mid-level university. But his charm and extensive tutoring (as well as not a little cheating) got him through a Poly Sci major and a marginal law school by the skin of his teeth.

Partying had been the core of James’ existence.  His charm also sufficed to get him into one of the rowdier fraternities where he learned a great deal. Mainly about binge drinking and easy coeds more than willing to spread their legs for a handsome young athlete.  But party girls were never going to shore up his poorly developed life skills. Thus, a spiral of increasing drinking and impulsive spending left him in constant jeopardy.  Heidi had been just as pretty as his previous partners and more sexually gratifying thanks to her strong libido and multi-orgasmic talents in the sack. As well she was financially stable and earning an excellent living as an oncology nurse practitioner at the Hutch, a famous cancer treatment institute affiliated with the University of Washington.  James came as close to falling in love with her as he ever had in his shallow life. The thought of her realizing what a loser he was and dumping his sorry ass absolutely terrified him.

Heidi had looked up the number for the portable locksmith and was poised to dial it when James dashed in the door with a few seconds to spare.  He decided to try to bluster his way out of whatever trouble he was in by attacking her for forcing his return with her threat:

“Damn, woman, you didn’t have to be such a bitch and make me leave in the middle of a pool match!  I lost over a hundred dollars that I was about to win back when you called!”

Heidi frowned at his blithe admission that he had been gambling, adding that to the list of sins for which she planned to make his rear end pay.  She began there,

“I thought we had an agreement about gambling after you begged me to cover your poker debts last year, Jim.  Does betting on pool matches not qualify as gambling now?”

He sighed dramatically and admitted,

“I guess it does… You know how I get when one of the guys challenges me… Especially if I’ve had a few…”

Heidi suppressed a major eye roll as her wayward husband’s alcohol issues got deftly inserted into his gambling problem, and decided to lay her cards on the table:

“All right, James, here’s the deal:  I’ve had it with your drinking and gambling and utter selfishness around the house. As well as your arrogant belief that giving me a good fuck somehow exempts you from having to take care of me any other way.  You have two choices: pack up your shit and move out so I can start divorce proceedings, or agree to put yourself under my control and discipline 24/7.  And that would mean literally submitting to my authority and doing exactly what I say or face the consequences I dictate.  You have amply demonstrated that you can’t manage your own life. So if I’m to hang in there with your sorry ass you will need to formally commit to my leadership in every aspect of your life.  The time to decide is now!”

James was stunned at this ultimatum and felt a familiar surge of resentment. But his suddenly fierce wife was sending strong signals that she meant business. He knew better than to challenge her stubbornness when she was in her current state.  And the truth was that he felt a still small voice within that would be relieved to give up his clearly failing efforts to juggle all the lies and half-truths he employed to try to stave off the looming consequences of his impulsiveness and lack of self-control.  He flushed deeply and admitted,

“I know I’ve been a fuckup… Probably a lot more than you are aware of… And I want to come clean and admit it all…   Including that I feel relieved to hand my screwed-up life over to you since I seem incapable of managing it nearly as well as you could.  So…Yes… I agree to let you take control of me in every way if you’ll let me stay, since I don’t know what I’d do without you!”

Heidi was shocked at how easily her usually rebellious husband surrendered to her.  But as usual, she had formulated a plan in what she thought was the unlikely event of total surrender.  She stood up and smoothed down the blue silk summer dress she had put on after her angry phone call to the tavern.  The angry nurse practitioner looked gorgeous in the simple shift with spaghetti straps over her shoulders, their blue matching her flashing eyes and perfectly complementing her page boy hairstyle.  She declared,

“Very well!  We’ll begin right now.  First of all, very naughty boys like yourself need to become used to being punished in many ways for their many sins.  One consequence of you overspending in order to dress as though you were far more successful than you really are is that you will not be allowed clothing when inside our house.  So strip right now!”

