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A Husband Shamed By Maria Wain-Vincent

“He was on the floor at my feet when the sound of Spencer’s battered old VW Beetle pulled onto the drive. It was to be our second date and ” the first having turned convention on its head and started with a fuck from my new lover while my husband had knelt with his nose to a corner of our bedroom wall “I thought it would be nice if I treated my office junior and young black sex god to a film and a burger before repeating the events of the first.”
The fall to humiliation, cuckoldry and domestic service of this handsome and older husband at the hands and feet of his newly empowered and perverted young wife, will take some shocking turns. No more lacklustre love life for Rhonda! Her sense of power over her recently employed and demoralised husband has grown to the point where nothing else will satisfy her other than complete and utter control of their marriage, both their sexual and domestic life together.
Includes Female Domination, interracial, cuckolded husband, humiliation, spanking, collaring and much more!

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