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Miss Management by Taz Montoya

A companion piece to ‘Man Management’.

Caroline likes to be in control at work, at home and especially in the bedroom. When it comes to sex with her mild mannered husband Joe, she definitely calls the shots. Whether she’s pretending to be a customs officer conducting an intimate search or teasing him with a game of naked hide and seek, or just telling him naughty stories, Caroline makes sure their love life is fun, foul-mouthed and properly dirty.

However, things are turned upside down after her brother Harry and his wife Lizzy are forced to move in with them. Initially Caroline is sympathetic, but soon the new houseguests begin to test her patience. Lizzy is lazy, nosy and appears to be intent on seducing Joe. Harry buries himself in his work and makes no effort to find a new place to live or keep his wife in check. When strange men start turning up at the house and Caroline finds out that Harry has been lying to her, it’s time to take action.

With help and inspiration from her uninhibited, exhibitionist friend Mary, Caroline discovers the truth behind the lies and uncovers Lizzy’s secret submissive nature.

Now Caroline needs to use all her powers of sexual creativity to keep Joe focused on her. She must persuade Harry that a ‘strict approach’ is what Lizzy requires. Meanwhile needs to show Lizzy that a strong woman must demand what she really wants, even if what she wants is to be treated like a bad girl!

By helping her sister-in-law realise her fantasies, Caroline finds herself opening the door to new areas of experimentation for everyone.

Female domination, Pegging, Corporal Punishment, Exhibitionism, Spanking, Bondage, Blindfolds, Anal play, Male domination.

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