James felt a surge of rebellion but had no doubt that if he balked at his suddenly fearsome wife’s very first command she would undoubtedly make good on her threat to kick him out.  So he looked at her imploringly but seeing no give in her stern expression glumly removed his shoes and socks and shirt and pants to stand before her in his boxer shorts.  Heidi gestured emphatically towards his underwear and exclaimed,

“Those especially need to come off, since your second series of consequences will be to undergo corporal punishment routinely. And I intend to administer it to your naked rear end and not your underclothing.  As well, I will be demanding compensation for all the hard work I will be expending to discipline you and manage your rat’s nest of a life.  I’ve decided to take that payment in sex, since that’s one of the few ways you actually take good care of me.  So before each spanking I will be giving you, you will be eating my pussy as an advance payment. And then after your buttocks have been properly chastised I will ride that cock until I’m satisfied.  Oh, and one more thing for now:  You have lost the privilege of addressing me by my first name. You will henceforth call me ‘Mistress’ like the pretty little sex slave I intend to mold you into!  Is that clear?”

James was totally stunned by these demands. His handsome face flushed deeply as he allowed his future as a subordinate to his foot-shorter wife to sink in while he glumly peeled off this underwear.  Interesting to both of them was that his cock immediately sprang to full attention when the prospect of routine corporal punishment was named.  In fact, both partners were well aware that his alcohol abuse had begun to make it more difficult for his erections to get as hard as they used to. So the instantaneous return of his former eight-inch monument of a cock was noteworthy.  They both silently wondered if the promise of painful attention to his adorable muscular male derriere was revealing a secret aspect to his sexuality that they had not imagined.  And there was the fact that Heidi’s vulva had equally enthusiastically engorged and lubricated at the same instant. This caused her to speculate that she might be opening a doorway to a reciprocal discovery about her own sexuality.

Heidi enjoyed the sight of her naked husband, his lean muscular six-foot-two-inch-tall body still pumped from his morning aikido practice. She found herself warming to the idea of having him as her sex slave.  A part of her must have anticipated this because when she had changed out of her sweats into her summer dress, she had foregone underwear. And ‘going commando’ was not her norm by any means.  She sat down in the center of their beige leather living room couch and held her wayward husband’s gaze as she raised her skirt and spread her legs to reveal her engorged and slickly lubricated blonde pussy, while demanding,

“Get to work, Naughty Boy, and you’d best do a damned good job or things are going to be even harder on a pair of adorable buttocks that are already in for the worst day of their lives!”

At this dire forecast James hurried to move the coffee table so he had room to kneel in front of his imperious bride, murmuring,

“Yes Mistress, I will do my best to please you…”

In truth, he had always enjoyed going down on his partners, finding women’s genitalia to be endlessly fascinating even when he was angry with their owners.  An early lover of his had been one of his aikido instructors at college who took the handsome 20-year-old under her wing erotically as well as on the mat.  She had demanded oral sex regularly and had given him detailed instruction on how to combine external stimulation of her vulva by his mouth abetted by internal massage of her G spot with his fingers.  He came to regard his abilities to provide world class head as a personal super-power. And indeed Heidi was blown away (so to say) by his expert cunnilingus the very first time they made love.  So kneeling to orally worship at the altar of her sex was familiar territory for our hero, albeit never before as a declared sex slave.

Heidi thought she detected a substantial increase in James’ routine enthusiasm as his tongue deftly encircled her clit while first one and then two fingers expertly massaged her G spot. He soon managed to elicit a much more powerful orgasm than she was used to from their routine sex.  And apparently her new-found inner domme was already wired into her sexual responses. Even the prospect of taking her handsome naked husband over her lap spiked her arousal so that she came within a few minutes of having his head between her legs.  After her pleasurable spasms subsided, she left her skirt up so his hips would be skin-on-skin with her firm creamy yoga-toned thighs as she ordered,

“Good job making your pre-payment for all the hard work I have ahead of me in disciplining such a very Naughty Boy.  And now it’s time for your first of many spankings, so bend over my lap to make that wicked bottom accessible for what it has coming to it.  You are to clasp your hands under your head to remind you not to try to interfere with your chastisement. And you are to hold your legs as far apart as the couch permits so I can spank your entire buttocks.  If you break position I will get some rope and tie you and double the number of spanks per dose. So I would recommend doing whatever you need to restrain yourself since you won’t enjoy the consequences if I’m compelled to do it.  Part of your punishment will be to learn self-restraint, since your impulsiveness has caused your life to be such a wreck. And what better laboratory than to practice that skill in the face of the acute emergency of an increasingly sore rear end!”

