The Seller, The Buyer, The Girl & Her Master – ebook


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The Seller, The Buyer, The Girl & Her Master… by Lizbeth Dusseau

Young Evie is a prisoner in a detention center for delinquent girls in Eastern Europe – but not for long! A rare prize among the many nubile waifs, she’s traded for cash, part of a scheme for smuggling innocent girls out of Europe and into a web of sexual service. She’s forced to grow up fast, trapped in a world where her sole purpose is learning to please the sexual appetites of the men who own her. From a tiny hovel in Europe, to a training ranch in North America, to a notorious House of S&M in the South, she and her fellow captives learn the secrets to giving sexual satisfaction in whatever form it takes.
But, Evie is not just another girl to corrupt. Her buyers, sellers and masters are mesmerized by her naive charm, her wit, her fresh and unassuming beauty. Though Evie fights these foul villains, she can’t stop her unleashed lust, or her passion for masochistic pain, pleasure and crude humiliation. Evie’s only hope for escape is her trainer, a scoundrel cowboy and a maverick in this underground world of rules and secret regulations. But does he care enough to set her free? Or will he only drag her deeper into the conspiracy that takes her freedom?
A tale both raw and intense, as seen through the eyes of four main players in Evie’s gripping story. Graphic content includes bondage, spanking, punishment, whips & chains, piercing, tattoos, branding, oral and anal sex, female bisexuality, inspections, enemas, orgies, sexual games, inventive toys and other shocking sexual extremes.

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