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Body Wisdom & Uncompromising Portraits by Lizbeth Dusseau

Erotic Romance. The prim librarian, Jessie, can’t believe she’s fallen in love with a leather-clad motorcycle bad boy. But with eyes that go straight to her heart, the dashing rebel has the town librarian mesmerized. Their spirited clash pits Kurt’s reckless independence against Jessie’s incurable stability for a sizzling erotic escapade. When disaster strikes, and their stubborn personalities collide, will their passions triumph, or is their relationship doomed? A hot sexy romance with some light bondage and anal sex play.
Uncompromising Portraits by Lizbeth Dusseau
Erotic Romance. Forbidden desire drives Sydney to pose nude for an artist against her husband’s wishes. Defying him, she begins a steamy affair with the artist and another model, the muscled and seductive Tomas, that threatens to tear her marriage apart. Breaking all taboos, this lusty ménage a trois fulfills her in ways she never believed possible. Yet, for all her sexual freedom something is missing. Her heart still aches for the man she loves. Is there any chance the broken relationship with her husband can be repaired? A steamy romp featuring exhibitionism, a hot threesome, light bondage and anal sex play.

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Revised Edition 2014

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It took some time to decide just how to break the news of her modeling to Gabriel, but Sydney made her plans …. It wasn’t so much a lot of intricate preparations, as it was getting into a perfectly seductive frame of mind, so Gabriel would say yes without as much as a second thought.

She chose candles and sensuous music, and his favorite foods, and a seductive teddy to wear.  When she wanted a good rousing fuck, it wasn’t unusual for her to ply him with a passionate meal, candlelight, and nothing but a provocative wisp of silk to tease him. She really didn’t have to go to all the trouble because Gabriel was pretty willing most any time; but she liked the erotic trappings as much as she did the vigorous sexual activity that followed. She knew Gabriel liked it too.

Gabe was traditional in his thinking about husbands and wives, coming from an large and very imposing Italian family. But he had always had a hidden, kinky side that he liked showing off to Sydney.  So, she showed hers back.  Unfortunately, he liked keeping most of that kinky side under wraps, behind closed doors, just between the two of them—and on rare occasions.


As the evening began, Sydney and Gabriel were like lovebirds sitting at the small table by a window that looked out on the meandering grounds of their apartment complex.  Gabriel’s eyes were gleaming lustily as he looked at Sydney’s chest.  He watched intently the way her breasts moved when she breathed in and out.  He didn’t realize how her simple breathing could seduce him so thoroughly.  He loved the way the dark lace of her form fitting teddy covered just enough to make him want get inside the lingerie, as if he’d never seen the flesh beneath it before.


Eyeing her husband, Sydney could see he was responding just the way she planned.  When he stared at her, she could feel her nipples harden in response, as if they were actually connected to his mind.

“You’re making it hard to eat, Syd,” he said, as he tasted a mouthful of the creamy pasta on his plate.

“That’s the point, isn’t it?”

“Oh? You have something special in mind?” he asked.

“Just you,” she said sweetly.  She wasn’t about to suggest what other things she had in mind, this would be a slow and sensuous seduction.


Gabriel’s cock was swelling pleasantly in his pants, just a shade before a full erection.  He liked it poised and ready, pulsing every few seconds in anticipation of what would come.  Sydney had the sweetest smile; her eyes dripped licentious lust, and sometimes sparked with fire. Now they were pure sex, and it was eating him away inside.

Just as he was finishing his meal, Gabriel watched amazed as his wife slipped easily to the floor, underneath the table.  She crawled between his legs and found the zipper on his pants.  He helped her out, wiggling just enough so that she could complete her task: opening his pants to find the penis that had already been pleasing him the way it throbbed against the denim fabric of his jeans.

“You hot little wench,” he groaned, as he leaned back in the chair, feeling his wife’s lips begin to suck the head.

He heard her soft moans coming from under the table, as her tongue glided along the surface and lapped the foreskin and then his balls.  She returned the head, practically swallowing him whole.  She was such a provocative woman, and technique?  Woah, he was finding himself well on his way to one fine orgasm, when he made her pull away.  He wanted more then just oral sex; he had every intention of plowing into her juicy cunt and rolling around their bed, and on the floor, and anywhere else they happened to land.

Pulling Sydney to her feet, Gabriel held her close to him, and fondled her breasts through the lace teddy.  He wanted to rip the thing away and screw her like mad, but he would wait, be subtle, sensuous.  She loved long lovemaking, even when they were crawling madly to get off.  She always said that holding off made the finale that much more exciting, and he had to agree.  It seemed strange to him that his wife was such a naturally accomplished lover, when he thought he should be the expert. At times, he had mixed feelings about her sexual genius, but he certainly wouldn’t tonight.  And by the time they got to the couch, he was too far gone to do anything but enjoy.

Gabriel lay down on his back while Sydney climbed on top.  She teased him with her wet pussy, massaging the sensitive head of his penis with gentle in and out strokes.

“Oh god, Syd, do that more.” She didn’t need any verbal encouragement; it was feeling so good, she could go on for hours this way. That is, until her mounting orgasm peaked and she would glide into her own climax.

They rocked together cock to cunt for several minutes, Gabriel’s hands exploring her, Sydney’s kisses covering his face. He loved being licked and kissed around his mouth. Before long, he couldn’t stand it anymore, and he thrust himself deep into her cunt, and pumped her hard.  A hand on either side of her hips, grasped her tightly as he worked her body on top of his.

“Yeeeeawwwwww!” his scream roared in the air, and as his prick shot into her, she squeezed down hard to milk him dry.

When she finally pulled away and collapsed next to him, Gabriel pressed his fingers to her cunt and began to play, finding the little release spots in the folds of her pussy. One finger pressed just inside where the “G” spot made her shoot with a wild burst of pleasure, and in a few short moments, she was churning with a satisfying climax …She rocked against his hand until all the tingling died away.


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