James meekly complied, rather shocked that his own reflexive defensive style had not asserted itself even in the face of his terribly humiliating predicament.  But what had asserted itself was his cock, which was harder than he could ever remember it being.  Clearly, at least that part of him heartily approved of this powerful new wife who was so adamantly taking charge of him.  He had to admit that it was a relief (along with his complex potpourri of less positive feelings) to admit he was out of control. And that he needed her to take over his shambles of a life and help him to arrive at a better pathway.  So he crawled over the thighs that had just surrounded his head and settled his hips on Heidi’s lap, well aware of how sexy her smooth skin felt against his hips and cock.  He clasped his hands to pillow his head turned away from her, thinking to avoid the humiliation of her watching his face while spanking his ass. But she caught that defense and demanded he turn towards her which he did with a sigh.  Clearly, his days of getting away with much of anything were coming to an emphatic close.

Without further ado, Heidi raised her strong right arm and delivered two crisp spanks to her miscreant husband’s pristine ivory moons, one in the center of each.  She was surprised at how pleasurable it was to hit him hard, perhaps as much as he was shocked at how much each blow stung.  The determined blonde was also taken with what a well-defined pair of pink handprints the two spanks had left on his bottom cheeks. She took a moment to trace the outlines of what her violence had created, murmuring,

“This may be the last time I ever see the marks of a spanking against an unreddened ass. Since I plan to keep it inflamed at all times for the foreseeable future!  I want its naughty owner to be constantly aware of his status of submitting to my discipline 24/7, any time he moves or sits.  Perhaps that constant painful reminder of the consequences of mindlessness will help him to achieve a modicum of focus for the first time in his life…”

That said, Heidi proceeded with James’ inaugural hand spanking with a vengeance (quite literally, since that emotion was driving the intensity of her swings).  She alternated blows to each trembling moon every 15 seconds, and carefully shifted her targeting such that she moved gradually out from the center of each increasingly tender target. The crisp smacks followed a shallow spiral that fully reddened each quivering nate by a dozen spanks delivered per side.  James had not imagined his well-toned but petite wife could cause that much pain to his buttocks with just her small bare hand. But by the finish of her first pass around his substantial masculine athletic derriere, he was gasping with each crisp spank.

She stopped for a moment to assess the damage she was inflicting and decided it was just what she was hoping for.  This was true in other ways as well, as the usually quite caretaking blonde nurse practitioner shocked herself by how much she was enjoying spanking her wayward husband.  She had no idea how much anger she had storehoused over several years of putting up with his shenanigans. Let alone how empowering it would feel to take it out on his bare ass.  Nor was she prepared for how much of a turn-on it was for her to dish out his well-deserved punishment. Her usual post-orgasmic latency was casually brushed aside by a powerful surge of arousal unprecedented in her life.  Clearly, this domme role had deep resonances that she had no previous clue existed in her erotic wiring.

Without further ado, Heidi launched into the second dozen of spanks per side of her increasingly uncomfortable husband.  He found himself reflexively squirming over her lap as the second pass of her surprisingly hard right hand over his increasingly inflamed buttocks registered as twice as painful as the first.  He looked up at her lovely face, which in her blonde page boy coiffeur resembled the late Lady Diana. James was more than a bit dismayed to see how stern she looked and how flushed she was with arousal and excitement at finally administering his long-deserved comeuppance.

