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Alice’s New Wonderland by Imelda Stark

Imagine Lewis Carroll’s pretty blonde heroine Alice Liddell, transplanted in time from her Victorian milieu to our rather more complicated era. Imagine she is the spoiled daughter of a minor Hollywood starlet too self-involved to give her only child the guidance she desperately needs. Our heroine has turned eighteen but misbehaved too badly to graduate high school, and is dumped with her handsome but stern step-uncle Christopher in London. She soon discovers that the lax ways in which she conducts her life are unacceptable to her strict Uncle and the martinet Headmistress of the school in which he places her. The grownups both believe that the best medicine for naughty young women is to have their skirts raised and panties lowered so that their bare bottoms can be soundly spanked. And indeed, Alice benefits enormously from their caring discipline, righting her course and secretly coming to appreciate the painful attention accorded her perfect cheerleader’s buttocks. Christopher’s girlfriend Diana provides valuable advice and counsel to her perplexed partner in understanding his charge, but the gorgeous brunette is overtly fascinated by Alice’s corporal punishment, and ends up over Christopher’s strong lap, which releases a volcano of untapped erotic fervor unlocked by the painful ordeal.

But all good things must come to an end, and Alice is enrolled in a strict convent-based women’s college in Switzerland. There the salacious nuns carry on the same disciplinary philosophy, with many additional sexual attentions that irrevocably link addictive erotic pleasure to painful attention to her backside. Meanwhile, Christopher and Diana marry, and the new bride soon plumbs the depths of her own deep need to be punished. By the end of the honeymoon, the besotted bride happily embraces her unusual marriage, and couple settles into a blissfully kinky life. All is well for several years. Then Alice, having completed her business degree and working in high finance, finds her impulsive ways have returned since she left school and regular discipline behind. Gambling debts lead to embezzlement until in desperation she throws herself on the mercy of her Uncle Chris, whose connections got her the job. All decide that the flustered 22 year-old’s rescue must be contingent on her moving in with her Aunt and Uncle, where she’ll be subjected to an emergency total immersion disciplinary treatment. Almost endless extremely naughty adventures ensue. Contains maledom with some femdom, femsub, spanking, anal play, breast and pussy torment, mainly hetero with some lesbian action.

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Diana spent the next week after accepting Christopher’s proposal in a swirl of wedding planning activities as well as a swelter of aroused distraction. The former easily lent themselves to her well-developed strong suit of able administration. Soon there was a guest list and a schedule that had the couple safely wed within the month, with invitations sent on their way via computer.

The latter, on the other hand, caused only a deep confusion for the thoughtful young woman. Her spanking by Chris had been the most painful experience of her life by far, and yet she could not get it out of her mind. Perhaps this had to do with the over-the-top sex they had after she accepted his proposal, a torrid evening in which she lost track of how many soul-shattering orgasms she had. And this was for a woman who previously struggled to climax at all, requiring many minutes with her vibrator as well as extremely stimulating erotica to read when she pleasured herself. Though the ever-thoughtful Christopher did routinely get her off once every time they made love by patient application of his mouth and fingers between her legs before taking his own pleasure there.

So it was undeniable that being spanked unlocked a sexual potential in the voluptuous brunette that she had only wished for in her envy of the licentious heroines in her favorite BDSM literature. But why, when the actual experience of being punished was so horrible, did her mind constantly go back to it. She kept revisiting the images: her body draped clumsily over Chris’ lap, the slow raising of her skirt and even slower lowering of her panties to her mid thighs, his gentle caressing of her trembling newly bared buttocks just as he had so many times in their lovemaking, and then his merciless application of the back of her favorite ebony hairbrush to the very same places he had just treated so kindly.

But the worst thing was that every time her mind was hijacked back to those seemingly traumatic incidents, the traitorous organ between her legs registered its own very different response. It suffused with blood and lubricated shamelessly, virtually demanding that she sneak off to the ladies’ room and touch it, often bringing herself off more than once in a few minutes with just her fingers. And every time this cycle repeated, it seemed to anneal her wonderful newfound sexual capabilities more irreversibly to the equally terrible experience of receiving a bare bottom spanking from her handsome and forceful fiancée.

By the end of the week during one of their friendly nightly Skype debriefings of their days’ events, Diana was shocked to hear herself say, in a faux-light tone of voice, “So, dear man, I wonder when I can expect another trip over your knee for further…guidance?”

Her delighted lover tried to hold a straight face as he responded, “Why, does this mean that a certain impetuous young lady has been…naughty?”

