A New Life


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A New Life by S.M. Ackerman

From the author of Chloe & Me and Madam in Attendance, S.M. Ackerman has produced another titillating Femdom novel with A New Life.

Jan draws the naive, young man into her world with his first ever blow job and groin tingling stories of being punished in her later years at finishing school. He is intrigued by her demanding nature and confident personality. What he doesn’t realize is Jan is seducing him into a world only she controls.

With her descriptive narrative about her reprimands she’s endured, he falls that much faster for this shockingly gorgeous woman. Tawses, paddles, whips and more entices him to the point of agony. Jan takes advantage of his extreme horniness to start bossing him around and chastising him whenever he disappoints her. After a time, she starts to call him her slave, and with the thought of more rewards like his first oral session with her, he doesn’t argue.

Soon, however, he finds his cock ensnared in an evil device only she is in charge of. He no longer has the power to masturbate or even come without permission. Jan will make him her complete and utter submissive, and he discovers that it is perfectly fine with him as long as she will always let him worship her.

A New Life is the perfect example of S.M. Ackerman’s talent as a Female Domination Erotica writer. His descriptions make the reader feel the beating and the suffering, and beg for more!
Includes: whips, paddles, female worship, oral sex, male submission, chains, hobbling, and so very much more!

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It is my intention to tell the reader briefly where I am at now, before I explain the convoluted way that I arrived at this point. A year ago I had met the woman that would both rock my world and change it completely. She would lead me carefully along a road that led only into slavery and subjection. She would ensure that I was swallowed up by my own hidden desires; she would make full use of those desires by unveiling them and using them to serve her in ways that I could little imagine at that time.

Today I find myself kneeling naked, with my clothes piled on a hard-backed wooden chair, placed behind me against a wall. I have my hands behind my back as I had been instructed to.

I was listening to my girlfriend and mistress openly discussing me and my future with her step-father. The situation I am currently in, created in my mind a terrifying vision for my future. To my horror I realized that my cock was trying to erect, sadly for me the possibilities were very restricted by an evil device she had ensured had been fitted permanently to my flaccid cock, some months previously.

I had been fitted with a device that was designed to punish me for any male laxity, or loss of self control to her regime of strict male domination. A device that made self-imposed chastity of both mind and body my only option; that was if I wished to avoid experiencing pure unadulterated agony.

Both of them could clearly see it, both ignored it. Why was I so aroused by my humbled position displayed before her step-father? I am not gay I tell myself firmly, it is the presence of her sitting over there looking so innocent, swinging her left high-heeled boot gracefully back and forwards that is so arousing to me; not his, the step-father’s presence I tell myself.

Deep down I wonder; there is always him to consider and I know a little of his tastes. I know that he is a dominant male with clear ideas of what he expects from his slaves! Yes slaves I tell myself, I am not one of those, I am a guest in his rambling home, a guest brought here by his step-daughter. Still it had been he, not her that had suggested that I be stripped. It had been he that had indicated the position and place in which I now kneel. Yet it had been she, I calmed myself, who had brought me to this position, and she that had given me his requests as instructions to be obeyed.

They are talking much as though I do not exist! I listen as they discuss the training of me; I watch the flicker of sunlight reflected around the room from his watch. It flits like a laser beam, its glint blinding me whenever it flashes into my eyes, and he knows it!

Training they had said! For what I wonder, because I have already been trained to obey instantly, but in reality I knew. I have always known my destiny, and now fate has brought me face to face with my future, through the auspice of my Goddess. How I got into this position? Why I am naked and kneeling? What they intend to do with and too me is a long story.

Kneeling in instructed silence, forces my mind to wander over the last year, back to the point that my simple pleasant life had been changed so radically from. I could see the wooden door that was destined to set me on the road to my subjugation, it floated clearly before my eyes. It was closed, but shortly a Goddess would open it, and my life, a new and very different life, would begin. Until I approached that door for the first time, my life had consisted of the usual for a young free male; drinking, socializing, working and generally pleasing myself, with little thought to my future beyond the next day or so.


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