He also became aware of how delicious it felt to grind his adamant erection into her firm thighs with each uncontrollable squirm of his hips, and wondered if he was going to be forced to come by his punishment.  That prospect felt so humiliating to a guy who had celebrated his substantial male endowment by feeling entitled to administer it to any willing female orifice. So being compelled to climax by being spanked felt mortifying in the extreme.  As James’ spanking proceeded towards his angry wife’s goal of an initial dose of a hundred swats per nether moon, this outcome seemed more and more likely to her penitent victim.  He found himself trying to stave off this outcome by focusing on anything but the delicious sensations of his cock against her creamy thighs.  He was inordinately relieved when the hundredth stinging slap was administered, and he could relax for a while.

Heidi was even more excited after a full 25 minutes laying into her gasping and moaning husband’s muscled male ass. Even though her right palm was as flushed as its tender targets and was stinging more than a bit itself.  She also knew his body’s reactions well enough to have a hunch about James’ struggle to avoid an embarrassing intra-chastisement ejaculation.  This prompted an idea in her fevered brain that she impulsively decided to pursue in her cultivation of a more permanent upper hand with her wayward husband.  She queried,

“So, my very Naughty Boy, you did a good job holding your position and avoiding a doubling of your cute little bottom cheeks’ woes.  But I detected that your avid little cock was having its own party grinding into my thighs from all that bucking your hips were indulging in. I had a hunch you were worried about coming on my lap, am I right?”

James was settling into his totally uncharacteristic submissive role and didn’t even consider making a defensive response, and simply blurted the truth:

“Yes, Mistress, I was afraid I was going to humiliate myself by making a big mess on your beautiful thighs, since they felt so good against my cock…”

She nodded thoughtfully and continued,

“Well, one of the new rules you will be living under if you choose to stay in our marriage and my house is that I take total ownership of your orgasms.  That means no more beating off in your office bathroom when you get turned on by that sexy Asian paralegal who’d dearly love to take my place.  You will definitely not enjoy the penalty for violating this rule, since I’m a great believer in punishments fitting crimes.  That means if your balls churn out enough testosterone to compel you to disobey me, I will tie you up with your legs apart and give them their very own spanking, is that clear, Naughty Boy?”

James felt a surge of terror at this prospect, surprising him by being immediately followed by an equally powerful spike in his arousal.  Jesus Christ, he thought, was there any level of painful threat to his erogenous zones that wouldn’t trigger his new-found and not at all welcome conversion towards sexual submission?  But he stifled this protest and replied fervently,

“Yes, Mistress, I will only come when you permit it explicitly.  Having my balls punished terrifies me. Though I know they are the source of a lot of the things about me that piss you off. So I see the logic of why they might need to be chastised…”

This answer seemed to endorse Heidi’s impulse to take more charge of her rebellious spouse, and she decided to act on another impulse:

“Very good.  That brings me to your next punishment, since we are going to spend the rest of the weekend together in what you can think of as your submissive boot camp.  I want you to get up and go into your bathroom and fetch me that sturdy bamboo laminate bath brush. Meanwhile I will empty my bladder so I can have full focus on your wicked buns during their next adventures!”

Heidi was shocked at how turned on she was just half an hour after a record-breaking orgasm by the prospect of using the heavy bath brush.  Its business end was a 4-inch-diameter circle and its foot-long handle would give her far more leverage to administer a much more severe spanking, and she could hardly wait.  She returned and resumed her seat on the couch, feeling her own small surge of embarrassment at the slight dark stain the fluid evidence of her arousal had left on the beige leather.  My God, she thought as she heard James’ lusty stream of urine in the toilet bowl, how weird am I to be this excited by doing something this painful to the man I’m supposed to love!

He returned with the brush in hand, apologizing,

“I’m sorry to take so long, Mistress, but I kinda had to talk my erection down before I could empty my bladder… It seems this whole scene is turning me on a lot more than I ever would have imagined…”

His equally aroused and flushing blonde wife matter-of-factly took hold of the visible evidence of this state and declared,

“For this spanking I am going to put this lovely erection between my thighs where I can squeeze it as tightly as I want.  And this time the length of your spanking is not going to be determined by an arbitrary number.  Instead, I am going to wallop your buttocks until you come between my legs.  I will try to spank you much harder, so the pain distracts you enough that I get a very long time to enjoy hurting them before your climax ends their misery.  I do so enjoy how charmingly they wiggle while they are taking their well-deserved painful consequences for their owner’s outrageous ways!”

