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Agents In Harm’s Way: A White Slaver Story by Don Julian Winslow

Special Agent Mallory Channing of the National Bureau of Investigation has to fight every inch of the way to forge a career in that entrenched, male-dominated bureaucracy. Beautiful, intelligent, and well-educated, she’s determined to prove herself by volunteering for the most dangerous assignments. But nothing in her training can prepare her for the peril she faces when she finds herself taken far from civilization and deposited into a remote, barbarous world ” one ruled by strong, ruthless men. Ms. Mallory Channing would be shocked to discover that the term “White Slavers,” far from being confined to the dustbins of history, lay just beneath the surface of her modern, civilized world.

“There was danger in the air from the first time they set foot aboard the outlaw vessel. And now the two female agents were being held captive, taken like some prize of the sea by a coldly calculating pirate Captain, and his crew of lecherous, depraved men ” with only one thing on their mind.”

Includes Male domination, female submission, captivity, bondage, suspension, humiliation, spanking, punishment, oral, anal and lesbian sex.


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Mallory had been humiliated and even spanked like a little schoolgirl. Now her view of the world was upside down; restricted to a few inches framed between the legs of the heavy chair over which she had been tied.  Folded at the hips, the long-legged beauty found herself draped over the padded back of the leather chair.  Her mane of thick black hair fell forward, sweeping the floor from a head hung between her outstretched arms that, by means of leather wrist cuffs, had been attached to the floor.  A second set of cuffs banded her spread ankles so that she was held securely in place over the large chair.  She realized she was now quite helpless, forced to bear the indignity of being naked before these men in this humiliating position, her bottom placed on obscene display.

Tethered as she was, she couldn’t see the crewmen moving about, but she could hear them making crude jokes and snickering as they made some sort of preparations.  Once tied in place, she had been left alone, although her captors had thoroughly enjoyed running their hands all over her naked body, feeling her breasts, fondling her vulnerable bottom, and groping between her splayed legs, freely enjoying themselves.

Since Mallory was positioned so that her inverted head faced the doors, she was the first to see him enter.  Booted and dressed in all in black, she watched him stride imperiously into the room — a pirate captain, sure and confident in his stride.  He circled behind the tethered woman, murmuring to his assistants.

Then he came to her, squatting down beside her partially-shrouded face — in his gloved hands, a short-handled paddle with a study but flexible blade.   One side of the pliant blade had a coarsely textured rubber facing, like those used for table tennis.  The full realization of her position came to Mallory.  She was about to be spanked!

“That was a naughty thing you did, Number 9,” he said, lightly tapping the heel of his palm with the paddle; holding it just before her eyes.  “More than naughty.  It was stupid!”

“I have no time for stupid people.  I normally dispose of them.” He let that sink in.   “But I don’t think you’re stupid.  In fact, I think you’re a smart girl.  Smart and pretty — a lethal combination.”  He brushed back that long silky fall of hair, to run two joined fingers down her cheek.  She flinched.  Because he was squatting at her side, he couldn’t see the look of pure hatred in her eyes.

“So you do understand that we wouldn’t want to do anything to permanently mar the merchandise,” he patted her cheek.  “Oh no, you’re too valuable to us, just the way your are — intact with that lovely skin and that pretty face of yours.”  The fingers had trailed down her cheek, followed a line down the front of her neck to her chest, where they idly toyed swith her dangling breasts, fingering her nipples.


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