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Steel Shackles by Patrick Richards

Another dark tale of male submission and Female Domination from Patrick Richards”

“We never know where life’s journey will lead us. Who would know that flunking out of college and trying to start a landscaping business would change my life forever? I could have followed the road to success. I had the brains, the aptitude and the opportunity. But I fucked it up. Instead of studying, I spent every night on the internet or in adult book stores addicted to porn.

“I had the world by the tail. Nothing could slow me down except for an unstoppable interest in Femdom porn. I was totally addicted. And like an alcoholic, I couldn’t stop. I wanted more. School didn’t matter. Instead, it was on the back streets in darkened doorways that stirred my soul. For me it was the sex and bondage, the pain and servitude and the need to be dominated by a Mistress in black leather underwear.”

That was all that mattered for Tyler Jackson and that was what he got!

Includes F/m chastity, cuckold, slavery, extreme, bondage, pain, torture, oral, anal, consensual, non-consensual, cross-dressing, feminization, and much, much more.

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“Jason… I want you to come with me.  I need you to fuck me,” I thought I heard her say.

“Excuse me, Ma’am,” I responded, looking up at her with a bit of confusion.

“Let me explain it in a little more detail so you’ll understand.  I want your big, hard cock in my pussy.  I want you to come upstairs to my bedroom and fuck me.”

I stopped spreading the ground-up wood mulch around the shrubs near her house.  Mrs. Phillips stood there beside me.  She was naked except for a nearly transparent, light pink silk robe that was completely open, revealing her magnificent body.  I could see her beautiful breasts.  They were perfect, but to a twenty year old overly horny guy any naked boob would be faultless.  Her boobs were not huge, but they were full with large, round, dark nipples pointing right out at me.

My eyes continued down her tan, slender body.  A ways below her navel a thin line of blond pubic hair led my eyes down between her slightly spread legs to her pussy.  Immediately I started to get hard.  What guy wouldn’t?

“Wh… what was that, Ma’am?” I tried to say, fumbling for words.

“I want you to come to my bedroom and make love to me.  I do excite you, don’t I?”

“Ye… ye… yes, Ma’am, bu… but….”

“Part of your job, besides being the landscaper, is satisfying my personal needs.  I’m sorry if I didn’t tell you that when you were hired, but understand this… you are not just the gardener.  I didn’t hire you just to work around the yard.  I’ve seen the way you look at me when I’m at the pool.  I’ve watched that big bulge grow in those jeans as I lay out there getting a tan.”

She took a deep breath.  “But, if you aren’t man enough to handle it, I can easily find some other young guy with a big dick who can satisfy my needs.  The choice is yours.  Lick my pussy and fuck me whenever I want or hit the road.  It’s that simple.”

I was sweating, and my cock was fighting with all its might to come to attention.

She laughed, as she watched me squirm.

“How big is it anyway?” she asked with a sexy little smile.

“What’s that, Mrs. Phillips?”

“First off, if you’re going to be my new boy toy, it’s not Mrs. Phillips, it’s Leanne, understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

She chuckled and shook her head back and forth.  “It’s not Ma’am either,” she said coyly, as she approached me.  “I see your mother raised a gentleman, but what I want you to do probably wouldn’t please her.”

She put her hands around the back of my neck and pulled me closer.  “It’s Leanne.”

She leaned in close and pulled my head down enough to nibble on my ear lobe.  Then I felt her hands on the button of my jeans.  They loosened.  Her teeth left my ear as soft kisses led her down the side of my neck.

My cock was throbbing.  Without thinking, I put my arms around her.  We kissed passionately for a couple of minutes.  Her tongue pushed deep into my mouth and tangled with mine, as her hands slid my jeans and boxers down just a bit.  Immediately my hard cock sprang forth, fully erect and eagerly ready.  I lowered my hands down on to her ass cheeks and pulled her in tight against my stiff, throbbing shaft.

“I didn’t think it would take much to get you excited,” she giggled.  “You young guys are always so fuckin’ horny.  I guess it doesn’t matter that I’m better than fifteen years older than you,” she remarked.

I didn’t respond, as her left hand slid down the length of my manhood, and her right one cupped my balls.

“What’s this monster – seven or eight inches?”

“I guess.”

She laughed.  “Every guy knows how big his cock is.  It’s bragging rights, and it appears that yours is something to really boast about.”

Her hand slid back up and grasp the bottom of my tee shirt, pulling it up over my arms and head.