James loved the sensation of his newly imperious wife’s warm right hand possessively grasping his adamantine cock as her cooler left one casually encircled his scrotum and massaged his heavy ball-sac.  He groaned in some potent amalgam of arousal and impending despair as she used this genital handle to draw him back over her lap. This was accomplished with the calm matter-of-factness nurses develop over touching even the most private places of the human body.  Soon his cock was ensconced as promised between her firm muscular yoga-toned thighs, which circumstance he found quite delicious for the present.  But that pleasure, like all good (and bad) things, was to be transient. Heidi took up the bath brush and without further ceremony began spanking away at his trembling and already quite pinkened buttocks.

The increasingly penitent dark-haired lawyer was shocked at how much pain the heavy bath brush delivered to his already tenderized nether moons.  His largely successful efforts to take his hand spanking stoically (since years of martial arts and weightlifting had inured him to pain to an extent) were blown away. He was shocked by the intensity of the emergency his poor inflamed bottom cheeks frantically reported to his fevered brain with each fierce kiss of hard wood against tender rear end flesh.  Soon James was crying out loudly with each spank.

And soon after that to his mortification he burst into tears for the first time he or his determined bride could remember.  This total loss of composure seemed to trigger a different order of magnitude of surrender in the chronically rebellious young man. He had spent a lifetime feeling entitled to act out his resentment of all the expectations that parents, teachers, and lovers demanded he meet.  As he was overwhelmed by sobs while blazing fires were being stoked in his trembling buttocks, he found himself shockingly apologizing:

“OWW, Heidi, I’m OWW so very sorry OWW for being such a selfish OWW asshole for our whole marriage OWW…” and so forth.

This spontaneous spate of sincere (if rear end anguish-induced) apologizing was literally unprecedented for James.  He had always been far too insecure to admit fault. His preference was to use bluster and his law-school-honed argumentation skills to flummox the people he had wronged into giving up any attempt at confronting him as not worth the trouble.  But now, he was buck naked over his sternly angry wife’s lap and enduring a spanking far more painful than he had ever imagined. And lo and behold, that genuine humility required to make true amends was beginning to manifest itself.

James’ large athletic body was having its own reflexive reactions to the conflagration being kindled in his chastened buttocks.  So far he was succeeding in holding his arms and legs back from attempting to interfere with his punishment. But his hips were reflexively enacting a vigorous dance that his intense tormentress found delightfully charming as she vented years’ worth of frustration on her writhing targets.  This spasmodic ballet being conducted by the miscreant husband’s involuntary responses to his well-deserved chastisement subjected his still floridly erect cock to a highly seductive massage by his fit wife’s yoga-sculpted thighs.

Almost magically, as the count of spanks administered by the fearsome bath brush approached a hundred per cheek, the rhythm of his hips’ bucking changed. It went from that dictated by their punishment to one driven by James’ rapidly peaking arousal.  He was too lost in his efforts to hold position in the face of the totally unprecedented conflagration being lit on his squirming buttocks.  And then as if by magic his tearful sobbing cries of penitence morphed to shouts of incredibly pleasurable sexual release.  Heidi continued swatting away as though to drive the semen out of her naughty husband as he ejaculated a striking volume onto the couch between her thighs (adding to the stain of her own copious erotic secretions). At last he collapsed bonelessly and his spanking was drawn to a close by far and away the best orgasm of his life.