His intended bride flushed a deep red, and glanced down with a suddenly genuine contrition, “Well, yes, Miluv, I think I have in many ways. There was the extra bon-bon or two I allowed myself each night, in spite of the intention I had to drop a few pounds before our wedding. I know you say you like my body as it is, but I have to believe that spanking Alice for these many months has influenced you since every time you turn her over your lap you get to live a pornographer’s dream with her perfect cheerleader’s bottom. After all, I am a good ten inches taller and fifty pounds heavier than her, being generous to me. And then…well…I’ve been thinking a lot about what you did to me last week and how much it hurt, but how hard I came…and…well, let’s just say I’ve been shuttering the shop for fifteen minutes here and there in order to…relieve myself while thinking only about you spanking my bare ass…”

Christopher could not have been more delighted by his gorgeous girlfriend’s response to his initial efforts at bringing spanking into their erotic repertoire. Yes, he believed in the real value of corporal punishment at certain developmental stages. But he also knew his primary driver for wanting to spank a shapely female bottom was that this act turned him on more than anything else imaginable. He considered for awhile before replying with a mock-stern looking expression,

“It sounds like a certain rebellious young woman has responded to her initial foray into proper discipline by getting even more wayward! I’d say this means we must up the ante by subjecting the part of her best designed for such purposes to a much more…persuasive dose of corrective attention. When shall I expect you at my house ready to fill this prescription?”

Diana surprised herself again by blurting, “I’ll be right over!” and logging off of Skype. She took only a moment to brush her teeth and wash her face and change into a much racier pair of panties than the demure full-seated ones she had worn for her first spanking. She was mortified to note that she had thoroughly soaked their crotch by the time she stood trembling slightly at Chris’ flat and rang the bell.

“Come in, dear woman, and let’s get right to the business at hand! We have a good deal of spanking to do, but I’d hope to leave some time for some cuddling afterwards, so we mustn’t dawdle if you’re to get your proper night’s sleep. So we’ll go to my study, which is soundproofed because I see clients there whose statements must be kept confidential. I suspect given how much more diligent I am going to be in punishing your naughty bottom, your relative silence during your first spanking is likely to be breached. Please feel free to cry out while you are being spanked, though if you want an even stronger and longer dose of your bitter medicine, you can always earn more by speaking offensively or questioning the appropriateness of your…treatments.”

Oh God, she thought, could I get any more ready to swoon with how hot he is…and meekly followed as Chris beckoned her into his private office den. There were no windows, and the walls were all lined with bookcases crowded with professional literature. Right in the center of the plush oriental carpet in front of the broad hardwood desk was placed a sturdy wooden chair with no arms. And right in front of the chair the phalanx of bookcases was broken by a full length mirror. He explained, “I did so love watching your adorable little cheeks take their medicine while dancing so ineffably charmingly for me…I thought to have this mirror installed so we could both enjoy watching your…antics…as you take your prescribed dose!”

She heard and felt the pneumatic seal of the doorway of a truly well-soundproofed room, and knew she was in for it. But it was not as though most of her wouldn’t have anything but what was immediately to come, willing to chance trading increased discomfort for increased ecstasy…well, at least 51% of her, anyway…

“No more than you have to…please…Christopher…dear”

She looked so ungodly fetching, her begging genuine but delivered with a slightly arch cocking of an eyebrow, as if to say, “Don’t you dare give in to a single one of my feeble attempts to manipulate you out of giving me the good sound spanking we both know I both deserve and need!”

Her handsome fiancée chuckled a bit cruelly as he eased his very feminine lover over his inversely hyper-masculine rock-hard thighs, “Silly, naughty little thing…telegraphing me with her feeble attempts at manipulation that she wants even more painful attention to her adorable buttocks than they already had in store, clever little thing! Very well then, I think I know just the penalty for such impish wickedness…Here’s the deal, Mistress Diana: I want to bring your discipline into our sex life more honestly, since we both acknowledge that’s really where it belongs. Yes, your behavior responds positively to a nice several degree increase of the temperature of said adorable targets. But you relapse so quickly perhaps even because you are secretly more interested in getting spanked than avoiding such attentions…for sexual reasons. Unless you specifically enjoin me against this plan, I intend to reward you for each spanking taken with the proper spirit by pleasing you sexually. And this will start right now!”

Diana felt herself flush radically, her facial cheeks burning with suffused blood just as she suspected (hoped?…) her bottom cheeks soon would be. Her relationship with Christopher had opened new erotic horizons for her already before this new phenomenon of spanking entered the picture as he sought her counsel over his discipline of his step-niece. He had been her first truly generous lover, always attentive to her pleasure before seeking his own. In fact, he was the first man with the patience to actually give her an orgasm. This came as quite a revelation to our heroine in its intensity, since her masturbatory climaxes had been barely worth the long effort needed to achieve them. And like her self-inflicted ones, her first with Christopher initially required well over half an hour of assiduous application of his ardent tongue to her clitoris and his nimble fingers to her G-spot. When she apologized after returning to her senses, he laughed kindly and retorted, “And what better place might I find to place my face than exactly where it’s been for the past wonderful interlude?”


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