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A Master For A Desperate Slave – ebook


A Master for a Desperate Slave by Lizbeth Dusseau

Dana Ransom’s life has been in shambles, ever since her relationship with her Dominant business partner Benjamin turned into a hellish war and he split. She’s a genius of an artist and designer, but a total failure running the company she and Ben own. Even her new master Locksley’s ruthless domination can’t seem to set her straight. When Dana’s silent partner suddenly brings Ben back to take over the company, she’s shocked to find her former master in her hallowed office although it’s no effort at all dumping the nasty mess in his lap.
With Benjamin in her life again, Dana’s submissive hunger for him burns hot through he wants nothing to do with the quirky, sexy but volatile Dana. She begs, she pleads in desperation, and finally gets Ben’s attention when he finds her masturbating on her desk. Out of the blue days later, Dana’s ordered into an alley, and into a cage in the back of a pickup. Whisked off to a boot camp training by an unknown assailant, she’s held in a mountain cabin, where Benjamin and his accomplice, Jud, will turn the sassy woman into the kittenish, groveling slave that Ben wants… and Dana desperately desires. If she takes the degradation of crawling on her knees, the painful abuse and the rough punishment, she might, just might, be ready for her former master.
A story of masochistic longing and sadistic need exploding in a powerful tale of love, desire and sexual fireworks. Artfully drawn scenes of bondage and S&M dungeon play.

Artist Credit

Cover Art Image Dm_Cherry,

Publish Date

Revised Edition 2017

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