The flushed blonde cast aside her weapon of ass destruction as her hands stroked the bright red bottom cheeks she had just punished far more thoroughly than she had intended.  She felt strangely powerful at having asserted her dominance so effectively. And quite surprised at how meekly her previously obstreperous husband had allowed her to spank him so severely without any attempt to defend himself.  His hotly inflamed nates quivered as her hands savored their heat and swelling. She also realized how totally turned on she was by taking charge in this new manner even after having the best orgasm she could remember just an hour before.  Heidi considered what to do about this state of affairs, registering that James’ cock still lodged between her thighs hadn’t lost an iota of its rock hardness in spite of its killer climax.  She murmured,

“Since our Naughty Boy took his medicine so bravely, I’m going to reward him beyond what seemed to be a rather enjoyable orgasm.  I want him to get up and clean the filthy mess he made between my thighs. After which he is to lie down on the couch on his back so I can ride his trusty cock until we both get off at least once more… After which we will talk about how things are going to be if he wants to continue to live under my roof!”

James felt very strangely, almost fearful of this powerful new woman who had taken over his wife’s body and just given him by far the best climax of his life.  He was blown away by this potent combination of pain, pleasure, and overt submission to what he clearly knew to be a more than well-deserved punishment.  They all seemed to conspire to swamp his previous rebellious resentment with an almost fervent desire to submit to his newly promoted blonde Goddess.  He found himself hurrying into the kitchen to collect a bottle of Lysol and a handful of paper towels to wipe up the copious puddle of semen and pussy juices on the soft beige leather of the couch.  This task completed and the wastes disposed of, he returned to lie down on the couch on his back, his erection bobbing expectantly as though it had forgotten it just ejaculated a few minutes before.

Heidi stood over her handsome husband whom she found infinitely more attractive in his current state. It was one of abject submission to her authority combined with a rather sweet softening in his usual spiky hyperactive energy by virtue of being severely spanked to orgasm.  His previously opaque brown eyes looked up at her standing over him with surprising warmth and adoration. It was as though her punishment had cracked through his previous defenses to leave him softer and more loveable.  She smiled at him triumphantly as she reached her crossed arms slightly up to hook her thumbs under the spaghetti straps of her blue silk summer dress that matched her eyes so perfectly.  Then a slight shrug dropped the straps over her shoulders allowing the smooth silk to cascade down her body to puddle on the floor.  This gesture revealed her lovely nakedness quite spectacularly as she allowed his adoring eyes to take her in. He clearly reveled in her firm B cup breasts with fiercely erect small pink nipples and areoles, her flat sculpted abdomen, the adorable firm thighs that had just milked his ejaculate, and her lightly blonde-furred pussy whose lips were still swollen and glistening with the incontrovertible evidence of her arousal.

Heidi smiled as though she were a goddess accepting his adoration as her due as she cast a leg over his hips and took hold of his erection.  She guided it to her slit and worked its head up and down that flower to collect the dew of its desire until its owner moaned with his desire to be inside her.  Then with her own rather coarse groan she lowered her crotch onto his. At last she was fully, deliciously impaled by eight hard inches of hungry adamantine man-flesh.  She cast her head back in total enjoyment of this moment while her clitoris was deliciously ground between their two pubic arch bones, as she ordered,

“Play rough with my boobs, Naughty Boy, and we’ll see how many times you can get me off before my cunt is able milk another climax out of your adorable cock!”

James reached up to comply as he savored her powerfully toned core musculature massaging his dick quite marvelously as she rocked her hips against his in between posting with her powerful thighs.  He knew just how to take her firm small nipples and areoles right up to the edge of pain. He mashed them between thumbs and forefingers to send jolts of erotic lightning straight to her clit.  Within a few minutes she was coming even harder than before, the delightful inner spasms of her ecstatic release massaging his cock ever so wonderfully.  This happened several more times over the next twenty minutes. Each orgasm surpassed the previous one as James drank in the sight of her perfect nakedness as she convulsed on his erection.  Her final climax prompted her to take his own small dark nipples in hand and pinch them seductively to produce a similar effect on him as his own mammary attentions had elicited from her.  Soon their cries of joyful culmination filled the neat bungalow as they shared yet another orgasm that vastly exceeded the pleasurability of any they had previously enjoyed.  As she collapsed in a sweaty heap on his equally moistened chest, they both thought, ‘This could easily become addictive’.


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