“Ever made love to a woman?”


“Now I’m not talking about a quick fuck in the back seat of your car, or in your case on the front seat of your old pick-up.  I’m talking about an hour or better of licking a woman’s pussy, bringing her to a number of powerful orgasms – maybe even more.  Do you know how to satisfy a woman?  Have you ever made one of your girlfriends scream and moan with sexual pleasure and beg for more?”

I didn’t say anything.

“I thought so.”


“There’s no need to explain.  You young guys think that having sex is getting yourself off.  You’re so naïve.  You have no idea about a woman’s needs.  We want orgasms too, and trust me – one is never enough.  So let me ask you again… are you man enough to satisfy me?”

“I… I’d sure like to try.”

“I bet you would.  Come on, let’s see what happens.”

“But, what about your husband?”

She laughed.  “It may not look like it right now, but I’m the only one who wear pants in our family.  That worthless piece of shit… he’s no man – not even close.  He’s unable to satisfy my needs.  Hell, he’s can’t even get himself off any more.  Don’t worry.  He’ll never bother us.  What I do is none of his concern, and he knows it.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me along behind her.  When we got to her bedroom, she immediately lost the robe and stood there totally naked in front of me.

“Get undressed.  Let’s shower,” she said, as she disappeared into her bathroom.

Before long we were rubbing soap with a luffa on each other’s bodies.  Then she got down on her knees and took my hard, throbbing cock in her mouth.  With one smooth motion all eight inches of my prick slid into her mouth.  She licked and sucked on my cock for several minutes, bringing me ever closer to ejaculation.  But just before I blew, she stopped.

“Please, Leanne… don’t stop.”

She laughed.  “You’ve got a lot to learn, young man.  You don’t get to blow your rocks and get any pleasure until I’m completely satisfied, and if you do, you’ll be severely punished.”

“What you gonna do, spank me?” I remarked jokingly.

She grabbed my balls and squeezed them extra tight.

“Ah – ah… don’t… please.”

“Then don’t be a smart ass.  Spanking would be way too easy.  Later you’ll see what I do to punish those who displease me, but let’s not discuss that right now,” she explained, as she released my nuts.

A funny feeling came over me, but quickly subsided as she put her arms around me and drew me in tight.  As we kissed, she rubbed her snatch up and down on my erect manhood, keeping me right on the very edge.  I reached down and cupped my hands under her round, little ass cheeks, lifting her up just a little.  She nibbled on my neck and probed her tongue in my mouth as our excitement rose to yet another level.

Finally she urged me down on the floor of her immense shower.  I was on my back, and she mounted me as if she was riding a horse.  With one smooth movement she was straddling my face with her hungry twat on my mouth.

“Let’s see how good you are.  Bring me.  Make me happy.”

Oral sex was not actually in my repertoire.  It was something I’d never had much experience doing.  None of my earlier girlfriends were into it.  Yea, some would give bj’s, but they would never let me near their pussys.

I did my best.  My tongue probed deep into her love tunnel for several minutes as the water cascaded down upon us.  I tongue fucked her as deep and as hard as I could, but that was not what she needed.

“Find my clit,” she whispered, as she moved back just a little.

As I licked up the length of her crack, I found her hard, little nub.  She jumped slightly as my tongue brushed over it and let out a soft pleasured moan.  There was no doubt that this was what she wanted.

I concentrated my efforts on her clit and threw her right into a powerful orgasm.  She screamed and moaned with delight, as a violent shudder consumed her.  I didn’t stop even though her girl cum filled my mouth.  I swallowed it all, as my tongue beat her love button with all the force I could muster.  Her cries of joy echoed off the ceramic tiled walls.

Quickly she swung around so she was facing my weapon.

“Don’t stop!  More… more… more,” she begged.

As I continued, she leaned down and again took my cock in her mouth.  I continued my oral attack, as she bit and sucked on my dick.  I knew she was getting closer to another orgasm.  Her hands fondled my balls and started to squeeze them ever tighter.  As I took her over the edge for a second time, her hands crushed my nuts while her teeth bit painfully into my cockhead.  I moaned in pain but didn’t dare lessen my attack on her hard, sensitive bud.

Her grip eased up, and I continued to please her, bring her to a third orgasm.  Finally she eased her body off my face.  We finished our shower and soon dried off.

“You’re a fast learner.  You did well and seemed to tolerate the pain.  Now you can have your reward.”

