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The Inferior by Kurt Steiner

“Why, when the soles of her nylon-encased feet came to rest on his bare thighs, did his restricted breathing suddenly find release with a sigh that sounded, for the entire world, like a swoon? “You want them?” she asked. With a supreme effort, he managed to nod, eyes halted on their unavoidable upward swing by a glimpse of her cleavage.’
Divorced and alone in the secluded Cornwall home left to him by a deceased aunt, a failing writer takes on a young woman from India to become his live-in housekeeper. As his career and opportunities with the opposite sex begin to fail and dwindle, the young woman comes to interest him more and more. As his unlikely obsession with her grows he is not to know that she is not only feeding the obsession but, with the help of an older Internet mentor from her own land, intends to use it. It’s her aim to see their positions of Master and Servant be reversed. And be reversed in the most abject and humiliating of ways for him!
A sequel to Steiner’s masterpiece of human bondage, Journey To Disgrace.

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