She lay on the bed and spread her long, slender leg apart, inviting me in.  I was so hot.  I easily slid into her moist pussy and started right in, but it didn’t take me very long.  Less than two minutes passed before I blew a huge load of cum deep inside her.  God it was wonderful.

Leanne laughed.  “You’ve got to learn to pace yourself.  Women don’t like a two minute wonder.  Come here.”

I pulled my now flaccid cock from her love tunnel and moved up next to her on the bed.

“Did you like all of that?”

“Yea, I did.  It was fantastic.”

“Good, ‘cause I need that every day – sometimes more than once.  Think you can handle it?”

“Oh yea.”

“Sometimes I’ll just want you to bring me with your tongue and other times I’ll let you fuck me.  There’ll be times when I’ll just give you a blow job.  That’s alright, isn’t it?”

“Yea, sure, but your husband is home.  His car is in the driveway.  What about him?”

“He’ll never bother us.  You have nothing to worry about.  He has his life, and I have mine.”

I must have looked a little concerned or at least confused.

“Trust me… my husband is not a problem.  Come on.  I’ll show you.”

She got off the bed and pulled me along behind her, heading right for a mirrored door opposite the foot of her bed.  As she swung it open, I was startled by what I saw.  A man in his mid to late thirties stood there.

“This is my husband Phillip.  As you can see, he’s unable to do anything about our little fuck session.”

He was wearing a bright red bra and a matching corset.  It was very obvious that the laces were drawn extremely tight giving him a perfect hourglass appearance.  Below that was a garter belt which held up black, thigh-high fishnet stockings.  On his feet were black pumps with at least four inch stiletto heels.

His legs were widely spread.  Black leather cuffs held them apart and were padlocked to rings on the door casings.  Black, opera gloves covered his hands and forearms and were stretched high to the upper corners of the door frame where cuffs and locks held him tight.

He wore no panties, but his cock and balls were equally secured.  A small, extra tight, steel cage was locked on his privates.  Off the end of the extra-short cock section I could see a heavy lock hanging.

My eyes were transfixed on the cruel, chastity device.

“Does that lock go through the end of his dick?”  I asked inquisitively.

“Of course.  That makes it impossible to be removed.”

“It’s never taken off?”

“Only once a month for cleaning purposes.”

“How long has he been locked up like this?”

“About five years.  He reluctantly agreed to it when I found out about his many affairs.”

“Why would anyone ever agree to something like this?”

“He really had no choice.  He was going to lose everything.  He’d been screwing around for quite a while.  One of his affairs was with a dominatrix.  He was secretly into bondage and stuff.  You know whips and chains and a bit of pain.  He came home one evening, and I noticed he was having trouble sitting down.  When he was in the shower I saw some dark red marks on his ass from a whipping.  So I gave him the option of becoming my slave or being exposed to the world and losing everything.  He does much of this very willingly.  Now, he’s my cuckold slave and pain slut.  He gets all the bondage he wants as well as all the pain I want to give him.”

“He’s doing this willingly?”

“Pretty much so, but I enjoy making him stand here and watch me make love to anyone I bring into my bedroom.  It shows him what he gave up and who owns him.

“You see, this door is actually a two way mirror.  The posture collar keeps him from looking away.  He’s forced to watch what goes on in my bed.  Of course he’s gagged with a large thick penis-shaped gag and today there’s an extra-large butt plug up his ass.  I’ve connected wires to his chastity cage and stainless steel dildo which I control with a remote.  It’s fun making him squirm and silently scream, as the electricity tears through him.”

“The way he acts, I presume it’s rather painful.”

“Oh shit!  This is nothing.  Right now there’s just a small amount of juice flowing through his cock and balls.  Actually he told me it was quite enjoyable, so I fixed that.  The inside of his cage is covered with extra-sharp, needle-like spikes.  The electrical stimulation as well as watching us fuck gets him hard and the needles become extremely painful.”

She walked over to her night stand and picked up a small remote.  As her finger depressed the button, his body stiffened and violently shook.  A deep, pain-generated moan was dampened by his over-sized gag.  It was obvious she had increased the voltage and was frying his balls.

“Well, enough of him.  As you can see, he’s totally harmless.  Come on, let’s see if that magic wand of yours will get hard once more.”

She closed the door and led me back to her bed.

“Aren’t you going to turn off the electricity?”

“Fuck no… let the worthless bastard suffer.”


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